Friday, 28 March 2014


To get my creative juices flowing I decided to do a series of make up - as if this is my first time?! Choosing to go as Poison Ivy to London Comic Con this year, I thought that doing a Superheroes series would be perfect!! Also tempted to do Villains along side this series...
So today I have my interpretation of The Hulk! 
I kept everything very simple, the only tip for this look is to blend! I wanted it simple, yet seamless. I used Benefits Brow Zings for the start of the ombre brow, then finished it with the bright purple from the Sleek Ultra Mattes palette. Over the top of that, I applied some clear mascara by 2Tru to give a rugged look.
I then prepped my eye with Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden to give a perfectly flawless base for my shadows. I used the two greens from my Sleek Palette, and the same purple. I applied the lighter green all over, and then the darker in the crease. I then popped over Urban Decay's Blackout over the crease - use the tiniest bit - just to add a darker shadow. You can use any matte black though!! 
I added the same purple I used for the brow underneath the eye. I added Urban Decay's Rock star in the waterline - a dark purple - and used the purple eye shadow on top, just to give a bit more depth. I also blended it into the green. I then popped on some lashes, and I was complete!

What do you think?! Is it the Hulk?
What Superhero would you like to see next?
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Never really been an Essie girl, and always stayed true to my OPI ways. However, I made a cheeky exception when this gleaming beauty caught my eye. Hovering around Boots' 3 for 2 section I noticed I hadn't checked out Essie yet - And saw this little beauty sitting on the shelf. How could I refuse? This gorgeous unique glitter from the Encrusted collection is named On A Silver Platter - It's so gorgeous and expensive looking, it deserves it!
These photos really don't give this polish justice. With just two thick coats I had gorgeously sparkly nails to hit the town. If you apply thinly, it's still sheer, but over white, gold, navy or black this looks really pretty. But with two thick coats you get full coverage. The glitter spread effortlessly and evenly over the nail. The glitter in this polish is to die for. The blue hex glitter has a pretty rainbow holographic like shimmer to it, while the gold shimmery base has an almost white shimmer to it in certain lights - Definitely not a polish I can think of a dupe for! The only down side to this polish if you're wearing it alone is the life of it. By the end of the day I had bad chips, and the day after it just didn't want to stay on. However, it has quick drying time, so it's perfect for a one evening wear.

What do you think of this polish?
And what's your favourite Essie polish?
Grab this gorgeous shade from Boots for £9.99.
Hurry, it's limited edition!
Thanks for reading!!