Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Today I am channeling my inner 80's chick. When I first started applying I had no idea how it would turn out, but I think it's fun to try out different and unusual things. This is what I wore for the Blogger Hub event in London. People approached me asking if I had got it done professionally - I was so so so flattered!
For this look I used the Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 palette, using the the purple, Highness, and the navy, Ink, to create the gorgeous purple cut crease effect. These colours were super easy to work with and a dream to blend, I highly recommend this pallet (In depth review to follow)! I also used L'Oreal's felt liner for the wing and then Snatch eye shadow from Urban Decay all over the main lid. I also used Eylure's 153 lashes to create a fuller look. This look was easy to achieve with patient blending. It's simple yet effective, and you could shake the colours up for different looks. From a smokey cut crease, neutral eye look or even a bold and bright shadow. I finished the look with MAC's Cream Soda Blush and MAC's Nouvelle Vogue  lipstick.

I hope you enjoyed reading!
I cannot wait to experiment more with bold colours.
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Sunday, 23 November 2014


I was told that I would be helping to support the amazing Julie Atherton (Name dropping!) for her album launch, only a few days before the event, so emergency eyelashes had to be bought as my other ones had been misplaced. When seeing all the different lashes in front of me I must admit I was overwhelmed. After staring at the selection for a good five minutes, having workers and people giving me odd looks, I just picked up the pair that I thought would fit. I have been wearing lashes now for a number of years, but I still hesitate at the eyelash isle, never knowing what to grab.
The packaging is pretty standard for all lashes, the lashes stuck lightly to a sticky film and there's a little slot for adhesive. I've always loved the Eylure adhesive and I've never found to have any problems. To apply my lashes I always use tweezers (Unless I'm feeling outrageous, but instantly regret it after application), I use Tweezerman's, but any tweezers will do the job - No need for the special 'Lash Tweezers' unless you feel like you'd get comfort in that. I then match them to my eye - I always need to cut off about 4 lashes to fit my dinky eyes. I then apply a thin layer of glue, wait to go tacky for about a minute, then apply. I usually wait about 3 minutes after application to apply any more makeup, such as mascara. I always put lashes on last, but it's a preference.
These lashes are perfect for a good amount of length and volume, I feel these aren't too 'heavy' on the face, and suit the makeup and occasion well. I wouldn't wear these daily, as these aren't ideal for an every day look, but if you're looking for a good set of lashes that will look perfect for any evening look, the Eylure 155's are the way forward.

What are you favourite Eylure lashes?
Grab these from Boots for £5.39.
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Friday, 21 November 2014


When it comes to Christmas, I think of hot chocolate, jumpers, yummy food and glitter. I am completely in love with Mac's holiday releases, which promises bucket loads of glitter and that iconic red seasonal lip. I popped into my nearest Mac store on the day of the release and picked up a few items which I do not regret one bit. The packaging is super gorgeous with its silver shimmer and glitter throughout the plastic - The girly side of me was screaming out to buy the whole collection!
First off I picked up Noblesse Oblige which is on the left of the photo above, and then Enchantment. Noblesse Oblige was really hard to photograph, some lights it could turn a pretty dusty beige, a bright silver, or a glittering gold. To me it's a very pretty, gentle pewter shimmer with a lot of glitter in it. It looks beautiful, but with most glittery hues, this has some fall out. Enchantment may now be the most beautiful shade I own. If you get any of these shadows, I recommend Enchantment - It's perfection. It's a dark navy with purple and teal shimmer and glitter. Again there is fall out, but this looks beautiful over the top of a gel liner or using a black cream base. I can't stress enough how gorgeous it is, and I forgive its fall out.
Noblesse Oblige

Top - Sparks of Romance, Bottom - Salon Rouge
Left - Salon Rouge. Right - Sparks of Romance.
Sparks of Romance is such a pretty colour, and is a true red. It's a matte formula which is my favourite Mac formula! It has teeny sparkles in it, and some of them catch a really pretty violet colour. This is a great twist on the classic red lip, and the subtle sparkle is a great twist for Christmas. It wasn't drying at all, which is great for long wear.
Salong Rouge is gorgeous. I am in love. This was super creamy, and is also a matte formula. This is a pretty red which has a slight dark hue. This type of red is perfect for the snow white complexions like mine. I can see this becoming my to-go-to red as I love a vampy red - and this is perfect. 

Did you manage to grab anything from the collection?
Get some of the collection on Mac now.
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Last night I was lucky enough to attend the Lyndsey Loves... event held out the beautiful Chloe's Bar in Brentwood, Essex. I was excited to attend as I had never ventured out of Colchester, so I was looking forward to seeing Brentwood, which is a well known town in the TOWIE world! On arrival (There was a red carpet too, crazy!) we were asked if we'd prefer Prosecco or Rose, and as always I stuck to the Prosecco! The bar itself looked beautiful. The ceiling was covered with pretty pink and grey balloons, and pretty gifts from Lyndsey Loves... graced the tables. 
There was an incredible food selection which tasted amazing. The adorable cupcakes on the stand also tasted great - If only I could take the lot home! We also spoke with the man from Agroposta who introduced us to gorgeous cordials which tasted amazing. The elder flower and raspberry ones were to die for! I also got the sage cordial in my gift bag at the end of the evening, so I'm excited to try it. For the time I was there, the waitresses were attentive and always keeping an eye on the glasses, making sure everyone had a full glass! 
The gifts were just so lovely, and the candles smelt amazing! Lyndsey was really lovely and it was a pleasure meeting her. I picked up the Unicorn Farts Lip Balm which you can grab for £4.95 - I'm so excited to try it out - They smelt amazing! 

