Thursday, 30 May 2013


I've always been on the hunt for the perfect face primer. I've had GOSH and Mac in the past, but this baby really is a new found favourite of mine. But what does this claim to do? And does it do what it says on the bottle?
This Skin Perfecting Primer reduces and prevents breakouts with Salicylic Acid while evening and refining skin texture. Used under or in place of foundation, this dual-functioning cosmetic treatment minimises the appearance of pores and eliminates shine, leaving the skin with a smooth, matte finish.
Skin Perfecting Primer Blemish and Shine Control is part of Murad's award-winning Hybrids line of cosmetic treatments, designed for individuals who want to disguise flaws, enhance skin texture and improve overall skin health.
Two things I've always had problem with, shiny skin and break outs. As it's exam season, I'm prone to a bunch of spots due to stress, so I was delighted to try this when Baobella contacted me asking if I wanted to try it out.
This 30ml bottle comes with a handy pump which doesn't dispense too much of the product, and one to two pumps covers my whole face. My first impression when I first pumped this creamy liquid out was 'Oh my gosh it's too dark for my skin!' and I was really unsure how it was going to sit on my ghostly complexion. To my surprise, the primer seemed to melt into my skin leaving no residue or colour behind which I really loved and really surprised me!
Above, pumped.
Above, blended.

I tested this primer out everyday for the a whole week so I could give it a good trial. It battled cold weathers, hot weathers, sweating in dance class, and I even wore it in place of foundation as it stated you can do. Now let's test its theory.
Blemishes - I had no break outs at all when wearing this, and I was so thankful. With exams going on this was a saviour, and I even noticed a difference in my redness in my skin, and could see an improvement in my skin tone. I simply love that this primer prevents break outs, and it's a real winner for me.
Shine - I have such a shiny nose, and this little bottle of magic mattified my nose perfectly. It seemed to even out my skin texture and made my skin ready for its foundation. It gave my skin a really lovely fresh look which I loved.
Pores - I find pore minimising products so hit and miss, and this really did the job beautifully. It smoothed out my skin and made my pores appear smaller. I've never had a massive problem with pores, but I have a few around my nose that I can see when I'm looking up close, but I was glad that this disguised the ones I can see. 
Foundation - I love using this in place of foundation. I only use this in place of foundation for dance as if gives my skin a mattified look which is exactly what I need when I'm in a sweaty dance class! The Science of Cellular Water, which is in the formula helps keep skin hydrated which I love as I do have dry skin. I love that this doesn't stick to my dry skin either, like I know some primers/foundation do have a habit of. As a base for my foundation it keeps my foundation in place through the morning all the way through to the evening which I think is amazing, and keeps my skin looking fresh and 'glowy'.
This is an absolute winner of a product and as soon as I run out, I will be repurchasing. However this is a slightly pricey primer for £29* from the Murad website or leading spa's, but for me I really love how it works with my skin and I believe is an investment if you're willing to give up £30 for a primer. Overall a great primer and I doubt I'll go back to another!


  1. I love this primer too. It makes my skin look so glowy and definitely enhance my foundation. x

    I Am A Weapon Of Massive Consumption

  2. Wow! This sounds amazing. I'm really tempted to buy and try it.
    Great review.
    Stop by my blog sometime x

    1. It's really incredible, you wont regret it! x

  3. this sounds amazing! definitely wanna try it out now! x


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