Thursday, 28 February 2013


I was really excited to try this Carishea Body Balm in Geranium and Lemongrass when Semple and Semple were asking for a few bloggers to do a review for them. Because it was something I hadn't tried, I was intrigued. Semple and Semple are a chain of pharmacies based in Scotland with an online store which you can find here. I was so surprised with what they had to offer. Well known brands that we all know and love such as OPI, Avene, Elizabeth Arden, Burt's Bees and many more, all at competitive and great prices. I've spoken to them on Twitter a few times now, and they are so lovely. They're a joy to talk to and treat all fellow bloggers with the same respect - A brilliant trait for any stores. Another brand they stock on their online store is Carishea. What I love about Carishea is that it's a local brand - Based in Scotland - which create amazing products which are fair trade, ethical and also provide jobs for more disadvantaged people. I think that this is amazing, and that Carishea deserves a lot more recognition. I also emailed them with a question around 9pm and they replied within 20 minutes, which is great as some brands take a while to reply.
Have you ever read the ingredients on your body lotion and understand everything that's in it? I certainly haven't. I love that when I read the ingredients it stats clearly what's in it, other than its 80% shea butter it has hazelnut, avocado, rice bran, geranium, lemongrass, patchouli and added citrus oils. That is it. Below that it also says in bold that there are no parabens, SLS or other preservatives. Perfect. Not only is the product good, it's doing good, and you're feeling good! 
The packing to me is also another great factor of this product. It's simple. The box has a lovely recycled paper feel and look, with attractive labeling and design which is straight to the point. The pot looks lovely too, and looks like a handmade product - which it is - and I really like that it has personality. Also, this little pot of goodness is so light in my hands. I could not believe it - perfect for travel.
When I opened it up I noticed how fresh it smelt. It smelt like a summer garden with just the right amount of lemongrass and floral scents. The consistency is almost like a thick mouse. When I applied it to my skin - You don't need a lot, a little goes a long way - it literally melts into a oil on my skin. It is a dream to apply. It doesn't hang around long either, or is greasy, and gets absorbed by your skin and leaves a lovely subtle and delicate fresh fragrance. I've been using it a week now and I feel my skin is smoother. I've not had any dry ares appear and my dry areas are fading nicely, which is a joy as I have very dry skin. I have also started using this on my face because I just love the way it makes my face look. I can not praise this enough. I've used it every morning and every night since I received it and not touched another product - and it still looks as if it hasn't been used!
Over all, I am in love and I will be repurchasing straight after I'm out.
Get this lovely little pot of goodness now, from Semple and Semple. Not only do Carishea  do Body Balms, they do a wide range of other body products too. Find out more about the amazing and inspiring Carishea here. You can get your pot for £7* for 100mls here. You can  also choice from two other scents Ylang Ylang and Cinnamon or Lemon Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus and Rosemary Essential Oils.  

What do you think of this brand?
Would you like to see more fair trade products out there?
I'd love to hear from you!
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Wednesday, 27 February 2013


I was really intrigued when I saw these in Superdrug and needed to try them. I wasn't sure how this product wasn going to turn out. I used Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in clear to achieve the look I wanted. You can also use the a similar colour to the fluff, but I didn't have one, so I used the clear varnish.
I popped the sieve topper off as I felt I couldn't get as much fluff as I wanted. So taking it off meant that I could access the fluff easier, but I know a few bloggers who prefer it on.
I paint a layer of the clear nail polish, and while it's wet I pushed my nail into the fluff. I left it for about 20 seconds before taking it out, and I noticed it has a full coverage - Even though I had a clear coat. That aside, I do think a solid colour would look more stronger than a clear coat. I then repeated this to all my nails and left to dry - It's that simple.
What do I think overall? Once on the nails I treated it as clothes, after all it is a material-like substance on your nails. When my nails get wet the fluff has to dry. Also I noticed is that it gets slightly dirty, but that's to be expected. The wear of this to me is good. I had mine on for a few days before taking it off, but even then it had no chips, but the quality of your own base coat would prolong the wear. Another great point to this beauty is how quick it came off with nail polish remover. There was no scrubbing or buffing - a few sweeps of the remover on a cotton pad and you were good to go. If you don't like the look of this baby pink, try out their other shades which include a deep purple, bright blue, bright pink and fuchsia - There's a colour for you! If you're into statement nails these are a affordable £3 - £2 if you buy them now - with a decent amount of product. Get your fluff worthy fingers on them now, from Superdrug or MUA Online.