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Sunday, 16 November 2014


I love a good pick me up, but when I was on my way to the event on that evening, I didn't know I was going to be having such a relaxing and welcoming evening! The event was held at their cute store in Norwich, which is opposite Bird Cage! When we walked in we were greeted by an incredible aroma that smelt amazing! We were also greeted by the people that represented Neal's Yard Remedies and they told us about the background of the company. It was so nice to hear about a company that are truly passionate about organic and ethical products, and really do care about where they get ingredients from. Learning that they make their products in beautiful Dorset, I could feel myself warming up to this brand and I was excited for what was in store.
Champagne was flowing, and the most stunning treats (freshly made by an organic chef!) were laid out beautifully on the tables. I was in love - I didn't want to leave! I felt really privileged to be there. We had the loveliest champagne which had cute little strawberries in, which made me realize that they really paid attention to all the small details to make the evening something to remember. They then asked us if we wanted to have a massage and reflexology. Having to dance often at university, I jumped at the chance. I was lead up to this beautiful room, and Adam asked me any problem areas and then he got to work. He was amazing! I felt so relaxed and the oils they used were fantastic! I will be coming back again soon - I'm even going to bring my boyfriend a long as he'll love it! I then had a reflexology treatment which is all about the pressure points on the feet. I had heard of it before, but never really ventured into it. Reflexology helps with various things from the digestive system to anxiety. This was just as good as the back massage, and I came downstairs again feeling relaxed, positive and open minded. 
I also learnt that they did makeup, which I instantly gravitated towards! I was interested in their super soft brushes and mineral foundation. I couldn't believe the amount of amazing products they offered!

I learnt so much at this event, and I'm so glad I've been introduced to a new brand which I know I'll love! As I left, I was handed a cute little gift to say thank you for attending, which I will be reviewing soon - Along with some other Neal's Yard Remedies goodies I picked up! 

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Thursday, 13 November 2014


I'm a massive MemeBox fan in case you didn't know from my previous unboxing. When I saw MemeBox were doing a Tony Moly box, I jumped on it. Hearing constant amazing reviews from Tony Moly, it'd be rude not too. This is actually my 3rd box now, and I'm still super happy about the boxes. I've never had one dud box, which is more I can say about some other boxes that are about at the moment.
MemeBox is a box service all the way in Korea, which ship out boxes full of amazing products based on what you want. You can choose 'face' boxes, or 'nail' boxes, or more strange boxes like 'Chocolate'. You can also pick themed boxes such as Disney - There's something for everyone! The boxes vary in price, but I can honestly say - Each box will be so worth it. The great thing is that there's no subscription. Just choose the box you actually want and you're good to go. 
This shimmery coral gel can be used under makeup, or mixed in with your foundation. It's not too shimmery, so it adds subtle glow. It has a thick, gel consistency when I swatched it, but was still easy to massage in. Also I expected the whole bottle to be full, but it only had 30mls, which is quite small for the size of the bottle. I can't wait to write a in-depth review on this, as I've heard great things!
I am super excited for this, you have no idea! Apparently you massage this into the face, leave for only 30 sections, then message the dead skin off. Yes, you read that right. Skin is supposedly meant to just flake away! If this actually works this will be my new best friend, so keep checking back for a review on this if you're interested! If this works, $11 is amazing!
This white cream is meant to brighten the skin while adding moisture, as well as evening out the skin tone. I've only used this once so far, so I can't give a detailed opinion, but I'm very intrigued. When I used it, it left a very subtle white cast. It's hardly noticeable, but I'm unsure of how long it stays there, or what effects it has. Can't wait to do a proper review on this! Also can we mention the adorable panda?!
I've already used this, and love it! I may love it because of the cute packaging (it's an adorable peach!), but it also has the best smell ever! It has a really sweet, peachy smell which I adore. It says it has a Shea butter formula which is always great, as Shea butter is known for being very moisturising!
When I first saw this I wasn't sure what the heck it was. These are actually handmade soups for your face. Apparently these deep cleanse the face while controlling sebum and providing moisture. These are made from fertile eggs soaked in vinegar for 1-2 weeks which apparently maximizes the level of calcium, protein, vitamin, amino acid and various minerals. I'm very interested to see how this goes!
I'm so excited to use this! I'm all for a quick smokey eye with a smudge of black liner, but now with some added sparkle I can now add a bit more glam to my go to grunge look. I'm hoping this is easy to apply and smudge - and praying it's waterproof!
I am so happy I got the orange shade! I'm a huge orange lipstick lover so this will go down a treat. Gives a lovely pop of colour to the lips - I'm currently testing this out to see how long it lasts on the lips! This will be perfect for the spring time, adding some subtle gloss and colour is perfect for that season!

So what did you think of this box? Anything you'd try? 
I'd love to hear what you think!
Have as browse on MemeBox and buy one, get one half price with the code BOGO50!
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