Tuesday, 27 January 2015


I have been using this for months now, but I didn't want to post about it until I had given it a proper trial! I have a problem with hair that falls out and looks a bit limp. I have a very irritable scalp and I find it very uncomfortable when I apply too heavy products, my poor scalp can't even use most dry shampoos as it makes my head itch like there's no tomorrow. I'm so in love with the price tag on this Neal's Yard Hair Treatment - £6.50. Seriously? That's it?!
When you open it up you're greated with a gorgeous incense of rich Rosemary and Cedarwood. I use my fingers to grab a bit of the product which melts onto your hand into a workable oil which I then massage into my head - Might get my boyfriend to do it for me! I do this on the days where I am home learning words for shows so I am able to keep it on for a few hours, then I wash my hair as normal. Keep it on for abour 30 minutes and aim for once a week. It makes my scalp feel amazing - It feels cleansed, conditioned and in great nick. I think people neglect the scalp, even though it's still skin and the barer of your glossy locks! It provides intensive conditioning and care, and I promise your head will thank you for it! This generous pot will last you a long time, and for the small price tag what's not to love?

Grab it from Neal's Yard for an amazing £6.50,
You'll never look back.
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So a week ago I was slumped on a train on the way to a ballet exam as I reflected on the night before, the Norwich Meet event held at the lovely Birdcage! This is the first event I organised with 3 other lovely ladies, Courteney, Justine and Siobhan. We had been organising this for months, unsure of what we really needed to do, and unsure on the outcome! We were lucky to have some amazing brands getting involved such as Neal and Wolf (a personal favourite of mine!), Paul Mitchell, Fake Bake, Neal's Yard, Benefit and so many more which will feature in this blog post! On the day, me, Courteney and Justine hunted down all the raffle prizes, sorted the goody bags (They took forever!) and decked out the venue. We had three lovely people bring their products - Georgia from Speckled Hen Vintage who had gorgeous clothes and accessories, the beautiful Joni from Jackie Hamilton and The River Kitchen who were lovely, and provided the msot delicious cupcakes and goodies. Oreo and White Chocolate fudge?! How could I resist?!
We had some inspirational bloggers come to the event which I am so thrilled for! It was so nice to finally put pictures from twitter to real life people, and it's always a pleasure to meet fellow bloggers and talk about what we love to do. Bloggers all have an amazing ability to listen and be inspired, so it's always great to hear what they blog about. Not only did we have brands and bloggers come, we had some amazing musicians. I was so lucky to get a chance to sing at the Birdcage as it's one of my favourite venues!
We had an incredible goody bag full of amazing stuff! I'll do a full goody bag review this weekend as I definetely have an exam and audition this week... Waa! We had Lisa Angel, Wild About Beauty, Drinkwel, Body shop, No 7 and loads more little bits in there! Even a £10 voucher for Coast to Coast which is always a winner for me!
We also had an amazingly generous raffle too to raise money for Woman's Aid. We had Philip Browne who gave us a tshirt, aftershave and a very expensive Fred Perry Wallet, Bodhi and Birch who gave us a £38 gift set, Neal's Yard gave us a bunch of their amazing products, Body Shop also gave us a gift box, Sin Sins gave us vouchers as well as Nova Silver who gave us a gorgeous necklace. There was many more brands in there which we were grateful for, as we raised an amazing £90!
We hope everyone that attended had a great evening, and we are already in talks of a possible event in the hot summer months! I will do an indepth review soon of the bag and any other goodies I received, so keep checking for that! If you're in the Norwich area and didn't get a chance to come to the event, follow me and tweet me so I sure follow back, and we can see what we can do in future events!
Thanks to all the people who got involved and made it a success!
Thank you to all who came!


Sunday, 11 January 2015


I love anything to do with magic and fantasy, so I couldn't see why I hadn't done fantasy inspired makeup yet, it's what I love! When it comes to fantasy there is no rights and there is no wrongs. Just creativity and imagination. You can create the most strangest of creatures and bring it to life with a touch of creativity. Today I bring you the water woodland fairy, a fairy that is often seen prancing about the rivers and waterfalls of the forests.
I used all Urban Decay makeup for this, mainly using the Vice 3 palette, but also using the Glinda palette and one of the older Book of Shadows. The makeup is light and playful, using washes of colour and dotted liquid eyeliner. I used the blue UV Stargazer liquid liner for the dots, which I really love! It was only a few pounds from Just Essentials, and I'm yet to find fault in it! I tied my hair up in two braids and clipped it up for a rough woodland fairy look. I added some holographic glitter unr the eye to replicate the look of water using some fine dust and glitter fix. I completed the look with some clear gloss and I was good to start collecting water magic.

What would you like to see next in the series?
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