Tuesday, 1 January 2013


I love Henry Holland. I have some shorts and shirts from his designer range, so I got very excited when I heard about his body range! I was lucky to get it in the sales at Boots at half price, so it was only £5! The first thing I loved was the box, which said 'The contents of this box can make everyone a fox'. The products themselves are bright and eye catching, true to Henry Holland. The products smelt lovely. They smelt fresh and subtly of oranges. The Glamour Spritz smelt more of oranges than the rest of the set. The other products had the same smell throughout, a very orange, tangy smell. The colour of the packaging is the colour of the product inside, which you can see below. My favourite product was the scrub. I really loved how moist it was, but still very gritty. It just had the right balance of each. I also loved how the souffle felt and how good I smelt too. This collection would appeal to a more modern day girl/teen who likes a bit of an edge. This range is also available in a bigger package with 100ml products instead of the 75mls which you get in this set. There are also other products in the range such as nail varnish. I gave this set a 6/10. It's a cute little set at a small price, and a perfect gift for someone, but not something I'd use everyday. I want something that's going to give my skin clear benefits, when this is more of a fun body wash set. Thank you for reading and have a lovely day.

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