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Everyone who's a close friend or a regular blog reader (Thank you!) then you'll know my undying love for anything Urban Decay. New UDers are probably going 'Oh new Urban Decay?!' and us who have been with Urban Decay a few years are nodding our heads whispering 'I remember these!'. These are some of Urban Decay's earlier products and I love them. I wanted to give you all a really detailed product review and swatches so you know what you're missing out on! You can still find these on Debenhams online, but you can get them for a quarter of the price on Ebay, Amazon and discount stores. I was very lucky and at a place I worked at got given 2 of each colour for £2.40, and I snapped up all 12 colours! These little tubes look beautiful and feel amazing with their sleek metal casing and plastic window to showcase their gorgeous colours. Also as a bonus the lid has a high quality brush which serves its purpose well, but the tube is big enough to use your own brush too.

Asphyxia is a gorgeous pink with thousands of blue shimmer.
Once swatched it looks like a beautiful pink,
but when in the light you can really see the stunning 
iridescent shimmer.
The colour payoff is a little more sheer compared to the others,
but once layed a few times this is stunning, and works well 
if applied lightly as a highlighter to pink, 
blue or purple eyeshadow looks.

X is a gorgeous soft gold packed with gentle
golden pink/coral shimmer.
I adore this shade and looks beautiful all over the lid
with liquid eyeliner and mascara. This really is
so pretty. The pigment to this colour is
perfect and works a treat.

Shag is more of a nude, beige shimmer. Although it
glitters like gold - All things that glitter are not gold!
This is gorgeous all over the lid,
and teams up perfectly with Smog in the crease. This is super
pigmented and appears to have slightly larger chunks of
shimmer in comparison with the previous
shades. Nevertheless it's still a beautiful colour,
perfect for adding a bit more glamour
to the everyday eyes.

Baked is a pretty rich bronze shade full of shimmery goodness!
Baked is pretty much the same as its colour 
in eyeshadow form. It's also very similar to 
Half Baked but has a more gold finish
than the bronze that you see here.
This is perfect for adding some shine to your eyes,
this colour reflects light beautifully.

Smog is one of my favourites. Not only is it a luxurious
deep chocolate brown, this also packs
a great amount of colour. I love using this as a crease
colour and I suspect that now I've found 
these babies again that I'll be using the shade
a lot. It's just a gorgeous colour that delivers a beautiful
golden shine in the light. It's perfect to me!

Gunmetal is a deep slate grey with a low shine shimmer, 
but is packed with micro silver glitter! 
I love using this as an alternative to
black when doing the smokey eyes.
This gives my eyes a softer look, and blends so
well to create the perfect smokey eye.
Big thumbs up from me.

Rockstar has a deep purple almost black matte base,
but is then packed full of silver, purple
and blue micro glitter. As you can see 
this looks so stunning!
The glitter stays on the lids surprisingly well, but this
is a pain to apply. And guess why?
That dreaded fallout! Unfortunately many UD shadows have this problem so I did expect one or two to be like it.

Purely because of how it looks in the container,
Goddess is my favourite.
Its matte black base keeps the eyes on the electric blue. navy, teal 
and purple glitter. As soon as I opened this
up for the first time I was in love.
Again it has the same problem as Rockstar, so much fall out.
But the glitter isn't actually so bad on the lids and
stays put, but not as much as you wished it could.

Protest is a matte dark green with a small amount of 
iridescent micro glitter.
Again this is a good alternative to the smokey
eyes, and is a dream to blend. I love how much of a 
unique colour it is, I've never seen anything like it.
At first glance this does look black,
but it's a gorgeous deep green.

Graffiti is a teal/green with a crazy amount of 
gold shimmer. This is a perfect green for me,
not too bright but still carries
enough colour to make a statement.
I love how this looks on the lids too,
exactly how it looks on the brush and in the tube.
A winner for me!

I love this colour. Shattered is a true bright blue with 
green tones and pretty subtle gold
and green shimmer throughout. This baby is serious
pigmented, and delivers so much colour. Not sure
if I'll wear this much but this does look pretty under the eye.
I can't wait to try more looks with this shade.

For some reason I expected Yeyo to be much
brighter than it is swatched.
However it worked in its favour.
This is a fantastic corner eye colour,
and even a highlighter when applied subtly.
I was really surprised how much I used this despite
originally being disappointed with the pigmentation.

There we have it! All 12 shades swatched, reviewed and broken down. My favourites are Smog, Goddess and X. I will continue using these beauties for some time to come, so glad I rediscovered them!! Any colours you like the look off? Have you actually tried them? What is your favourite all time Urban Decay colour? I'd love to know!! Thank you for reading!


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    1. Thank you!! Gorgeous colours aren't they! :D x

  2. One word: WOWZA!



    1. Thank you so much Allie!! :) That's so kind! :) x

  3. I remember having a brown one of these (can't remember the name!) I used it pretty much everyday until it ran out, I was obbsessed with it!


    1. I don't blame you!!!! I love these little beauties!! Xx

  4. Well rockstar is gorgeous! I may just need to get that x

  5. I recall having one of these some time ago but it was so messy I did not get along with it well which is a shame as these swatches look pretty decent!

    beckys makeup

    1. Some of them have such bad fall out :/ which is a shame, but UD do have that problem. However these are gorgeous!!!!xx

  6. Oh wow I need a couple of these! Urban Decay rock when it comes to eyes x

  7. This is so pretty! I especially love how you grouped the colors! Urban Decay is the best! I hopped over to your blog from Hayley's post about the American Sweets and I love your blog! Glad I found it :)))

    1. That's so lovely of you to say, thank you! Really means a lot to me! :)
      I'm so glad you enjoyed the post,
      thanks so much Jess! xx

  8. I have never tried any urban decay products. Gonna look into it, lovely post xx


    1. Urban Decay have some gorgeous eye palettes! Definitely give them a look! :)

  9. X - Smog & protest - lovely :)

    Now following your blog on GFC :) WOuld you like to follow each other?

    If so, you can visit my blog here:





    1. They're lovely aren't they! Wow thank you so much! :) That is so kind of you, I'll give your blog a look now! :)

  10. Oh wow love the look of X. Definitely a colour I would wea myself. They all look amazing though x

    1. Thank you!! It's hard to choose my favourites!! :) xx

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    1. They are aren't they! :D Thank you for the comment :D

  12. i'm obsessed with 'smog' it's ever so pretty, it gives such a natural glow to the eyes aswell x x

    1. Ah Smog is gorgeous, I have to agree with you!! :D

  13. Absolutely stunning pigmentation... Today I got my first ever UD product, the naked basics palette. is so so gorgeous xx :)

    im following ;)

    1. Thank you so much for following! I love that palette - You chose well!! xx


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