Tuesday, 28 July 2015


When it comes to work nails, nudes always came to mind. But for a sophisticated meal I decided to add a little glamour to a lovely nude polish. I have recently rediscovered Angelica Nail Colour since their involvement with the latest Norwich Blogger Meet. They had sent me some colours in the past so I went to my nail shelves and after playing about, I remembered how much I adore their shades. Since it's a revisit of the colour, it is no longer available, but I wanted to show off this chic design! The finish of the polish is a soft satin matte, so it has that almost matte finish.
It's a gorgeous creamy beige with a hint of pink, it really is the perfect nude! I then used Andrea Fullerton bronze for the stripes with OPI's My Favorite Ornament over the top to give it a little more sparkle. It's a really simple way to get easy chic pattern that looks like you've put the work in! I'm not exactly the steadiest hand, but when you work quick with the lines it's a little easier to get them straight! I applied two coats of Au Naturel and let them dry fully before adding the stripes. I waited between 5-10 minutes just to be sure - I always worry my nails aren't dry enough! I've worn this for a few days now and there's still not a chip in sight which is always a plus for a busy body like me. Angelica has some really lovely shades and a few different types of collections, so it's worth having a look. They're also made in the UK which is great for me. I love supporting UK brands, and also the people behind Angelica Nail Colour are super lovely, and they're been ever so great in the event and with my blog. A brand in the UK with great service and products? I will happily support that!

Find Angelica Nail Colours here
and grab their shades for a lovely £2.75!

Monday, 27 July 2015


It can be overwhelming when going to Mac and not knowing what you're out to buy. There's so many different types and finishes of lipsticks, foundations and eyeshadows - It can be hard to decide between a few! The Pro Longwear has been an absolute favourite of mine for a year now, and when I went to repurchase it for the third time, I wondered what it'd be like to dabble in the other concealers. Being a student I had little money, and the Select  Cover-Up was cheaper and had more product, so I decided to go for it. But what are they like compared? This isn't an in depth review of both, but a light comparison so you can decide which is best for yourself.
The way in which the Pro Longwear dispenses, is a little pump on top of the glass bottle. Now, I know people like this due to hygiene, but boy, I cannot get on with it. It dispenses way too much for me. Sometimes I want a tiny bit just to step out the house, but it always gives me too much, wasting pretty much the whole pump. I love the Select Cover-Up dispenser, just a small tube to squeeze and the correct amount pops out the nozzle. Perfect for touch ups or small areas, and no need for wasting product. When it comes to the price of the product and the amount you get, Select Cover-Up has 10mls for £15.50, while Pro Longwear has 9mls for £17.50, so that makes Select Cover-Up the cheaper option.
I am the palest shade, so it's NW15 for me, but as you can see, Pro Longwear (Top) is slightly darker than the Select Cover-Up (Bottom), so if Pro Longwear is slightly too dark for the pale princess, try out the Select Cover-Up. I use a blending sponge to blend them in, and they both work well with it. Select Cover-Up is much more natural looking, and I feel it gives a skin like finish that feels weightless. I really love using this for lighter looks or on my 'good skin' days as it gives me a glowing sheen which I really like. Pro Longwear is thicker and covers much more than the other, so it's good for those annoying dark circles and that pesky red spot. I use Pro Longwear when I'm going out for big meals, gigging or when I'm doing peoples makeup. It hardly needs touching up and lasts forever! It dries down mostly to a matte, but still has a slight satin look to it. I rarely use powder on my face, but if you do it gives it extra longevity.
Pro Longwear has 16 shades, and Select Cover-Up has 13 according to the UK website.
Overall, I don't have a preference as I use them for different purposes. If you're going for more of a polished look and complete cover I'd go for Pro Longwear, but if you want a very natural looking concealer with good coverage go for Select Cover-Up. Both are buildable for the desired look. If Pro Longwear has a better dispenser I might have swung towards it, but it's such a pet peeve of mine!
I hope this helps find the perfect Mac concealer. I'll post looks with both of them soon with a more in depth review of them individually so keep an eye on my Twitter for when that's up!

