Tuesday, 10 February 2015


For some, Valentines day is their most hated holiday, and for others, it's a day to spend out with your other half. I'm on the fence with this one. Valentines is cute and all that, but it's never something that's bothered me, nor a day I've looked forward to. I've come up with a few looks to sum up Valentines day. From Green Eyed Monster, Love Obsessed, Cupid Hater and Lucky in Love. The names sound ridiculous - But Valentines day kind of is, right? I might throw a few more looks in there that you could actually use on Valentines day while out for your candle lit dinner! Today I've done 'Lucky in Love', a look inspired by playful pinks with a hint of gold. 
I've used three shadows for this look, all Urban Decay as usual. I used Alien on the crease and on the bottom lash line. I also used it for blusher! I then used Alchemy to darken the crease, both of these shades are from the Vice 3 palette. I then used Blitz from the Vice 2 mixed with Vanilla from the Anniversary palette to get that golden yellowy colour that wasn't too metallic. I popped this on the inner corner and swept it half way along my bottom lashes. I then used my favourite liner, which has pretty much ran out, L'oreal Super Liner. It's a miracle I even got a decent line with how dry the tip is! I applied the Eyelure Katy Perry Tour lashes which I have used for my Punky Smokey Eye Look and Navy Winged Eyeshadow Look. I then popped some mascara on! I did my brows as usual with the darkest Benefit Browzings and applied a little bit of Dope from the Vice 2 under the brow - Perfect for pale chicks! I used Alien over the cheeks as said before, and contoured slightly with Mac's Harmony Blush. I popped on Nouvelle Vogue Mac lipstick - my to go to lippy at the moment! I am using an old foundation today as all my nice ones have been left around my boyfriends, so sorry for it look slightly cakey.

What do you think of this look?
Check back soon for another look for Valentines!
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