What do you think of fluffy nails?
Your favourite MUA product?
Have you used this product before?
I'd love to hear what you have to say, and I read
and respond to every comment.
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Monday, 25 February 2013


I am a huge fan of ALL things Lush, and I could easily spend all my time and money in those gorgeous shops, but as a student - I can't! Boo! This gorgeous little ballistic bath bomb is Dragon's Egg. This little beauty was part of my Valentines present from my caring and lovely boyfriend! I was so excited to try this out, so I watched a few videos on this on Youtube before I received it, just so I know what I was expecting. Before you even see this gorgeous speckled bath bomb. you smell it! It's a very powerful smell and smells of sweet lemons and jasmine. Strangely though, having it on my bedside table while I watched TV made me sneeze! If you're not a fan of strong smelling stuff from Lush, as I know a few people are - my close friend can't even walk past the shop - then this one probably isn't for you.
Once dropped into the warm water it starts fizzing a bright white, and suddenly changes into a gorgeous bronze orange. When it gets to the heart of the bath bomb it starts fizzing gold dust and floods the bath with it's sparkliness.
The little spots on the bath bomb turned into this jelly substance which made my bath look even more lovely among all the glitter. In some Youtube videos some of the ballistics had none of this confetti looking circles, and a handful did. Some of the confetti pieces even turned into transparent scales, but mine didn't do this. I even left my bath in for an hour to see if these would change, but they just floated at the top in its jelly bubbles.
Once out the bath and dried, I noticed I had loads of glitter on me. Even though it was a lot, it's not in an 'Hi I'm Edward Cullen,' kind of way. However the next day I noticed glitter all over my house! My bath needed a good clean too, and there still was a soft scent of lemons in the air.
I loved this ballistic. The reason why my boyfriend chose it is because I'm obsessed with the game Spyro, a game about a little purple dragon! I would repurchase this as it made my bath so pretty, and I smelt so good after. It smelt gorgeous and looked lovely too. The only thing I advise is if you get this, expect loads of glitter!

Have you tried this ballistic before?
What is your favourite Lush product?
What do you think of this ballistic?
I'd love to hear from you and I respond to all comments!
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Sunday, 24 February 2013


As you can see, my natural hair is a mixture of curly, wavy and frizzy. Because of my layers the curls/waves vary. Most curly hair is prone to damage and mine is no exception. Because of my dry hair I avoid straighteners but I still blow dry and then use the curly hair with no heat technique. This is my hair when I've just washed it and left to dry. Everyone has their own ways of looking after their hair, but this is how I keep my frizzy hair in the best condition it can with no heat.
As a student I can't get amazing products so I ask for them on my birthdays and other occasions. Here is each product and what I do, and what it does for my hair.
  • Alberto Balsam Coconut and Lychee shampoo. I am in love with Alberto Balsam shampoos and conditioners at the moment as they're so well priced. £1?! Can't complain! These also claim to have all the ingredients the more high end hair products have. As a student these are a blessing, and I especially love the conditioners. I find that they're so nourishing and leave my hair silky soft. These also smell so good too and I get loads of compliments from using the Raspberry one. I'm not too bothered by shampoos and I'll use any of them, as I find that the conditioners benefit my hair more. So this little shampoo beauty does the trick. You can grab these lovely tubes of goodness from your nearest supermarket, I get mine from Tesco.
  • Bed Head TIGI Foxy Curls Frizz-Fighting Moisturelicious Conditioner. I really love this. However I don't think it stands out that much compared to other high street conditioners. It's good and does the job but I don't think it's worth the £9 price tag. You can get this at Fragrance Direct for £6.75. The one thing I love about this is the smell. My gosh. It smells divine. Once my hair has dried is smells like I've washed my hair in sweeties! My hair is good enough to eat once I've used this, and my boyfriend compliments me every time I use this and lasts until the next wash. Plus this really helps fight the frizz.
  • Bumble and Bumble Shine On Finishing Spray. This is another goodie from the lovely Holly Arabella - Check out her blog! I love this spray. It really defines my curls and keeps frizz at bay. I just spray some on and crunch my hair, and my curls are less frizzy and more defined. The one thing I don't like about it is its strong smell and it leaves my hands feeling dry. However once sprayed onto my hair you can't smell it at all, and my hair still smells of sweeties! I really love this, and I use it all the time on my curls. However I'm not a huge fan of using it on poker straight hair. It adds so much shine to my curls too which I am in love with, and this is definitely my to go to finishing spray. I think the price tag is a bit big for me, but I will be tempted to repurchase once used up. You can get the finishing spray from boots at £9.50 for 60mls or the 125mls that I have here from the Bumble and Bumble website for £21.50.
So that's my hair care for keeping my hair in tip top
shape while it's in its natural state!
What products do you use?
Do you have curly hair too?
If so what do you use?
Have you used these products?
I'd love to hear what you have to say, and I read and respond to all comments.
Thanks for reading, beautiful!