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015


When I went to my local Boots store a few days back, I thought they had put the wrong price on this treasure chest of goodies. "£10 has got to be wrong." I kept telling myself. I couldn't believe it when I took it to the counter and they asked for £10. This box of goodies has apparently £117 worth of products inside, and when you see it that way, £10 is a steal. I had never tried WAH London before as I'd stayed faithful to my other nail polish brands, but for how cheap it was I couldn't bring myself to put the box down. The set comes with 4 nail art pens, 7 nail colours, 1 top coat, a nail file, a nile butter, a brush, a cuticle pusher, a pair of nail sissors, a gem tool, two pots of gems and the holographic case. Phew. That's A LOT  for the price!
The case itself is lush! It's perfect to hold all the WAH products, plus more that you have on the wish list! It's also really nice to have some nail varnish ideas on the binder in the middle, which can be removed if necessary. It's perfect for when you have no idea what to do, and the step by step guide is really simple!
I was so surprised by the quality of the varnishes - honestly, it's amazing! These last so long without chipping too, hurrah! These pictures were all done with two coats, which is plenty to cover the nail well. It dries in good time as well, which is great! Love My Team is a gorgeous classic red that's a dream to apply. It's perfect for those classy evenings out. Wifey4Lifey is a jelly finish, so teamed up with the white nail art pen you can create lovely manicures! No Nails, No Life is a really lovely pink. For some reason it comes of brighter in the picture, but its a little more pastel. Mating Surfaces is my favourite!! I've been wearing it loads! Biters Beware is the perfect green shade for summer. An Even Bigger Splash is another favourite of mine! It looks lovely on my pale skin tone, and would look lovely with some white spots on top! I'm Real is the perfect nude! If you're wanting a day off from the bright colours, this shade will substitute that perfectly. Lastly we have the top coat aptly named Classy Glassy Glossy Topcoat. This is a really lovely top coat giving the nail a lovely shine. Perfect for sealing in your design! All the polishes separately are priced at £9. 
I've played around with all 4 of the colours now, creating dots, stripes and more detailed designs. These pens are great quality and makes detailing a breeze. The 4 colours, white, black, pink and yellow means you have endless possibilities on what to create. If you want any more of these in different shades you can find them on Boots for £7. There's also two little pots of gems in the kit if you're feeling extra fancy! The tools provided help accomplish the designs of your dreams, the brush is good for using the nail art pens as polishes, the cuticle pusher is always a must (£9 if bought alone), the buffer and nail file are always needed and the sissors and gem tool do as they suggest! This is a perfect kit for summer, and I cannot get over the price! Have I said that already?! Nip down to your nearest boots to find one, as they're sold out online! I'll be doing some nail art in the upcoming weeks with this kit, so stay tuned!

You cannot miss this!
Grab it from Boots for £10.
Check out more WAH products here.

Friday, 17 July 2015


I've had these beauties since they first came out - I'm Royalty back at the beginning of the year, and 714 a few months on. I have worn these to death, and I am constantly reaching for I'm Royalty, as I've never seen a purple shade like it! These lipsticks are the children of the fashion and beauty icon, Jeffree Star. I'd followed some of his music as a teen, so it was really cool to see him making a name for himself in the beauty world. The packaging is really girly, but still keeping classy. I've dropped these many times and never had problem with chipping or spilling - so a good lipstick to throw in the bag!
I'm Royalty is one of my most worn shades. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that most of the time I am rocking this gorgeous shade of purple. I am a huge wearing of purples, so to find one that I adore completely is saying something. This takes a few times to get the hang of how to apply. Since it dries so quickly and because of the insane pigmentation, it can be tricky. I recommend using a brush to start with, but for the sake of the product and these pictures I applied it using the wand. These go on liquid, and within 15 seconds dry into a matte finish. This product stays on all day, with no need for touch ups.
I love 714, and it's a perfect balance between a neon and a pastel coral. It's the perfect holiday colour, and this will see me right through the summer. As much as I love this shade, it can be a bit of a nightmare. Because it's not as dark as I'm Royalty, this has a tenancy to streak on me - but only slightly. The problem is avoided with careful application, but it can be a bit of a hassle when in a rush. It has the exact finish and staying power as I'm Royalty, the only difference is the colour!
Being an American brand there's few places to grab these from. I recommend Cocktail Cosmetics, as that's where I bought mine and they're always restocking new colours. I have my eye on Weirdo and Anna Nicole next! I really recommend these lippies if you're on the hunt for more unusual colours that really do live beyond the price tag. For £13, you get a well pigmented colour that stays on your lips all day without fault - What's not to love?

