Sunday, 23 June 2013


I was delighted to be approached by the team at Neal & Wolf asking for my hair type, and to send down some products for me to try out. My hair is naturally curly (super ringlets/frizz) and is constantly straightened. I told them I had frizzy hair which is put under the heat a lot, so they recommended these and sent them out straight away. First impression? When I opened the parcel I was greeted to a gorgeous aroma, which reminded me of something. After a good hunt around my perfumes, I came across Insolence, which smells incredibly similar. The scent of these hair products is classy and delicate. It's not too over powering or sweet, so I really think Neal & Wolf have hit the nail on the head on the scent front.
I love how the packaging is simple and classy, their pretty Neal & Wolf logo on the front, with a embossed pattern across some of the product which is visible in the light is a pretty touch. I love how the whole collection of hair products all look similar. 
Intensive Care Treatment
Smoothing Blow-Dry Balm

I put these to use straight away, and have been using them the past week to give them a good trial. I first tried out the Intensive Care Treatment which is for all hair types. When I tried this out I was greeted by the gorgeous scent again, which I am literally obsessed with! I applied it to my wet hair after shampooing which a standard shampoo and left on for the 3-5 minutes the product recommended. After drying my hair I could notice a huge difference, my hair was silky, soft, had no tangles and looked a lot more healthier. Hallelujah! My hair still had a little fluff to it, but that is only because my hair is super curly naturally, but this is where the Smoothing Blow-Dry Balm came into play. 
The next time I washed my hair I then applied a small amount of the balm into my hair before drying, and my hair was frizz free. YES! It added moisture to my hair, which it claimed to do, so frizz was now a thing of the past. I was so surprised how quickly it smoothed out my rebellious of hairs, so I was very impressed. Could this brand be my new obsession? Yes. I think it could easily be. 
Before straightening I then applied a few spritz of the Heat Protection spray which I was most excited about. I love this spray. It has the same gorgeous scent which I am in love with so that alone made me happy! This spray claims to protect up to 220ºC and keeps your hair silky with its meadowfoam seed oil. And boy did it deliver. It protected my hair like a dream, leaving my hair silky with no 'straw' like feel to the hair which it can get after constant exposure to heat. It let my hair feeling super silky and I couldn't help but wave my hair around.
Overall, I am a very happy Hannah, with swishy hair that smells gorgeous, even the day after washing my hair I could still smell the pretty scent. My hair looks healthy, silky and incredibly manageable. What more could a girl need?
Intensive Care Treatment is £12.95*, Smoothing Blow-Dry Balm for £11.95* and the star product for me is the Heat Protection for £10.95*.Grab a bottle of beauty from the Neal & Wolf shop online.


  1. I love this stuff! I did a review on it a while back and it was the smell that got me hooked! I think it's a bit like jean paul gautier perfume. I always get comments after using the blow dry balm!
    Great review!


    1. I've not smelt that perfume, but I will next time to compare! Me too, so many people ask what perfume I'm wearing, and I'm like 'It's my hair!'

  2. I heard about this a while back, it sounds really good!x

  3. These sound amazing :O I have never heard of this brand before either so thanks for sharing xx |Macadamia Oil Giveaway

    1. You will LOVE them! They're amazing and smell gorgeous!! xx

  4. I have never heard of this brand, the products sound really good though :) x

  5. They are amazing! You should check them out! :) x


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