Friday, 31 October 2014


I'm never afraid of using dark lippies, dark brows, tons of liner and long fake lashes. This is exactly what this look is! I have been wearing this makeup look constantly. I'm all for a matte face and berry lip this Autumn, and this is such and easy look to pull off. I have teeny tiny eyes/eyelids so I can't pack much shadow on them, but I have to make use of what I got! This look could be so much more golder if you have more eye space, and you can even throw on some gold glitter liner all over the eye to add that extra bit of Christmas. 
On the eyes I used mostly the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. I used a mixture of Half Baked and Chopper on the lid to bring out the blue in my eyes, I then blended that out with Snakebite and Bootycall up to the eyebrows. I used a bit of Blackout to darken it slightly. I also used Urban Decay's Zephyr in the corners of my eyes which is my cult highlighter for pale girls like me! I popped Half Baked and Blackout under the eye also. I then used a liquid pen liner to line the eyes, and then went in and tight lined the top with a Urban Decay Eyeliner in Zero. I then popped on my new favourite lashes, Let's Go Lashes (Review to be up soon!), because they are super light and easy to apply!
I also used Bewitch from the Urban Decay Theodora palette for my eyebrows.
Lipstick is another cult favourite, Diva from Mac. I bought a second tube of this after summer and it's almost all gone already. Obsessed! It's the perfect Autumn colour for me, and you can add some black liner or lipstick to darken it up if you're feeling a bit more vampy. I used a Revlon foundation and L'oreal BB powder foundation for my face - I rarely use concealer!
And that's my to go to look for this Autumn! I am in love with gold shimmers so I can see myself carrying this over to the Christmas period - Perfect for a Christmas meal!

Would you wear this look?
What are you liking this Autumn?
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Monday, 20 October 2014


Dragon Lady

Halloween is time for getting out all those bright and bold colours to create a look that's truly unique. Everyone is trying to find a look that no one will go as to stand out. In the next few days leading up to horrorfull Halloween, I will be posting product essentials and show stopping looks for all your ghoulish needs.

Products Used;

Urban Decay Kush (From NYC palette) - This was used all over the cheeks and up towards the forehead. 
Urban Decay Gel Liner - I used this to create precise black lines above and below the eye. Also over my eyebrows.
Urban Decay Blackout - I used this shade to go over the liner and to blend with other colours.
Urban Decay Damaged (From the Vice 2 palette) - I used this to blend out with the black out, as it had a black/green shift to it.
Urban Decay Freak (From the Electric palette) - I used this as the lightest park of the green, blending in with Damaged. 
Urban Decay Half Baked - I used this all over the lid, and below. I also used it below the eyebrow.
Urban Decay Zephyr (Book of Shadows 4) - I used this to highlight my inner corners, blending with the Half Baked.
Illamasqua Liquid Metal in Solstice - I used this all over the lips, and also used it for the dots below the eye, and eyebrow detailing.
Also, green contact lenses, and eyelashes.

So there we have it - A last minute makeup look. Perfect for any fantasy themed parties you have going on over Halloween! 

Let me know what you think, and what look you think I should do next!
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Halloween is coming, and we have little time left to plan who we are going as this Halloween! In the next few days I will be posting about Halloween essentials, from contact lenses, wigs, face paints, prosthetics and costumes - Halloween is for sure one of my favourite times! First of all I'm going to start with these fun fangs. These are from the brand Scarecrow, and you can see all their different types of products here. Do check which size you get before you buy, as I didn't - Classic is for normal to large teeth, and small is for small teeth to normal. I have very small teeth, but still made the bigger ones work.
How lovely is the box! When purchasing these in store I read nothing, I opened them up thinking they'll just slot on the teeth. Oh no. These come with some mixing potions to ensure that the fangs are perfect for you. Read on to read the easy process... 
First of all grab the pot, mix one capsule with 4 drops of the liquid. Mix this together with the wooden stick until it gets to a paste. Once it's a paste, push it into one of the fangs, and push it into the chosen tooth. Don't worry about anything spilling over, as it will help keep the fang secure. After 5 minutes, repeat to the other tooth. Leave on for about 20 minutes and then remove. It continues setting for about 24 hours. And there you have it - Great, easy fangs! They look great too, and really are far more superior to those cheap plastic fangs that you fit into your mouth. Obviously don't eat, drink (Or kiss) with these on as that could be hazardous. The fangs really fit in the teeth really snug after you've gone through the process of fitting them - Totally worth it!

