Sunday, 1 November 2015


When I think of Christmas, I always think of Lush. Either people are waiting on the return of the infamous Snow Fairy or curious to welcome the newbies, and this is one of the newbies! This limited edition lip scrub is for sure my favourite! This has a gorgeous cherry cola flavour which takes me back to my toddler days when I picked numerous flavoured sherbet from the old school sweet shops. This tastes sooooo good. I cannot stress that enough! I could eat this from the pot. You pop this on your lips and give it a gold old scrub and like away! It's that simple! It's perfect for scrubbing away any dry areas while moisturising, and it's perfect to use before a lipstick. There's nothing worse than applying lipstick and it sticks to your dry areas?! Am I right?! It's also super cute with its edible red hearts which gives this more character. I'm in love! I would urdge you to try this out if you like sweets and have those annoying dry winter lips.

Have you ever tried a Lush lip scrub? 
What's your favourite from the Christmas collection?
Grab this from Lush for £5.50.
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