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Urban Decay was the first ever 'high end' make up brand I ever got into. After straying away and loving MAC for a few months I came back to my beloved Urban Decay. If I'm honest, I wasn't that bothered by the Vice 2 Palette after buying the Vice Palette last year. A few days before Christmas I went to pick up some Urban Decay liners and walked passed the Vice 2, but felt I'd have a little swatch while my mum went off to look at tea cups. I instantly fell in love, called my mum over and told her that Santa needed to add this to my life, and so he did.
The palette came with a double ended brush, the same as the Naked 2, Naked 3 and the previous Vice palette. I'm not too bothered by this brush and only reach for it on odd occasions, and it irritates me so much that it wont stand nicely in my brush pot due to the double ends. That aside, it does the job and is a nice addition to the palette. The palette itself is gorgeous, and has a purple and pink marble effect casing, with a pretty jeweled UD on the front. The fact that the palette opens up itself too is a nice touch.
L-R Smokeout, Lovesick, Shellshock, Coax and X-Rated.

SMOKEOUT - Smokeout is a gorgeous reddish deep brown which has gorgeous payoff. Super soft to apply and a dream to blend out. Really lovely pigmentation and looks lovely.
LOVESICK - This one was a disappointment to me and just didn't deliver what I expected. It's a pretty matte black with small silver specs of glitter, but as you can see above, the black wasn't very black and just wasn't that special. I couldn't get great pigmentation from the black and is such a shame as this could have been a winner.
SHELLSHOCK - This bad boy is intense. This is one of my favourites, if not my fave, and has incredible pay off. It's a bright silver like no others I have, and partners really well with UD's eyeliner in Cuff, which is also a bright silver. The pigmentation on this is crazy and applies so beautifully. Absolute no faults for this, and is such a win for me.
COAX - Love this gorgeous metallic pink, and I never go wild for pinks. It's beautifully buttery and has lovely colour pay off.
X-RATED - One of the few matte shades in the palette, and is a pretty light pink with lovely colour pay off with ease of application. I was a bit hesitant as in the last Vice palette I was let down by the bright blue Chaos which never seemed to apply as evenly. But this shade really is lovely. Not one of my favourites as I tend to shy away from pinks, but still a lovely colour.
L-R Prank, Madness, Strike, Stash and Poison.

PRANK - Prank is beautiful, and the reason I was sold to buy this palette. It's a matte navy which gorgeous teal shimmer, but don't be fooled. As pretty as this looks I found it hard to keep all the shimmer on my lids, but, with a bit of a play I can get this to look lovely. Breathtakingly lovely swatched, but needs a bit of care when applying.
MADNESS - Another shade I absolutely adore. It's a gorgeous frosty metallic blue which catches the light lovely. Again, this is another buttery shade with a lovely colour payoff, no faults here!
STRIKE - Love this colour! I am all about golds, and this is a pretty vintage looking gold which has a lovely metallic finish which I just love.
STASH - Stash is a really interesting colour and is almost like a brown/gold with a slight khaki tint. I love this shade, and it applies lovely. I love this shade with Strike, and looks so pretty together with a bit of Smokeout or Radar.
POISON - I am in love. I wasn't sure in the pan, but when I used it I was all giddy like a girl in love. It's a dark black with a pretty aqua hint to it which I just love. I love colours like this that surprise you! It applies lovely and has lovely buttery pigmentation. 
L-R Radar, Damaged, Voodoo, Betrayal and Derailed.

RADAR - Radar is a pretty metallic glitter shade. This gorgeous golden brown is in my top 5, and I just love it. It has incredibleeeeeeee - The extra e's were needed - texture and applies and absolute dream. The glitter held well and just applied beautifully. Wow, Urban Decay. Out done yourselves once again!
DAMAGED - Is stunning. This shade reminds me of Christmas and velvet dresses. It applies softly and buttery and has a gorgeous deep green glow which I just can't get enough of. 
VOODOO -  This one looks gorgeous in the pan, but when swatched I'm not overly crazy for, but this may change! It's a really pretty purple with an almost pinky purple shimmer which is really lovely. Applies nicely and has nice pigmentation.
BETRAYAL - This will be my least used shade I reckon. I usually hate pale shifty purples as I find them a bit cheap looking, but this surprised me. It has a pretty violet, bluey and pink pearl shift to it which is what I usually dislike, but it's quality won me over. This is a really pretty shade with nice pigmentation, but still not sure when I'll reach for it.
DERAILED - This is a lovely pretty brown with slight silver sheen to it. It's a really lovely shade and again buttery as most of the shades in the palette. A lovely shade, but not something I've got all fan girl about.
L-R Dope, Toxic, Habit, Ambush and Rewind.

DOPE - One of my favourites. I love delicate shades like this and this one is perfect. I can see this being used everyday! It's beautiful and has a lovely colour payoff. This pretty champagne colour has a slight pink tinge and simply looks divine. 
TOXIC -  A pretty pink with a slight cream colour to it. This is a lovely shade and has nice pay off and pigmentation. Again, it's a colour I'm not wild about, but I think it's a pretty shade nevertheless. 
HABIT - A great shade to have in the palette, but something I'm not too fused about. Owning the Urban Decay Basic palette I'm not in need of anymore everyday mattes! That aside, this is a lovely pale cream nude. Blends gorgeously and looks lovely. It's not showing up as well in the photo due to my pale arms!
AMBUSH - This has amazing pigmentation and application! I love this golden brown shade and works so well with a brown smokey eye. 
REWIND - I love this brown matte. As I said about not being too bothered by nude mattes, I still really like this one. It applies amazingly! If you have the basics palette, this shade reminds me a lot of Faint with a hint of Naked 2.

Overall this is by far my favourite UD palette ever, and they have set a very high bar for the next palette. If you're looking for a palette to carry you from day to night, from natural to bold, this palette is palette will be perfect for you. An absolute win! Grab the last few palettes from your local department store or online - This one is currently at £33 - for £42. What do you think of this palette?



  1. wow, this palette is so versatile! You can do so many different looks with it! <3

  2. Great post, I am still to purchase an urban decay palette. I desperately want one, I might just treat myself haha

    1. Thank you! Ah, you wont be disappointed with this palette! xx

  3. It's a very pretty palette, I would never make enough use of the bright shades though!


    1. I know what you mean - My new years resolution is to experiment more! Perfect palette for that! xx

  4. This looks so amazing and I love the packaging - it's so lovely! I love Stash and Ambush, ah so many gorgeous shades!x
    Sammydress Giveaway

    1. Ahhh they're so lush!! Packaging is gorgeous! xx

  5. Really good swatches. I love this palette too its so good!

    1. You made me want it when you got it - So glad I picked it up! xx

  6. This is such a nice palette, great mixture of colours but all wearable.x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  7. This palette is going on my wishlist right now! I think I love pretty much every shade (perhaps with the small exception of Strike). Hmm wonder where near me has a UD counter!

    Sharon :)

    1. Ah it's sooo lovely!!! Let me know if you get it! :) xx

  8. I really want to try this out! Lovely colours.


    1. It's a gorgeous palette - and absolute treat! xx

  9. This palette looks amazing! I love the colours and the pigmentation looks so good

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