Monday, 31 December 2012


This perfume was released by the gorgeous Katy Perry in 2010, but only just managed to get it! I got the 100ml in the sales at £13 at TKMaxx! An absolute bargain!! I haven't found it online at that price, but you can get the 50mls here at half price from boots I had to try this a few times but soon fell in love with it. It's a musky, floral fruity perfume, and I'm usually the one for a unusual or fruity fragrance, so this perfume wasn't the usual for me. The heart notes for this perfume are Vanilla Orchid, White Amber, Creamy Sandalwood and Skin Musk. The top notes are peach Nectar, Green Bamboo, Forbidden Apple and Gardenia. The base notes are Jasmine Blossom, Pink Freesia and Bulgarian Rose. I would describe this perfume as one for evening wear. Once sprayed on the perfume smells fruity but dries into a more musky scent. Mine is also Eau de Parfum so it lasts longer. I also believe that the 30ml and 50 mls are Eau De Toilette, making the 100ml exclusive to Eau de Parfum. I can't see the 100ml online, the only one I could find was here at Amazon Also the bottle is really cute, but not for everyone. The bottle to me looks rather childlike, but still true to Katy Perry. The perfume smells elegant and therefore would suit the older generation but the bottle probably wouldn't appeal to older people. However I gave this perfume a 7/10. It's smells really pretty and the bottle is so lovely, but it really isn't for everyone. If you like musky or powdery smelling scents, but still like the fruity smells I would recommend you try this perfume! 


Anyone who knows me knows I love OPI! I've tried many nail varnish brands and OPI still stands out as working best for me! Their new collection is inspired by James Bond, with their nail varnishes named after the Bond films. I've been lucky enough to pick up 6 bottles from the collection, 4 which are minis that I'll swatch soon. This little beauty called On Her Majesty's Secret Service is gorgeous. It's not usually the kind of shade I'd purchase, but it looked gorgeous in the bottle. It's a metallic blue packed full of glitter dust. The glitter inside the bottle are blues, greens and golds giving the appearance in some lights that this colour is more turquoise.
Excuse the dodgy nail painting! I loved the finished look of this nail varnish, however I had to do 4 layers. I've tried most of the collection and felt that the glittery colours to be very see through and needing a lot of layers. That is the only criticism I have to this lovely shade. Because of the amount of layers I had to use, I tried using a black metallic base coat and used the OPI as a top coat. As you can see below it looked gorgeous with a black base coat.

I will be wearing the OPI by itself for New Years, as it's very glittery and I've already started to have compliments! I gave this shade a 7/10, it's not m favourite shade of the collection, and it wasn't the most quickest to apply due to it's 4/5 layers. I will be swatching another OPI from the collection tonight! Thank you for reading.

Sunday, 30 December 2012


For Christmas I was lucky to get this pretty lipstick! This is from the Limited Edition collection called Glamour Daze and the shade is Outrageously Fun. The packaging is so sleek in a glossy black case. This purple is such a gorgeous colour, and is a Cremesheen finish which means it's glossy, creamy and packed with colour. This again is a shade that goes well with any skin tone, but I recommend it more with the pale skin tones as the colour has blue tones in it. I absolutely adore this colour. I love wearing purples and this one is a gem. If you're not a purple lover, I do still recommend this colour as it's more of a mix between pink and purple, and has a more subtle finish but still adds some gorgeous colour. This lipstick is perfect for not adding too much of a bright colour, but perfect for having on and using minimal eye makeup. It's such a gorgeous colour. This colour is still available online and selected stores at Mac.
Because it's a Limited Edition colour it's a little more pricey compared to other Mac Lipsticks at £15.50. Thank you for reading!


This gorgeous lipstick by Mac is called Love Lorn. It's a Lustre finish, meaning it has a soft glossy finish. I tried on a number of pink lipstick from Mac, and the makeup artist recommended this for me. I love this lipstick, and even though I only got it recently, I've worn it all day today! It's a pretty powder pink colour, which adds a lovely colour to your lips without make it a too much of a statement. This shade goes with most make up due to it's subtle finish. I've always loved Mac lipsticks, but I've always felt that the glossier the finish, the quicker it comes off.  at the end of my 5 hour shopping trip it had vanished, unlike their matte colours which stay on me all day. That aside, I loved this lipstick and is such a good shade for me. I recommend this colour to anyone, it's subtle and gorgeous. I was let down by the staying power, although the staying power is better than most high street brands!
Grab this rose beauty from Mac for £14.