Saturday, 23 February 2013


Not long ago my Musical Theatre course did a practice Disney audition, and I got through to the end. I wasn't expecting to get through the first round - let alone the end! I was eager to find out what I'd be cast as. 'Maleficent,' I was told. Maleficent? I always get the evil characters so this wasn't a surprised to me. Recently I was thinking about it again and wondered what I'd look like if I did a make up look inspired by her. So that's what I did. The pictures are coming up on my screen quite bright, and on my camera screen it's slightly darker - so not sure how these will look to you! The purple on my cheeks and eyes is pretty dark in real.

Products used in making this look:

  • Urban Decay Glinda Palette
  • Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette
  • Urban Decay Rockstar Pencil Eyeliner
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden 
  • Mac Matte Lipstick in Russian Red
  • MUA BB foundation in Light
  • MUA Glitterball Eyeshadow Palette - I used the dark green shade
  • Soap & Glory Mascara
To create this look I used the MUA BB foundation all over my face. I then used the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden all over my lids, cheeks and under my eyes. I then packed on Tornado from the Glinda Urban Decay palette all over my lids. I then used a blusher brush and sweeped Tornado all over the tops of my cheeks and worked it up towards the end of my eyebrows and my eyeshadow. I added to the centre of my lids Half Truth from the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette as it had a slight violet/blue shimmer to it which would catch the light nicely. Then popped Rockstar eyeliner by Urban Decay on my waterline. I then used the dark green in the MUA Glitterball palette under my eyes, and then used my finger tips to smudge lightly some of the green on the top of the purple on my cheeks to create more dimension. Also to create more dimension I lined the bottom of my cheekbone with a matte black, I chose Blackout from the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette. Then with a blending brush I added more Blackout to the line and worked my way down to create create depth in the cheeks. I filled in my eyebrows with a mix of Blackout and Tornado. To finish off the look I painted my lips with the gorgeous Russian Red lipstick from Mac, and then with a small brush I added Blackout to the inner part of the lips.

What do you think of what I've done?
Do you like creative looks like this?
I'd love to hear what you think, and I reply to all comments.
Thank you for reading, and thank you if you take the time to follow or comment!
Thank you, Beautiful.
 Below, Angelina Jolie as Maleficent in the movie that is due out next year.

Friday, 22 February 2013


I love sparkly nails, so I felt that it was time to bling up my finger tips. I first layered on Tea Bird from Filthy Gorgeous. I am loving their varnishes at the moment, the pigment in those polishes are incredible and hardly need many coats. I'm also in love with it's oh-so-creamy formula too. I need some more of their nail polishes in my life!! You can grab a set of 4 for £19, or individuality for £9 at department stores, online and at Filthy Gorgeous London. The next gorgeous layer I put on my nails to create the magical glitter effect is Last Friday Night by OPI from its stunning Katy Perry collection. I love this shade and it's my to go to glitter top coat. Because of its cool toned clear polish, it can't be layered over a wide range of colours as it gives the colour a violet/blue tint. I tend to pop it over navy, blue, white and other colours a like. There's loads of little specs of glitter and slightly bigger ones, all transparent with gorgeous blue and pink iridescent shimmer. Simply stunning! You can't get this colour currently in stores, but you can pick them up on Ebay and other stores a like. I applied two coats of each colour to create my look. This is perfect for winter, and will even go through to spring as it's a gorgeous twist to the classic pastel nail polish.

What do you think of this look?
What is your favourite OPI colour?
Link me up in the comments to your glittery nail posts!
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Thursday, 21 February 2013


If anyone saw my MUA haul you would have seen these beauties. I've never used gel liner before as I love my liquid ones, so I was tempted by these. I chose the MUA gel eyeliner in Tribe and Underground. Tribe is a vibrant teal blue which I love! I adore blue liners and this one looked gorgeous, so I had to get it. Underground is a classic black. For £3 each these are a bargain, and come in 4 shades. Tribe and Underground as shown here, and On The Move which is a brown and Fairground which is a slate gray. You can grab these online at MUA.

