Saturday, 14 February 2015


For some reason  my skin looks oddly grey, and I have no idea why. That aside, this is the gorgeous Opalite Point Necklace in silver from The Crystal Divide. I have been purchasing from them since they were called Delilah Dust, but recently they changed the name and look of the shop - but still keeping the gorgeous jewelry, plus a few more goodies. This is one of their newest necklaces which is also available in gold.
The necklace itself has a slightly bigger chain than usual which compliments the pendant really well. The pendant is a gorgeous white stone which is slightly see through. As you can see above, when it catches the light the murky blue stone catches a really pretty orangey pink colour, which is super delicate and beautiful! I love the simplicity of this, yet how delicate and pretty the stone is. The stone itself is a really lovely size, mine is exactly 3cm! Small enough to be dainty, yet big enough for you to see all its beauty. I love it! Perfect for layering, wearing with a choker or simply on its own. Check out The Crystal Divide if you like your crystals and stones, you're sure to find something!

Grab it from The Crystal Divide for £10.
A must have for crystal lovers!


  1. That's such a pretty necklace! I love simplistic jewelry :)



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