Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Behind Wild about Beauty are two people, the beautiful Louise Redknapp and the lovely makeup artist Kim Jacob. Wild about Beauty focuses on the nature behind their products, bringing beneficial botanical extracts to each product. 
On their website they claim that -
'Our core collection of paraben free cosmetics is for today's modern women; with easy to use, multi-purpose, make-up essentials. We believe that not only should your make-up perform well but be skin loving. That is why our products contain nourishing and beneficial ingredients, including Winter Cherry Extract, German Chamomile and Organic Rose Water.'
Today I'm bringing you the gorgeous Rose Water Illuminating Serum. I am in love. This claims to boost skins radiance, and it really does! On top of that it smooths my skin and gives a perfect canvas to apply makeup, assuring me a smooth and easy application. The iridescent shimmer adds a soft, subtle glow to the skin that looks great by itself, giving my skin the hydration it needs to battle the day ahead. Another thing I love is that there's little smell to the product, which is great. I love lovely smelling stuff, but I really love the simplicity of this product. No faffing about, no false claims - does exactly what it says. Gives lovely glowing skin that looks incredibly healthy. I have very boring looking skin that has no 'glowing sheen' that most of us crave, and this gives my face that. 
I use this alone, and then apply concealer where I need it most. Then I apply some colour in the brows, a little shimmer on the lid with some mascara, and a wash of tinted gloss. I finish the look with a pinch of colour on the cheeks and I have a perfect everyday glowing look!

Grab this for £22* from Wild about Beauty,
and follow them on Twitter @wildaboutbeauty.
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