Sunday, 28 September 2014


I am a self confessed OPI snob. My nails rarely get the chance to wear anything but the gorgeous colours from OPI. I am a collector, hoarder and lover of every collection they release. While moving into a new room recently I sorted out my varnishes into colours and wondered which ones would take me through the chilly, beautiful autumn. I came up with these 10 pretty shades that I am for sure going to grace my nails with in the next few months!

DS GLOW - Glow is a GORGEOUS colour, and catches the light beautifully with its diamond shimmer. It's a very bronze based shimmery glitter colour and is a perfect colour to wear to parties and events.
VAMPSTERDAM - I LOVE this name!! How cute! I love this dark, almost black, deep purple. It has a slight metallic sheen to it which really adds a bit more depth to the usual vamp nails. I love dark nails for autumn so I recently added this to my ever-growing collection.
OVER THE TAUPE - Is my first EVER OPI polish. I use this all the time when I can't choose a colour. This is my perfect goes-with-anything colour!
KERMIT ME TO SPEAK - Is another new shade in my collection which I have loved over the passed few weeks. It has a gorgeous grey/bronze base to it, which has an electric violet dual tone to it, perfect for adding a little bit of colour to those dark autumn days!

WILLIAM TELL ME ABOUT OPI - This is a gorgeous dark blackcurrant colour which is to die for!! Perfect for evenings, or punking up any look.
SPRUNG - A pretty bronze red glitter shimmer colour which screams autumn! The shimmer contains gold, bronze and red shimmer, mostly red and bronze. Great for jazzing up outfits.
A BUTTERFLY MOMENT - Is a beautiful powder cool-tone pink with very subtle, delicate gold shimmer in it which is peeeeeerfect!!! I adore this colour so much, and is a dream to apply. This is great for making a look more girly. Love!
GAINING MOLE-MENTUM - This is great to put over any colour to add some zing! This pretty rose gold, gold and silver number is perfect for adding sparkle to any outfit, without going over board on the shimmer! The multi-cut foil adds and interesting and unusual spin to the glittery nail.

UNDERNEATH THE MISTLETOE - This gorgeous bright red has very small, and subtle silver glitter which really adds to the red. Gives the classic red nail a little life!
MY VAMPIRE IS BUFF - Is another to go to colour when all else fails!! Everyone needs a perfect nude to take them through the year and this one is perfect for my ghost like complexion, and would look great on all skin tones too!!

I hope this has inspired you to shake up your nail wardrobe!
Let me know what your faves are!
Thanks for reading!

Friday, 26 September 2014


I have been searching for the perfect subscription box for many, many years. Birchbox didn't interest me, with only one or two items that ever got my attention. I also found it gimmicky and just a bit boring. I have forever had an obsession with Korean products but find it difficult to find anything in the UK. As I browsed many YouTube videos, like a do on a daily basis, the Memebox kept cropping up. And without further ado, I purchased two boxes. The box that I have here is the OMG 2 Box which claims to be filled with all sorts of odd and interesting surprises. Memebox is one of the best boxes I've purchased. I had seen a view reviews on the net about this box and the reviews aren't that great - But I love this box, and it couldn't be any more interesting. 
What's even greater is that all the items are fullsize!!!!
 Box retails at $35.99.
I'm first greeted by two very large packets by the brand Cristallin. These masks retail at $10 each, so that means a together value of $20, which is already impressive. These claim to brighten and whiten the complexion. Perfect for my pale skin that can often loose its glow. These are gel sheets that sit on the skin for about 15 minutes.

When I first saw this my initial thought was 'Woa, that looks expensive'. But it's only $20, less than I expected. You could either get the essence, or the solution, like I did. This acts as a moisturizer. This contains Syn-Ake, a ingredient I have seen popping up everywhere due to its qualities being very alike to snake venom. This solution claims to help with wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

I just LOVE the brand name - Milky Dress. How adorable?! I have heard of this brand but never used or came across it. This retails for $24 and the product is a Bohr-effect Carboxy Gel. It is said that this product helps with wrinkles, tightens skin, hydrates, and makes your skin appear younger. Perfect. The odd thing about this mask is once you apply the cream, you then apply the mask and then another layer of cream on top. I'll see how that goes...

This cute looking bottle is a hydrating face mist from Prori. The strange ingredient in this is bee venom. Yup, you read right. This is supposed to help with any spots and blemishes. It doesn't say if you can apply over makeup, but I'll sure give it a try. This has a very pleasant smell of flowers and lavender. This retails for $24.
This Landykin Vanpir Dark Repair Cream costs $50, and one of the items in the box I am looking forward to most. It feels so luxurious. The tub is adorable with its little fangs and pretty lid, I can't wait to get using. This is meant to help with brightening the skin while correcting weak moisture barriers. This also has anti aging properties which is always a plus!
   Now this is where things get weird. Que the volcanic rock roller. The brand Haruen Dorothy have made a volcanic rock rollerball that absorbs unwanted grease and oil. I've seen videos because I'm nosey and it looks mighty impressive. I can't wait to give it ago. However I've heard it only lasts a few weeks, and for $26 a pop, it might not be worth it. But we'll see how great this really is!           So that's the breakdown of the box, and soon I will be doing individual reviews on each product - I'm super excited to try these all out! With a collective value of a whopping $163, I am a happy girl!

Grab a box now with $5 off with this voucher code - 7QF1 - this month. 
What do you think of these Korean products? 
Would you give Memebox a go? 
I'd love to know! 
Thanks for reading!