Saturday, 11 January 2014


I love my OCC Lip Tars and not long ago reviewed the bright pink shade, Nylon. I adore Lip Tars, so felt the need to go out and buy a strange colour to mix with colours to see what I could come up with. 
Chlorophyll is more of a blue toned green and looks slightly witchy! Again it has the small nozzle like most of the new OCC Lip Tars and is best applied with a lip brush. As much as I love this colour, and how it makes some gorgeous purples mixed with pinks - This alone is one of the disappointing Lip Tar colours.
As usual it has that sweet peppermint smell and tingle on the lips, but when applied it goes sheer in some places, and has a habbit of sinking into the cracks - Not ideal. Even with a few layers it still seeps into the groves and still shows some pigment of the lips. This was such a shame, but for mixing purposes this is really lovely and makes some pretty shades. The saying power of this one is as good as the others, stays on all day - But this one occasionally has slight wear in the inner lip. This is from one of the earliest collections, so I'll let them off for the blip of this shade!

Do you have any OCC Lip Tars?
I have 2 more colours to show you,
a gorgeous red and pretty coral!


  1. Love the colour!
    x Hayley

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