Sunday, 19 January 2014


Anyone who knows me knows I am a massive nail varnish hoarder. However, on this occasion I'm a bit late on the trend! Nails Inc and BarryM are two of many brands who have promoted this textured polish, and so have Sally Hansen.
I am a big lover of Sally Hansen and anything new to try on my nails, so when I saw these cute named goodies, I couldn't pass them up. All colours are named after sweet themed treats, and this gorgeous bright blue is appropriately named Razzleberry.
These polishes apply really lovely and only need 2 coats and you're ready to go. Something else I was impressed with as well was the quick drying time. There's nothing I hate more than not being able to do things while I'm patiently waiting for a polish to dry! 
These cute bottles of goodness are all grain textured, giving the appearance of sugary nails. The texture on these polishes aren't at all annoying, but did notice that my nails did get dirty, gathering dirt in some of the groves.
Overall, this is a fun look to play around with! If you're into textured nails I would definitely recommend having a look at these gorgeous shades - they're just too cute not too!!

What do you think of textured nails?
Grab these from Boots for £6.99. 


  1. I don't know whether or not I would find this annoying, I wasn't a fan of feathers and the other bits x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. If you don't like those things, you might find this irritating! xx

  2. I'm not sure if I love them or not.. but it looks very very cool :) x

  3. this looks absolutely amazeballs! xx

  4. Replies
    1. It's really strange at first, but I got used to it :) xx

  5. This looks so much fun! I love trying out new things with my nails! I just bought some new polish from Models own!

    1. Ohhhh I LOVE models own!! So much to choose from!! :D


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