Thursday, 2 May 2013


I hadn't tried bareMinerals before, so I was really excited to try this out. I'm forever buying different skin products so you can see my excitement for trying this one! First thing that excites me is the chic packaging. Simple, clean, yet pretty to look at. You know exactly what you're getting just by reading the front, no information like some products claiming to do everything under the sun. The bareMinerals Advanced Production SPF20 Moisturizer for combination skin has 20SPF - Hurrah!! - With ActiveSoil Complex that provides essential nutrients to your skin. 
When using this the first thing I knew is how much like sun cream this looked, and surprisingly Holly Arabella said the same! There's a soft smell to it that isn't too overwhelming and smells quite natural. When rubbing it into my face I noticed that it feels slightly greasy. With combination skin,  shiny nose area and dry patches, I found that this left a residue on my face. I find that my skin doesn't absorb it overly well, so I struggle to use it before applying my make up. However, even though it left my skin rather greasy it does absorb after about 5-10 minutes but still leaves a slight shine, but easily fixed with powder. I really like using this as a night cream, but I don't think it really helps sort out the more shiny areas of my face. I do like this moisturizer but I feel that it doesn't work well with my skin. But what works for me might not for you! Everyone's skin is different. 
Overall I like this moisturizer. It sorts out my dry areas a treat and it has 20SPF which is great for the warmer days! It does leave a shiny residue on my face which I'm not too fond of, but its good to use before bed time!
Grab yours from bareMinerals online for £27. You can choose from a tinted one for more of a glow, or a clear one like that one I've reviewed. The lovely Holly Arabella gave me this to try.


  1. I haven't tried bareMinerals as it's out of my price range, I would like to though. Do you find using a moisturiser with an SPF weird for nightttime? I try to avoid it. I'd quite like to try the tinted one you mentioned. x

    Lipstick Theory

    1. Because it leaves a residue on my skin it's really good for sorting out those dry places over night. The tinted one sounds more up my street, and if I was to purchase one, I'd go for the tinted! :) xx


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