Wednesday, 25 February 2015


I am Hannah - A OCC worshiper. I love OCC, and I have a small growing collection of 6 colours which I adore. OCC Lip Tars are highly pigmented liquid lipsticks that come in every colour imaginable. Green, bright yellow, glittery red, bright blue and this bold blue - Vain. I am obsessed with creating new shades of lipsticks by mixing different colours together - I can't stop!
The Lip Tar comes in a little pouch with its own cute brush which is ideal for on the go girls. Throw it into the bag with no worries about accidental spillages. The pigmentation of this is insane. You need the littlest amount, this product goes a long way! It is slightly tricky to apply because even if you have slightly more product that you need, it will create streaks, but it's easy enough to fix with a little bit of tissue paper! It dries down to a semi matte finish which is really flattering. I seriously love this shade, it's perfect for mixing with other shades or if you're bold enough - alone! It's ideal for shows and bold editorial looks, so I will be trying to wiggle this in to future posts! The down side about this is that it seriously stained. I had to scrub this off, and even after some scrubbing it still left a slight tint of  blue - Not pretty! I will have to prime my lips in future to try and prevent this! The life of this shade is as impressive as always and lasts the day with little touch ups. I have already reviewed Nylon and Chlorophyll.

Have you tried OCC before?
What do you think of this bold shade?
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Friday, 20 February 2015


I got this gorgeous little palette as a Christmas present, as you can tell from the dodgy Christmas background, but for some reason it has taken me so long to review! Life gets in the way sometimes! This palette is inspired by Pulp Fiction, if you couldn't tell! This palette is perfect for throwing in your bag in a hurry as it has really nice everyday colours, and a teeny brush to compliment that. If this appeals to you, you can still get this from Debenhams for £17.50 - despite it being limited edition.
When I tried this in store I fell in love with how smooth and buttery the shadows were! I stood there for a few moments with my mum as I cooed over how gorgeous they are. This palette is ideal for me - I can create a smokey eye with the browns and the black, or a bright wide awake look with the creams and golden brown. The brush is nice, the smaller side being good for lining the eye with a smokey shadow, and the thicker side isn't too bad for blending - A really nice brush for on the go girls.
L-R - Righteous, Tyranny, Vengeance, Anger and Furious.

I love the names, they seem to work with the palette and suit the film. First off we have Righteous which is a really pretty shade, and isn't far of my skin tone. This a really pretty shade and creates a nice glow on my eyes, yet it is slightly powdery, but still workable. This reminds me slightly of Foxy, one of my favourite matte shadows from Urban Decay. Tyranny is faultless. It is so buttery and creamy, and this is the primary reason for me wanting this palette. This is a gorgeous warm brown that looks lovely on. It's gorgeous to blend and is just an absolute treat. Vengeance is another shadow that is just perfect. This warm, deep brown works so well with Tyranny, and blends beautifully. It has great payoff, and the colour looks beautiful. I had slight troubles with Anger, a dark black with a very slight sparkle. To me, this doesn't have that great payoff - But does the job. It blends okay with other shadows, but it's not a colour I reach for. Furious is slightly brighter than Righteous, but you probably can't tell on my pasty arms! I think I prefer this one to Righteous, just because it's brighter and makes more of a difference against my skin. It has lovely payoff, but not as good as Tyranny! I want to do a look with this soon, so watch out for a natural look using just this palette.

Did you pick this up?
You can still grab it from Debenhams for £17.50.
Do you like this palette?
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Wednesday, 18 February 2015