I bought this Lush Lip Scrub today and was eager to try it out. After borrowing my flatmates a few times I thought it was time to get my own!! I chose the chocolate flavoured one which is half price at the moment, usually RRPing at £5.25, but mine was £2.62 - an absolute bargain!
As all ingredients is natural and edible, the main base to this scrub is sugar! Mine also had cocoa and vanilla to create its gorgeous chocolate smell.
As you can see, before my lips are shiny, chapped and dry. After using the scrub I felt and saw results straight away. I used a small amount of the product and scrubbed for about 2 minutes, and licked it off! I noticed that my lips where a lot smoother, sorting out any uneven ridges. There wasn't a dry part to be seen, and due to the exfoliating effect my lip colour became more even. I really loved using this, and I recommend putting a moisturising lip butter on after using to give your lips more hydration. This is a perfect product to use before applying lipstick as it gives it an even and smooth base, making the most of your lipstick. Really loved using this, and so glad I picked it up. A massive thumbs up from me and my first 10/10!

Saturday, 29 December 2012


Louise Gray's fashion is very bold, bright and sparkly, so the make up collection lived up to her name. With gorgeous bold lipsticks, blushers and nail varnish, each piece is a statement. I'm lucky to get my hands on the bold blue sparkly liquid eye liner and a lipstick in Mexican Wave, and I am going back tomorrow to pick up a few more goodies! The collection is half price at the moment online at Topshop or pop in store. You can't get the eye liner online, but luckily found it in store today. I'll give you my swatch and ideas on the eye liner tomorrow, but today I wanted to share the lipstick with you. The base colour to this gorgeous lipstick is red, with a orange tone to it. I usually stick to coral lipsticks, and the ones that aren't too bright either, but this lipstick suited me really well. It's a very bold red and complimented my pale skin tone, but I know it will suit tanned and darker tones too due to it's orange tones. The lipstick texture was similar to other high street brands, but had more of a staying power - But not as good as Mac. That aside, I love this lipstick. At a small price of £5 you can't complain. A gorgeous colour which will only be around until the sales are over, so get something from this line while you can! I don't usually go for Topshop branded Lipstick, but I was not disappointed. The packaging for this beauty was sleek and striking, with the pastel pink shade with the regal gold pattern on the side, a pretty addition to your make up bag. Overall I loved the lipstick, and as I said - I'm going back to find some more by Louise Gray tomorrow!! I gave this little stunner a 8/10 due to it's beautiful colour and staying power. Hope you enjoyed reading this post, and here are a few pictures of me wearing the colour below. Get the colour now here reduced from £10 to £5, or get it in store.


First proper post! Thought I'd share my ideas and swatches on the anticipated Vice Palette by Urban Decay. It's been out for a few months, but has been very popular and a must have for UDers. I have very few faults with this palette, and the faults I have are completely minor compared to this amazing palette. Many people I've spoken to about the palette have found the same faults, but as I said, they're minor! Firstly, the palette looks sleek and gorgeous with a jewel UD encrusted on the front like the Anniversary Platte they released last year.
My favourite colours from this palette are Echo Beach, Rapture, Blitz and Provocateur. I use Black Market and Anonymous the most to create my everyday smokey eyed look. This palette has everything, bold brights, matte naturals, gorgeous metallics and glitz galore. My favourite to work with, and easiest to blend are the metallics, they are a dream. They had a creamy texture and just felt lovely. The colour everyone was eager to try, and promoted the palette itself was Chaos, the bright bold blue. As gorgeous as this looks in the pan, I was disappointed to when I tried it. It had a chalky texture and didn't blend very well. After a few layers, it became bold and bright - even with the UD Primer Potion. Again, the glitter in colours such as Noise, Armor and Provocateur especially had a glittery fallout, but I guess that's to be expected. Of course the colours sat better on the primer, but without, the glitter is everywhere.

Another amazing point to this palette is the double sided brush. One end for blending and the other for applying. I was really impressed with this added bonus, and the brushes are in lovely shape, so they're perfect for applying the shadows. Overall I give the palette a 9/10, gorgeous shades and packaging, but let down in the execution of some shades. Has all the colours you need for any type of look. The palette costs £42 and is available from Debenhams and House of Fraser in the UK. Now here are the swatches for you to have a closer look. Click on the swatches to zoom in. Thank you!


Been meaning to do a blog like this for a while, but I've been scared about doing it, just in case I was awful. But I've done one anyway. I've got a few bits at Christmas, Mac, Urban Decay, Topshop and some perfumes etc, which I will been putting on this blog soon. I'll be reviewing other products I'll be getting, writing about ones I love, ones I have, things I can't live without and just expressing my love for anything pretty. I'm currently studying Musical Theatre at University, so I'm not the typical beauty girl, and never have been. So in between Tap classes and ballet, I'll be doing posting on here. I now have my HD webcam and a Canon SLR, so I'm all set. We'll see what happens in the near future. Thank you for reading, and hope you enjoy the upcoming reviews and just things that I love.