Sunday, 8 February 2015


I've been meaning to write about this little gem for a while, but life has a habit of getting in the way! Luxsit is an organic skin care line that focuses on using nature to help enhance what we have. Organic skin care is always a win for me, I hate the idea of putting strange chemicals on my face... Do they really need to be there?!

Luxsit says:
"With cutting edge technology Luxsit Organic Skincare deliver effective products that harmonize the skin and brings out your natural beauty. Luxsit’s products consist of Nordic plant extracts and pure Swedish water, in a combination with the finest organic and natural raw materials."
Sounds great, right? But how does the Revitalize Facial Cream really work? First off, it smells amazing! It has Blackberry leaf extract and oil which makes it smell great! I love earthy smelling products and this one's lovely. The consistancy of this gem is perfect, a little amount goes a long way. My skin instantly absorbs it and makes my skin feel amazing. It leaves my skin silky and a perfect base for makeup. For days I have dance classes or just the days I'm feeling lazy (Most days. Student life.), I wont wear a drop of makeup, and this is great for adding some youthfulness and colour into my face. My face has a tendancey to look a bit flat and lifeless, but this seems to waken my skin up and preps me for the day. There's no tightness or greasyness, just great skin.
This retails for €55.00* (a little shy over £41) for 50mls. It's a little pricey, but it is an investment. I never go a day without using this on my face!
Have a look on the Luxsit website for more products,
or find this one here.
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