What's great as well is this handy brush inside the lid. All you have to do is pull this out, turn it around and pop it on the top of the lid for a longer handle. I'm not too sure about this brush. I couldn't get the straight line I wanted - I think I will stick to my angled brushes for now! However this is a great addition and is great for travel. As you can see with the swatches below that the blue has amazing colour pay off. That aside I felt that the black wasn't as black as I'd expected it to be. I felt it was a little sheer and not much of a 'true black', but Tribe was lovely. This was also lovely in the waterline and lasted ages! I wore these all day and neither colour budged. No panda eyes! I'm still disappointed and not sure how often I'd use the black - But Tribe is perfect for me and I can't wait to try more looks with it. So over all one was a hit, and one was a miss.

What is your favourite MUA product?
Have you used MUA Gel Eyeliners before?
What do you think of these colours?
Let me know, I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Completely devoted to all OPI nail polish, I was over the moon when I saw mum after a few days away and she treated me to this. She knows me so well! I'd never tried any Nicole by OPI varnishes before, so I was eager to see how they'd try out. You can grab these online and in selected boutiques still, the salon around from my boyfriends still have a few. These 4 minis retail at £13 online, and you can also get them at HQhair
All Kendall-ed Up, Kim-Pletely In love, Sealed With A Kris and Wear Something Spar-Kylie.
Midsummer Night's Dream by MAC before.
With Kim-Pletely In love over the top.

Kim-Pletely in love is a gorgeous sheer nude/pink with loads of gorgeous iridescent shimmer in it. These shine green, teal, blue and pink depending on the light. Because of how sheer this polish is it needed loads of coats, and thought it looked more impressive over another polish like here. This gives the original polish more shimmer and looks magical. What's cute about these polishes is how they really are true to the Kardashians, with their Kardashian inspired names - Love!
All Kendall-ed Up, Sealed With A Kris and Wear Something Spar-Kylie.

These are all with two coats! All Kendall-ed Up is a true bright pink. I love this shade. It also gave me amazing colour with just the one coat - Brilliant! Sealed With A Kris seems like a dark maroon, but comes out more of a dark classic red once on the nails, but obviously more layers would make it slightly darker. Again this had good colour pay off and has the same creamy formula like All Kendall-ed Up did. Something Spar-Kylie is the prettiest of the bunch. This again looked great with just two layers. I adore how this looks. With a sheer pink shimmery base with loads of small light pink glitter, this looks gorgeous. And because it has such a generous amount of glitter it covered my nails so well. Gorgeous! This shade also wasn't too much of a pain to remove. It needed a lot of effort to remove, but it's not as annoying as other glitter polishes out there. I've had Sealed With A Kris on all day and have had no chips at all. I find that OPI last the longest for me, and I think that Nicole are up to their standards. I can't wait to use the rest of the colours properly. I'm not usually big on darker colours, but I really love how these look! Another win from OPI.

Have you tried Nicole by OPI before?
If so I'd love to hear what you have to say!
What colour is your favourite from these shades?
And have you tried OPI before?
I love hearing from you, and every comment means the world.
Thank you so much for reading, beautiful!!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


I've never tried an MUA palette before a  few weeks ago. After all the hype about them I wanted to know what was so special. And I wasn't disappointed. MUA Eyeshadow Palettes come in a range of colours, from metallic shades to more vibrant - Whoever you are there's one for you. The palette I will be sharing with you today is one of their natural ones, Heaven and Earth. On a day to day basis I wear so many neutral eyeshadows, and this palette really delivered. Also, I'm trying this post out with my new Nokia Lumia instead of my SLR as I travel a lot, so let me know what you think about the photos.

As you can see from first glance that these babies are pigmented. These two photos are from the top line of the shadows, one inside where the sun isn't as bright, and one outside to show you how gorgeous these shades are. The first one works so well as a highlighter, but can still be worn as a shadow as it's easily built up to create a gorgeous metallic cream. The second and third ones are very similar in the fact that they're both bronze. However the first one has plenty of red tones, and the third one as golden tones. The forth one is probably the most nude of the colours. It's such a pretty light beige metallic which is so pretty and looks so delicate. Again this is very buldable. The fifth one in the picture is extremely pigmented, and I believe that most pigmented of them all. I love this for an all over bold colour, or adding a bit more depth to the eyes as a crease shade. The colour also to me seems to have slight red tones to it. The final colour in this row is stunning. It reminds me of the sun! It's a very bright gold that catches some gorgeous colour in the light. I absolutely adore this shade. All of the shades in this palette are so buttery and all work so well together.

