Monday, 20 October 2014


Dragon Lady

Halloween is time for getting out all those bright and bold colours to create a look that's truly unique. Everyone is trying to find a look that no one will go as to stand out. In the next few days leading up to horrorfull Halloween, I will be posting product essentials and show stopping looks for all your ghoulish needs.

Products Used;

Urban Decay Kush (From NYC palette) - This was used all over the cheeks and up towards the forehead. 
Urban Decay Gel Liner - I used this to create precise black lines above and below the eye. Also over my eyebrows.
Urban Decay Blackout - I used this shade to go over the liner and to blend with other colours.
Urban Decay Damaged (From the Vice 2 palette) - I used this to blend out with the black out, as it had a black/green shift to it.
Urban Decay Freak (From the Electric palette) - I used this as the lightest park of the green, blending in with Damaged. 
Urban Decay Half Baked - I used this all over the lid, and below. I also used it below the eyebrow.
Urban Decay Zephyr (Book of Shadows 4) - I used this to highlight my inner corners, blending with the Half Baked.
Illamasqua Liquid Metal in Solstice - I used this all over the lips, and also used it for the dots below the eye, and eyebrow detailing.
Also, green contact lenses, and eyelashes.

So there we have it - A last minute makeup look. Perfect for any fantasy themed parties you have going on over Halloween! 

Let me know what you think, and what look you think I should do next!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Very cool Hannah! After a LONG hiatus, I'm back in the blogosphere! Im so glad to see you're still here and going strong! Love this look girl! Be well :)

  2. This is so amazing! Beautiful and unique, especially love the gold <3

  3. Wow... Sooooo much better than the lame zombie I did! So good.


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