I am constantly changing my candles, so I stick to the Sampler sized Yankee Candles, priced at £1.80. I've always loved Yankee Candles from when my Nan used to own a card shop when I was a kid. My Nan used to always give my mum a candle, so Yankee Candles became an exciting part of my life. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I was obsessed with how they smelt. When I got old enough to be trusted with candles I was never given the opportunity to have my own, but now I have a student loan, I can afford a few treats!
These are my picks for spring time! Now I know you're probably expecting roses, flowers and fresh scents - but I am more into my fruit fragrances. I smelt Summer Scoop today in Boots and fell in love, but they only had the big jars so I ended up running around Norwich trying to find the Sampler. Summer Scoop smells heavenly, and is the scent that has been overpowering the others as it sat in my hand bag! It smells of berry fruits and cream, which sounds spot on to the name. It smells of that gorgeous home made ice cream you have down at the beach, none of that commercial jazz. Strawberry Buttercream is for the fans of anything sweet. This is very sweet, and really does smell of butter cream sprinkled with fresh strawberries! Citrus Tango is really zesty and citrusy, but I think this smells more of Grapefruit than anything else. This is a really refreshing scent and isn't that sweet at all. I can just about make out the hints of orange that echoes in this scent, but if you don't like Grapefruit I'd stay clear!

What's your favourite Yankee Candle?
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We all need a treat day, and I tend to have those when I have an important do in the evening. You know those events that just takes you all day to get ready? The ones where you have a relaxing bath with your expensive bath salts and overpriced face mask. 
I am all for a treat day, and this is how I do it. I'll first wash my hair with Neal and Wolf Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo* which smells heavenly. It's perfect for everyday use as it is gentle on the hair. I was my hair over the side of the bath and then leave on the Neal and Wolf Harmony Intensive Care Treatment* on my hair. This stuff is amazing and leaves my hair feeling and smelling incredible. Perfect for a pick me up! I then run the bath with my favourite bath soak. I wash my face with Simple Facial Wash while I let the bath run, and then I apply a face mask. I use the Montagne Jeunesse ones as they're super cheap and I adore the scents! I have a soak for 15 minutes or so to let my hair soak in the Neal and Wolf treatment. After I wash off my hair and get out, I apply a tiny bit of Neal and Wolf Silk Smooth Blow-Dry Balm* to keep my hair from frizzing up. This is usually how I start my afternoon off when I know I have a big event later on. Keeps me relaxed, and there's nothing worse than rushing about!

What do you do to get ready for a big event?
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Saturday, 14 February 2015


Sadly, I'm not being taken to a fancy restaurant, or even cuddling up on the sofa with Netflix and a few PS3 games, oh no. I'm sitting indoors, maybe clean my room while listening to the beautiful voice of Florence and the Machine. My man works a lot, and working in a pub means he has to work important days - Valentines being one of them. I'm not too fussed to be honest, I'm not the one for arranging to go out for a meal and dress all fancy, so I'll probably just stare at Katy Perry all evening and fantasize about her being my future wife.
Enough of that - This is what I would be wearing if I were to go out. Pretty standard, but with a little more glam. I never wear glossy lips, and I never go out without my false lashes, so this is a big first for me.
I've cheated the eyes a bit, giving me deeper eye sockets that I definitely don't have. I used all Urban Decay shadows as usual, along with the darkest Benefit Browzings for the brows. I used Mac's Ruby Roo on the lips with a clear gloss over the top. It's a pretty normal and easy look to create, just a usual smokey bronze eye! I wanted to keep it glamorous while keeping it delicate and simple, and I hope I've achieved that.

Hope you like my Valentines look!
Happy Valentines day! 


For some reason  my skin looks oddly grey, and I have no idea why. That aside, this is the gorgeous Opalite Point Necklace in silver from The Crystal Divide. I have been purchasing from them since they were called Delilah Dust, but recently they changed the name and look of the shop - but still keeping the gorgeous jewelry, plus a few more goodies. This is one of their newest necklaces which is also available in gold.
The necklace itself has a slightly bigger chain than usual which compliments the pendant really well. The pendant is a gorgeous white stone which is slightly see through. As you can see above, when it catches the light the murky blue stone catches a really pretty orangey pink colour, which is super delicate and beautiful! I love the simplicity of this, yet how delicate and pretty the stone is. The stone itself is a really lovely size, mine is exactly 3cm! Small enough to be dainty, yet big enough for you to see all its beauty. I love it! Perfect for layering, wearing with a choker or simply on its own. Check out The Crystal Divide if you like your crystals and stones, you're sure to find something!