Get yours from your fancy dress store for £15.
What do you think of them?
What are you going as for Halloween?!
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Sunday, 19 October 2014


This pretty little number has been cropping up for a while, and sprung up Summer last year alongside Ablaze and Silly. I missed Heroine at that point in my life and deeply regretted it. When I saw my friend at university had it, I needed it. So when it popped up again, and now looking as if to be a new addition to Mac's permanent range, I couldn't say no. Hello to my new best friend.
Heroine is a bright violet colour, which fits perfectly with the colour of fall - Orchid. It has a gorgeous texture which glides on the lips - No tugging here! It's easy on those dry, autumn lips, so there's no need to worry about it highlighting those nasty bits. This has intense pigmentation and really gives that pop to the lips. I honestly can't find a bad point to this lipstick as I just know I'm going to wear the heck out of it. It's truly gorgeous, and I can tell will flatter any skin tone as my friend at uni has beautiful black skin and she looks stunning! And I couldn't be any paler - So this is one for all! I recommend if you're looking for a good matt, fall lip colour then check this out at your nearest Mac counter!

Grab it online or in store for £15.50.
What do you think of this gorgeous shade?
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Saturday, 18 October 2014


Photo from Courty Peach's Blog

I was asked by the lovely Sarah, behind Paul Mitchell's PR team, to attend an event that they were holding at Duston Hall. I had never been before, so when I was greeted by a beautiful massive mansion, I had no idea what to do. Me and Courteney felt we were way out of our league. When we found our way around, we arrived at the bar where the event was held. The place was beautiful. I had never been to a place so extraordinary. Sarah was incredibly lovely on arrival, and we were instantly asked if we wanted a drink and if we wanted any food. The food was lovely, and the cocktails were just as good!

I knew Paul Mitchell was a salon brand, but never really ventured out. Being a girl that's mad about makeup and usually neglects the hair, I've recently made effort with my locks, by treating them to luxurious products and cute buns, so this event was just perfect. We learnt that the brand plants trees, don't endorse testing on animals, and that it's their 35th anniversary! Amazing! After Sarah chatted to us about various products and what each product is good for, I then got chatting to some bloggers. Having already known the lovely Courteney from Courty Peach, it was nice to meet a few others. The two lovely ladies I met were Siobhan from Unexpected Geek, which we both kicked it off straight away with our similar interests and hooded eyes (Sorry), and the beautiful Justine which after we got talking, realised we had mutual friends! Small world!
After a Pina Colada and a Woo Woo, Sarah generously handed over some super heavy bags. After I untied the cute bow I was greeted by a ray of products, a Paul Mitchell Lemon Candle which you get free with any two purchases from the Teatree range, a Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Daily Boost spray (£14.95) to add some extra volume to lifeless hair, Lavender Mint Tea Tree Conditioner and Shampoo (£27.50 for the set), and lastly a New CID Cosmetics I-Smoulder eyeliner in Charcoal (£18.50). Talk about being spoiled! Christmas sure came early! 
The event was so lovely, and I'm really looking forward to trying more Paul Mitchell products in the future. It was also so nice to meet other local bloggers and create new friendships. It really was a brilliant event, and hope they do more in the future!
Siobhan, Justine, Sarah, Courteney and me.

Friday, 17 October 2014


To celebrate Lime Crime's 6th anniversary, I am giving a lucky reader a chance to own one of their lippies! You can choose the colour you like - If it's in stock - and then you're away! Lime Crime are known for their gorgeous packaging and daring colours, so it's time to jump on the bandwagon! All you have to do is use the RaffleCopter App below to submit your entries, and I'll announce on Twitter who the winner is in a months time!

Good luck all!

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It is no secret that I am a huge Neal and Wolf fan! After trying a lot of their products, I haven't yet found something I dislike, including this beauty! 
My hair is naturally curly, and for us curly girlies, frizz can't be avoided. That annoying frizz ball your hair turns into after you dry it? Yeah, me too. This product claims to tame frizz while adding shine that is meant to be weightless on the hair. Well, I love it. I am a huge fan of their range of goodies, purely because of the gorgeous smell it has! It has an incredibly classy scent to it, that my house mates always recognizes! This really lived up to what it claimed to do. My frizzy ends and the odd rebellious, crazy curls were soothed and shined, allowing my hair to look good without doing too much! It made my hair feel gorgeous - like silk to be exact! I could spray this all over my hair and be good to go. A good hair day in a tube. As I said, nothing so far from this brand has disappointed me, and this is sure a winner.