The first two on the second row aren't as metallic as the rest of the colours. They seem to give more of a sheeny shimmer instead. These two are very similar to the second and third on the first row in respect that they're very similar colours. The first one has a redder tone, and the second shade has more of a golden tone. The third colour on this second row is my favourite. It's stunning. I'm a huge lover of Sellout by Urban Decay, and this is pretty much the exact colour. I couldn't be more excited!!! I love using this all over my lids and then a light brown in the crease. I could not be happier! The colour is also a dream to apply and is so buttery. The forth one of this row is a taupe colour. I'm not huge on taupe but there's nothing even close to this colour in the palette. I can't wait to experiment with that colour. The fifth one is very similar to the fifth on on the top row, only this one is slightly lighter and has gold tones instead of red. This applies lovely and gives amazing colour payoff. The last one in the palette is a classic dark metallic brown. This is exactly how you'd expect a dark brown to be.

Overall I am in love with this palette. It has a huge range of colours to create nude eyes, smokey eyes, natural eyes and all the looks in between. I will be showing you some looks very soon! I can't to give this a go and I reckon this will be my to go to palette for naturals. At an amazing £4 you can really afford a star buy like this. All MUA products are just such good value with amazing quality just like high street brands and even some more high end products. Run down to your nearest Superdrug now and treat yourself, or place an order online at MUA. You wont be disappointed! Try them out for yourself!

Have you ever tried any MUA palettes? 
If so, which ones?
What do you think of this palette?
And what is your all time favourite MUA product?
I'd love to hear your views, I read every one and respond to them all!
Thank you so much for reading, beautiful!

Saturday, 16 February 2013


In order we have shade 7, shade 15, shade 16, shade 4, shade 3 and shade 5.
I've done all these swatches outside, so the pictures may not be as clear as they'd be with flash. I wanted to show these swatches nearest to their colours as I possibly could. These are the first ever MUA lipsticks I had ever tried, and at £1 a pop you can't complain. I usually swear by Mac lipsticks, so I was curious to how these turned out. The wear on all of them is nothing special, but does the job perfectly. These are just as good as many other high street products out there, so check MUA out before purchasing anything you're not too sure on! 

As I said in my previous MUA post, it's a shame these aren't named.
That would give the colours more personality!
Anyway we have Shade 3, a gorgeous dark yet bright pink.
Even though it's bright it still has a soft look to it so it 
doesn't come off as bright as it looks in the tube.
This reminds me a lot of  Punk Pink by BarryM,
You can see that post here.
I really love how this comes out, and this is pretty moist too for
a lipstick - it's not drying at all like a lot of 'cheaper' lipsticks
can be.

I couldn't be more puzzled by this. I purchased this thinking it'd be a bright pink
like it's shown on the website. 
No it's not.
In fact the bullet has a strange plastic feel to it, almost like the play make up you
get when you're a kid.
That aside it had a nice look on my lips. A subtle pink colour
which actually looks quite nice.
It's a lovely finish too and would work well for
the spring.
But I still can't fathom out this product, it looks so bright in the bullet.

Even though this appears to have a lot of shimmer in the bullet, once on the lips
it just looks more glossy than shimmery.
I love coral lipsticks so naturally I was going to love this too.
It's slightly darker and slightly more pinker than you'd find coral to be like.
This is such a pretty shade. This comes out so creamy and feels
lovely on the lips.
I think it's brighter than I expected it to be and wont wear it as much,
but I still will give it a wear in the summer.

This isn't a shade I'd usually pick out.
I got this from the lovely Rosa in a blog swap I did which can you see here.
That aside it is my favourite MUA lipstick I have.
I think it's gorgeous.
It has a lovely pink look to it with a handful of pearly shimmer.
It's divine! It feels so nice on my lips too, but
sadly feels slightly drying.
I do love this though and it looks gorgeous. The perfect amount of shimmer for me.
The wear on this one isn't as long as the others, and will need a few top ups during the day.

I can't praise this colour enough. It is perfect. As I just said,
I love corals.
This is a perfect matte with slight gloss lipstick.
This colour is amazing and is so opaque.
It's so creamy too, but like the previous one I feel it's a little drying.
I will be wearing this gorgeous shade a lot, I can promise you!

This shade is gorgeous. It's a very bright coral/orange.
It has a perfect finish - It's opaque, it's has a slight glossy sheen to it and it's just gorgeous.
This may be a bit bright for a lot of people, but I will be wearing this bullet down in 
the summer I can tell you!
I can't get over how lovely this one is, and as you can see for yourself it has a lovely finish with
plenty of colour.

So there we have it! My MUA lipsticks swatched and reviewed. I will be swatching
the palettes and eyeliners very soon as I promised.
What is your all time MUA product?
Do you like the look of these? Which one is your favourite?
I'd love to hear from you! 
Thanks for reading!