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I was over the moon when I was 1 of 5 winners of the February Blogger Angelica competition. I was excited to see what colours I'd won. I'd only tried one of their polishes, Brit Pop, which I will be showing you in comparison to the new colour Spring Break. Angelica is a UK based nail enamel brand which supply to the high street chain that we all know and love - Primark! You can also get your fix of Angelica Polishes at their online store here. You can find out a bit more about Angelica and their range of gorgeous colours here. The lovely Francesca at Angelica included these 4 gorgeous colours. Ibiza Summer - A bright, gorgeous glossy blue. Au Naturel - A pretty nude colour, perfect for any occasion and any outfit. Spring Break - An amazing glittery combo with pretty bronzes, blues, golds and purples. Peppermint - A yummy creamy pastel mint colour.
This is Ibiza Summer. As you can tell for yourself that this colour has some serious shine. I love the finish of this and have never seen such a glossy colour. I love how bright and electric the blue is also. I was so impressed with how this came out, in just one coat it delivered such shine and colour.  For this photo I applied 2 coats just to show how intense this colour is. The wear on this was really impressive too. I'd worn it for 3 days before I tried another polish and I had no chips at all. Nothing at the tips or base - It still looked perfect! This little baby is going to be part of their Summer 2013 Brights which I am too excited for! The Summer 2013 Brights collection also has some other colours other than this pretty bright which includes a bright glossy pink, a super bright turquoise, a bright purple and a lovely bright coral.
I also applied Spring Break in a sort of gradient way on the tips.
Au Naturel is simply beautiful. This is one of their Soft Satin Matte Effect polishes. I can't get over how pretty these are. And they feel so silky too. I've used a few matte finish nail polishes before and found the feel slightly unpleasant, but these feel so smooth and lovely. This picture is with 2 coats of the creamy formula, and looks so pretty. Nude nails are going to be a hit, and with a twist on the natural nails this polish is perfect for the upcoming trend. This lasted a while on the nails too, which I was so pleased by.
This here is Brit Pop, which wasn't involved with my competition I won, but part of their 2012 Glitter collection. I wanted to show you this in comparison to Spring Break, another glitter shade which I know is going to be a hit. Brit Pop has medium sized hex glitter and small hex glitter in blue, red,  gold, silver, purple and green. This looks so lovely and is a party colour! It's perfect for Christmas time or over the top of your favourite shade. I used Au Naturel as the base coat for these glitters so you can really get the full effect of the pretty glitter.
On the left is Brit Pop, and on the right is Spring Break.

I love Spring Break! I literally did a little squeal when I opened my package purely because of how beautiful this glittery coat is. It's a really unique glitter. it's very similar in the way of Brit Pop because of it's hex glitter. Spring Break has medium hex glitter in teal, gold and bronze. It also has smaller hex glitter in purple, blue and gold. And then tiny specs of purple and blue. I am in love! This goes on the nails so well and lasts ages too before the glitter starts catching. Another point to this shade is how easy it is to remove with nail varnish remover! No scrubbing away to get the glitter of your nails!
Peppermint was last of the 4 colours I was sent, and other than Spring Break this one is my favourite. It was so easy to apply and the creamy varnish glided on the nails. I love the pretty bright, yet pale, mint colour. This again, like Au Naturel has a lovely finish to it as it's part of the Soft Satin Matte Effect polishes which are to be released soon. This photo has 2 coats like the other photos. The Soft Satin Matte Effect collection are due out very soon, which includes Peppermint and Au Naturel, and also includes gorgeous colours in a soft blue, a baby pink and a pretty light orange.
Overall I am in love with Angelica varnishes and I am eager to try out more! Unfortunately I don't have a Primark near me so I will be buying online! I just love how perfect each shade seems to be, and how much variety in colours and textures they have. Angelica will be a well used brand from me, and at a brilliant £2.75* a bottle there's nothing to complain about! Follow Angelica Nails on Twitter or Facebook for latest shades, upcoming colours and competitions. 

Have you tried Angelica before?
What do you think about the colours?
Which one is your favourite?
I'd love to hear from you!
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  1. So pretty! Love the blue & glitter tip look - great polishes and well done on winning the comp! x

    1. Thank you!! They're so pretty aren't they!! I need more of them in my life! xx

  2. Really pretty, never even noticed this brand before. If you hadn't of told me the price and that they were from Primark, I would think that they are rather expensive. Great blog post.

    1. These are such good quality! I'm so impressed with them! I really want to get some more! :) xx

  3. Replies
    1. It's super bright an so glossy! I'm in love with it too!

  4. I love the look of these! Primark didn't have any in last time I was in I was on the hunt for them! Boo :( xx

    1. That's a shame :/ I don't have a Primark near me so I'm buying online! :) xx

  5. love what you've done with the glitter topcoat!

  6. Wow! I love the glitter effect and blue is gorgeous!


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