Wednesday, 18 February 2015


We all need a treat day, and I tend to have those when I have an important do in the evening. You know those events that just takes you all day to get ready? The ones where you have a relaxing bath with your expensive bath salts and overpriced face mask. 
I am all for a treat day, and this is how I do it. I'll first wash my hair with Neal and Wolf Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo* which smells heavenly. It's perfect for everyday use as it is gentle on the hair. I was my hair over the side of the bath and then leave on the Neal and Wolf Harmony Intensive Care Treatment* on my hair. This stuff is amazing and leaves my hair feeling and smelling incredible. Perfect for a pick me up! I then run the bath with my favourite bath soak. I wash my face with Simple Facial Wash while I let the bath run, and then I apply a face mask. I use the Montagne Jeunesse ones as they're super cheap and I adore the scents! I have a soak for 15 minutes or so to let my hair soak in the Neal and Wolf treatment. After I wash off my hair and get out, I apply a tiny bit of Neal and Wolf Silk Smooth Blow-Dry Balm* to keep my hair from frizzing up. This is usually how I start my afternoon off when I know I have a big event later on. Keeps me relaxed, and there's nothing worse than rushing about!

What do you do to get ready for a big event?
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