Grab it from The Crystal Divide for £10.
A must have for crystal lovers!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


For some, Valentines day is their most hated holiday, and for others, it's a day to spend out with your other half. I'm on the fence with this one. Valentines is cute and all that, but it's never something that's bothered me, nor a day I've looked forward to. I've come up with a few looks to sum up Valentines day. From Green Eyed Monster, Love Obsessed, Cupid Hater and Lucky in Love. The names sound ridiculous - But Valentines day kind of is, right? I might throw a few more looks in there that you could actually use on Valentines day while out for your candle lit dinner! Today I've done 'Lucky in Love', a look inspired by playful pinks with a hint of gold. 
I've used three shadows for this look, all Urban Decay as usual. I used Alien on the crease and on the bottom lash line. I also used it for blusher! I then used Alchemy to darken the crease, both of these shades are from the Vice 3 palette. I then used Blitz from the Vice 2 mixed with Vanilla from the Anniversary palette to get that golden yellowy colour that wasn't too metallic. I popped this on the inner corner and swept it half way along my bottom lashes. I then used my favourite liner, which has pretty much ran out, L'oreal Super Liner. It's a miracle I even got a decent line with how dry the tip is! I applied the Eyelure Katy Perry Tour lashes which I have used for my Punky Smokey Eye Look and Navy Winged Eyeshadow Look. I then popped some mascara on! I did my brows as usual with the darkest Benefit Browzings and applied a little bit of Dope from the Vice 2 under the brow - Perfect for pale chicks! I used Alien over the cheeks as said before, and contoured slightly with Mac's Harmony Blush. I popped on Nouvelle Vogue Mac lipstick - my to go to lippy at the moment! I am using an old foundation today as all my nice ones have been left around my boyfriends, so sorry for it look slightly cakey.

What do you think of this look?
Check back soon for another look for Valentines!
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Monday, 9 February 2015


Today I bring you a simple take on the flicked shadow. I usually go for brown and black shadows, but today I thought I'd venture out and see how blue fits! I used the Real Techniques Angle 202 brush from the Bold Metals collection for the brows and the wing - This brush is amazing!! I then used the Urban Decay brush from the Vice 3 palette to blend and pack the colour on. (Also, I need to pluck my brows - Sorry!)
I used Heroine from the Vice palette for the darkest part of the wing, then into Freeze - a pretty metallic blue, also from the Vice palette. I then used Flow from the Urban Decay anniversary palette for the pretty nude shimmery colour on the inner lid. I used Reign from the Vice 3 palette to blend it out - but if I did it next time I'd use a matte brown. I used the darkest Benefit Browzings for the brows, and then finished the look with some false lashes. I used the clear Baby Lips on my lips for a natural look, keeping the eyes the focus.

What do you think of changing up your usual colours?
Do you like this look?
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Sunday, 8 February 2015


I've been meaning to write about this little gem for a while, but life has a habit of getting in the way! Luxsit is an organic skin care line that focuses on using nature to help enhance what we have. Organic skin care is always a win for me, I hate the idea of putting strange chemicals on my face... Do they really need to be there?!

Luxsit says:
"With cutting edge technology Luxsit Organic Skincare deliver effective products that harmonize the skin and brings out your natural beauty. Luxsit’s products consist of Nordic plant extracts and pure Swedish water, in a combination with the finest organic and natural raw materials."
Sounds great, right? But how does the Revitalize Facial Cream really work? First off, it smells amazing! It has Blackberry leaf extract and oil which makes it smell great! I love earthy smelling products and this one's lovely. The consistancy of this gem is perfect, a little amount goes a long way. My skin instantly absorbs it and makes my skin feel amazing. It leaves my skin silky and a perfect base for makeup. For days I have dance classes or just the days I'm feeling lazy (Most days. Student life.), I wont wear a drop of makeup, and this is great for adding some youthfulness and colour into my face. My face has a tendancey to look a bit flat and lifeless, but this seems to waken my skin up and preps me for the day. There's no tightness or greasyness, just great skin.
This retails for €55.00* (a little shy over £41) for 50mls. It's a little pricey, but it is an investment. I never go a day without using this on my face!
Have a look on the Luxsit website for more products,
or find this one here.
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Thursday, 5 February 2015