Grab GLOW for £12.50* from Neal & Wolf shop.
Hope you enjoyed this quick review!
See their other products reviewed by me here and here!
Have you tried this brand?
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014


My newest makeup fix is the Electric Palette from Urban Decay, which I have been long awaiting. I have been banging on about this palette for a few months now, but never had the chance to pick it up. So as a present to myself for starting my last year at uni, I couldn't think of a better time to nab it! The difference with this to all the other UD palettes, is not just the bright colours, but the fact that these are pigments, not eye shadows. This means that in theory, these should be more brighter and pigmented!
First of all, the package is divine! The case itself is sleek, and has a magnetic closure which I really like. I also love the design on the front! Looks like loads of cool powder puffs of different colours! Love love love. It also comes with a cool brush. Now, I am not a fan of double ended brushes, such as the ones that come in the Vice palettes. I find them annoying, and I dislike putting them in my brush pot, as I just worry about ruining the brush. However, I really like this brush.
One end is ideal for packing on that pigment, while the other serves as a great brush for those hard to get places, like the inner corner of the eye.
REVOLT - I like revolt, but I probably wont get much use out of it. It's a lovely silver shade, but I do have other silvers in my collections that have better colour payoff. I would've maybe preferred another bright colour, like yellow or a true green. Can't have it all, right?
GONZO - Possibly my favourite in the palette! This beautiful blue just glides on like a dream. Packed full of colour, this is perfect for any bright look!
SLOWBURN - Another colour that has plenty of payoff! This is a beautiful colour, And I'm already planning on using this on some models in the upcoming weeks! It has a lovely texture and avoids being powdery at all.
SAVAGE - This is a serious colour. When I used this is a dress up look - Which you'll see below - It just really packs a punch. This is an incredible bright pink, and I can honestly say I've not come across a brighter pink as of yet! Goes on beautifully, blends gorgeously - What's not to love?!
FRINGE - I know bloggers and youtubers have been loving this colour, and it is beautiful, but I just wont use it much. It has a gorgeous buttery texture and a frosty finish. It also has insane payoff. I just can't see myself wearing this shade. But regardless, this is a beautiful colour.
CHAOS - Chaos has been about before, in the Vice 1 to be precise. I didn't really use it then as I felt it just didn't have the best colour payoff. I'm not sure if they have reformulated it, but it's much easier to apply, and the colour payoff is so much brighter!
JILTED - Oh how much do I love this colour! I'm way too excited to rock it this month now autumn is here! It's a beautiful, frosty berry shade which is perfect for fall! It applies beautifully, and has great colour payoff!
URBAN - The shade of the Urban Decay logo, this purple colour is gorgeous! As all of the colours in this palette, it has a lovely colour payoff. This is perfect for autumn. I love this, and can't wait to play around with it more!
FREAK - Not a huge fan. I can't decide if it's the colour I don't like, or because it's not overly bright. It's a really pretty colour which is lovely to apply, and the colour is true to pan - I'm just not that wild about the colour. But I'm sure I'll get use out of it.
THRASH - Come. To. Mama. Oh I love this. This is great to apply, and looks great in the inner corners to add a pop of colour. Ah, I can't get enough! I can also say I've never came across a colour like this!!

Overall, I will get some serious use out of this palette! I also went to a Freshers night a few weeks ago at uni and went as a exotic bird to the 'Zoo Party' theme. All the shades I used where from the Electric Palette, other than the navy shade which was Prank from UD's Vice 2.

Anyone bought this yet?
Anyone out to get it?
Let me know what your fave colour is!
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 12 October 2014


When Mac released some new lippies in their famous matte formula, I obviously needed some. I never buy nudes or natural lipsticks, but instead of gravitate towards bright neons or deep darks. On that thought, I thought to pick up a more tamer colour, and Nouvelle Vogue was the one. This is a stunning colour, and I know full well I will make serious use of this pretty pink.
This suits my pale snow white skin beautifully. It also glides on like a dream, a perfect creamy formula that is completely opaque. The shade is a beautiful true rose colour that is perfect for adding that frosty pink colour to the lips. Beautiful!
If you're a pale girl like me, this colour will look gorgeous. I can't wait to wear this for christmas meals! Since it's so creamy, it has no problem hiding my dry bits! 

This is sold out online, but you can grab it in stores!
Grab it for £15.50.

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