Monday, 20 October 2014


Halloween is coming, and we have little time left to plan who we are going as this Halloween! In the next few days I will be posting about Halloween essentials, from contact lenses, wigs, face paints, prosthetics and costumes - Halloween is for sure one of my favourite times! First of all I'm going to start with these fun fangs. These are from the brand Scarecrow, and you can see all their different types of products here. Do check which size you get before you buy, as I didn't - Classic is for normal to large teeth, and small is for small teeth to normal. I have very small teeth, but still made the bigger ones work.
How lovely is the box! When purchasing these in store I read nothing, I opened them up thinking they'll just slot on the teeth. Oh no. These come with some mixing potions to ensure that the fangs are perfect for you. Read on to read the easy process... 
First of all grab the pot, mix one capsule with 4 drops of the liquid. Mix this together with the wooden stick until it gets to a paste. Once it's a paste, push it into one of the fangs, and push it into the chosen tooth. Don't worry about anything spilling over, as it will help keep the fang secure. After 5 minutes, repeat to the other tooth. Leave on for about 20 minutes and then remove. It continues setting for about 24 hours. And there you have it - Great, easy fangs! They look great too, and really are far more superior to those cheap plastic fangs that you fit into your mouth. Obviously don't eat, drink (Or kiss) with these on as that could be hazardous. The fangs really fit in the teeth really snug after you've gone through the process of fitting them - Totally worth it!

Get yours from your fancy dress store for £15.
What do you think of them?
What are you going as for Halloween?!
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