Thursday, 28 November 2013


I've tried and loved Neal & Wolf, and when they asked me to style my hair into a 1950's inspired look, I couldn't say no. Continuously doing performances, mainly jazz, it would be ideal for me to have a wavy, sexy hair do. Read on to find out how I achieved a gorgeous hair look using the amazing Neal & Wolf products on my long hair!
I have very long hair, so I was a bit unsure with how it was going to turn out. But first of all I applied ELEVATE Volumising Lotion - Which I love - to wet hair, and dried with a dryer tipping my head upside down. This gave me crazy volume, and made a huge difference on my outcome. I then used the GUARD Heat Protect Spray all over. This smells gorgeous, and protects up to 220 degrees! Yay! Once my hair was dried, I used a curling wand as above and pulled the curls out still in their ring, and clipped them into my hair. I used this method a few times, and I can say that I love the outcome, and Neal & Wolf really enhances the outcome.

Excuse the no make up. I decided to keep my hair in it's up-do form during tech runs and do my hair and make up an hour before the show. I sprayed FIX Hold and Shine Spray over the curls so I can be sure that the curls will come out beautifully. I left this in for around 2-3 hours, and everyone was saying how cute I looked and how they wanted to see what it looked like when it came out. When I pulled the bobby pins out that kept them in place, I used a wide comb brush and my fingers to soften the curls.
So above we have pictures of me all ready for performing! The outcome looked beautiful, and my hair looked healthy and gorgeous. The curls stayed in beautifully, and everyone was saying how amazing my hair looked on stage, and I have Neal & Wolf to thank for! My hair was shiny and sexy, and didn't let me down. The look was perfect for my jazz night, and I can't wait to use these products more!

Grab these goodies from Neal & Wolf ready for the Christmas season!
Prices of the products I used range from £11.50* to £12.50*.
What do you think of the hair?


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