Friday, 20 March 2015


I've known Kayleigh from the very beginning of my blogging adventure, and I'm so appreciative that I can say that! Not only is she one of the most genuine and nicest bloggers I've met, but she's insanly talented, and it's a pleasure to watch someone progress in the makeup world - So proud of her! We decided to do a cheeky collab together and we came up with the idea of doing flower inspired makeup. I'm super excited to see what other looks we come up with, and I am so excited to try out different colours and shapes, as I rarely go for anything bright!
To achieve a passion flower inspired look I put my Urban Decay electrics palette and Sleek's bright colour matte palette to the test, using mostly the Electrics palette. I used Jilted over the lid and then Urban in the crease. I have the worlds smallest lids so I try not to come up too high with the shadow or else I just look hilarious. I then used the white from the Sleek palette over the top of a white eyeliner, and then I sweeped Thrash from the Electric palette under the eyes. I also used it wet in the brow going into Jeffree Star's I'm Royalty with an angled brush. I then went back with a little bit of black matte shadow in the crease to just add a bit more depth, then mascara and lashes to finish the look.
If you want to check out Kayleigh's look check it out on her blog. We aim to do a few of these so keep checking back to see what flower inspired look we have going next. I am super excited for future looks and I can't wait to see more of Kayleigh's looks!

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  1. Ahhh so beautiful!! The eyebrows! You are such a cutie saying those kind kind things about me. I can't wait to see how your journey progresses in the make up world! xx

    1. You're so cute!! :D :D Thank you so much sweetness xx

  2. So pretty!!!


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