I am always for the dark smokey eye, and every time I head out anywhere, I am armed with either a precise winged liner or a grungy, messy, black smokey eye. I love doing makeup and it's something that I find happiness with, but when it comes to my own makeup I rarely do anything that creative. I also have small, narrow hooded eyes which limits me to what I am able to do - Even a winged liner doesn't look that great. I seem to suit natural looks with a small amount of eye shadow as I have the worlds smallest eyelids, making it hard for a cut crease. But I try anyway.
I used Urban Decay for the eyes, using only two shadows for the main look. I used Sonic on the middle part of the eye and Bondage on the flick and the inner corner. I then used Foxy from my Naked 3 palette just to help blend - I used only the brush from the Vice 3 palette also! I had slight trouble with the fake lashes if you couldn't tell - I'm slightly under the weather and my eye kept leaking - Nightmare for applying lash glue! I used Benefit's Browzings on the brows, a cult product of mine which I adore. Alien and Bobby Dazzle on the cheeks which is also from the Vice 3 palette, and Harmony Mac blush to contour. I applied Nouvelle Vogue from Mac on the lips, a soft rose colour to keep the eyes the main focus. I wanted to use a black, dark red or a dark purple lipstick but I felt that it would overpower the eyes. This is a simple look to create as the Urban Decay shadows blend like a dream and make eyes like this effortless. 

Did you like this look?
Would love to hear what you have to say!
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Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Behind Wild about Beauty are two people, the beautiful Louise Redknapp and the lovely makeup artist Kim Jacob. Wild about Beauty focuses on the nature behind their products, bringing beneficial botanical extracts to each product. 
On their website they claim that -
'Our core collection of paraben free cosmetics is for today's modern women; with easy to use, multi-purpose, make-up essentials. We believe that not only should your make-up perform well but be skin loving. That is why our products contain nourishing and beneficial ingredients, including Winter Cherry Extract, German Chamomile and Organic Rose Water.'
Today I'm bringing you the gorgeous Rose Water Illuminating Serum. I am in love. This claims to boost skins radiance, and it really does! On top of that it smooths my skin and gives a perfect canvas to apply makeup, assuring me a smooth and easy application. The iridescent shimmer adds a soft, subtle glow to the skin that looks great by itself, giving my skin the hydration it needs to battle the day ahead. Another thing I love is that there's little smell to the product, which is great. I love lovely smelling stuff, but I really love the simplicity of this product. No faffing about, no false claims - does exactly what it says. Gives lovely glowing skin that looks incredibly healthy. I have very boring looking skin that has no 'glowing sheen' that most of us crave, and this gives my face that. 
I use this alone, and then apply concealer where I need it most. Then I apply some colour in the brows, a little shimmer on the lid with some mascara, and a wash of tinted gloss. I finish the look with a pinch of colour on the cheeks and I have a perfect everyday glowing look!

Grab this for £22* from Wild about Beauty,
and follow them on Twitter @wildaboutbeauty.
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I am a sucker for cute packaging, and this beauty from Holika Holika is one of those. With the cute metal pink container with cute little lace around the top, you wouldn't think that the inside is way more cuter! This little stick of girliness retails for a very reasonable $9, which I think is a steal.
The lipstick is a little more pinker than what I expected, but it's still very pretty and I can see this cropping up a lot in the Spring months. This is super creamy yet has a slight gloss to it - a hybrid! It has lovely pigmentation, and even though it has an unusual shape, application was surprisingly effortless - dare I say, easier than other bullets? This lasted a fair time on the lips, an average amount of time, like most high street lipsticks. I'm always checking my lipstick anyway, so that doesn't bother me. Overall I think this is ridiculously cute and I will forever be showing this off to friends, it's super girly!

On their website this retails for $15* which is a little under £10.
Pick it up from Ebay for £8.30.
I recieved mine from Memebox.
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