Thursday, 31 January 2013


I recently took part in Chelss Chapman's beauty blogger swap on her lovely blog. Being a very active student and being in uni everyday, some days 9-6:30, that I had little money to spend. Our budget was £15 and got spending right away. I am very guilty in saying that my parcel is yet to be sent as I haven't made a trip into town to send it - but I am hoping to get it done soon (I have a Essay due next week, boo!). The lovely Rosa was the person I was partnered up with. As soon as I opened it I had a massive smile on my face. How gorgeous is this? Looks so beautiful wrapped up that I didn't want to open it! But I was too curious to what was inside. After delicately opening it, I saw inside a bunch of different sized objects wrapped to perfection in purple tissue paper. I opened one by one and each one was such a lovely surprise!
As you can see below, the contents of this box was WAY over £15, so it puts mine to shame straight away. I had some lovely goodies in here, each which I was in love with.

  • Firstly a cute shower scrunchie with Minnie Mouse ears - Adorable!
  • Pink Tease nail foils which are so cute!
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Luminizing Primer Tester. Can't wait to try this out! 
  • Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara - Too excited to try this! I was so thrilled to open this.
  • Four 17 Eyeshadows in Walnut Pearl, Socialite, Funfair and Superstar. Not sure which is my favourite yet, I'm lovely Funfair though!
  • 2 Derma V10 orange nail remover pads.
  • Lip Stain pen from Primark, looooove the colour!
  • Simple Pleasures Gingerbread and Cookies Hand Soap. It's so weird as I'm using their Strawberry Shortcake Hand Soap now, so can't wait to use this!
  • Models Own Nail Polish in Garnet.
  • St. Tropez Taster Collection.
  • Avene Skin Recovery Cream taster. I've used this before so this will be great for popping in my bag.
  • Models Own ShapeIt BuffIt file - Love these! Really needed one so this will come in handy!
  • Diesel Loverdose Body Lotion - Smells lovely!
  • University Outfitters Nail Fail - Not 100% sure where it's from, but it screams Jack Wills.
  • I also got some Lindt chocolates but I'm a fatty and ate them..
  • A MUA lipstick in shade 5, I forgot to photograph! It's a gorgeous shimmery light pink.
  • Lastly, a cute Sigma Eyeliner in a travel size, can't wait to use this!
As you can see, I am very lucky and I was given some gorgeous gifts. I really hope she feels the same. I really wish I could share with you what I got her, but I can't as of yet! I will show you some in detail very soon. Have you tried any of these? Or done a blogger swap? Let me know! Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow you were spoilt! I love blog swaps, I'm currently shopping for one, I get so excited buying all the little bits! x

    1. I really was!! Oh I bet your well excited! I loved buying my little bits!

  2. Such a lovely selection of gifts :) The S&G mascara is really good! xx

    1. Oh yay!!! :D I'm super excited to try it! :D xxx

  3. Oh wow! Amazing! I'd love to take part in a swap!
    Megan xxx

    1. It's so much fun!! :D Can't wait for another one! :) xx

  4. Nice!

    Blog swaps look so much fun!

    Kimberley x


  5. Wowweee - serious HAUL. I took part in the same blog swap - how much FUN was it!!

    Love Zoe x


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