Check out the other bold colours 
by Jeffree Star on Cocktail Cosmetics for £13!
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Tuesday, 14 July 2015


I am a massive Mac lipstick fan, as are the majority of the people on this planet. I'm constantly looking at peoples Mac lipstick posts as I'm always on the hunt for my next favourite. Whenever I go to a counter I'm overwhelmed by the amount of colours and usually go by recommendations from different bloggers - So  I hope this helps in a way! I have over 40 - Yup, I' m surprised too - Mac lipsticks, so chosing my top 5 was hard, but I think I got it down to 5 very different shades.
Heroine, Taupe, Nouvelle Vogue, Lavender Whip and So Chaud

Heroine - P - Matte - This is one of my favourite purples Mac has ever done. The pigmentation is literally out of this world, and I honestly believe this looks great on any skin tone. I rock it with my white complexion, and I've seem deep skin tones kill this shade! The staying power of this is faultless, and I'm so glad Mac made this permanent! This is a staple, and I know many people who have it in their collections. If you're looking for a pop of colour, this is the way forward!
Taupe - P - Matte - This is a new addition to my collection, and I cannot get enough! I'm only just getting into the nude shades, and being pale I find it hard to find a nude that doesn't make me look dead. Again this has amazing pigmentation and staying power, like the majority of their matte finishes. I originally went in to buy Velvet Teddy and came out with this, so if you're a fan of that shade, check this one out!
Nouvelle Vogue - LE - Matte - Although this is limited edition I had to include this. I rarely wear pinks, but this is perfect with a smokey eye! I wear this mostly to work as it's a really lovely natural pink. It's a really pretty rose pink which works so lovely with my skin tone, and looks so delicate. Again it has great pigmentation and longevity. If you're looking for a pretty pink that's wearable, grab this in a future collection.
Lavender Whip - LE - Cremesheen - I rarely go for Cremesheen finishes as I just don't get on with them, but this I make a huge exception! This is so pretty on the lips, and gives a lovely pinky purple colour without it being too much. This is perfect for adding a injection of colour without going for something like Heroine. It does need occasional touch ups during the day, but this is gorgeous for spring and summer.
So Chaud - P - Matte - I love red lips, and I went through a few months of just using reds - Ruby Woo - but wanted to try something different. When my sister got me this for my birthday I couldn't wait - It's a perfect combo of red and orange, and it has that slight orange tint which makes you question if it is red or not! It's ideal for a change of red for the summer season, and I think this is going to be a staple for me!
I did realise that most of these are matte - but I can help that matte is such a good formula! I hope this gives some inspiration, and if you want anything like this for any of the other Mac products let me know and I'll get finding! 

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Friday, 10 July 2015


I've had these for a very long time now, and I've been using the Scrunching Jelly for years. This was a staple in my hair care routine back in my high school days, and it's still with me now! When I was given these to try out at an event, I couldn't wait! It reminded me of how much I love to have my hair curly, so I was excited to give it ago again, as well as the new Nourishing Oil. Us frizzy haired girls are always on the look out for products to eliminate that - so look no further! These are perfect for curly girls with a need for effortless, natural curls in the summer heat!
I have that awkward hair type, curly yet very frizzy. It's a difficult monster to tame, and I know many women have the exact same problem. I either have to straighten it, or pray that my hair somehow dries naturally in a nice way. The Scrunching Jelly is my saviour - I pop a generous amount into my wet hair, brush, then scrunch. My hair takes two hours to dry fully, and once it's dried my hair looks more curly and less frizz - which is an absolute winner in my books. The gel has a slight manly smell to it, which isn't too over powering, and something that I really like. I adore this product and how it makes my hair look, perfect for those lazy days when I can't be bothered to do anything fancy.
I've never tried the Nourishing Oil, and I've tried so many oils now I've lost count. It's hard to find stand out oils nowadays with so many of them out there, so I was intrigued with what this oil had to offer. This is perfect for those lounging days when you want soft curls with little effort. While the scrunching gel defines and helps hold your natural curls, the oil helps tame them and banish any unwanted frizz. With a few pumps on your fingers, glide it through your damp hair to give you nice, floaty curls and waves, which for me is great for the summer! This also has the same smell as the gel, but a lot lighter.

You can grab the Scrunching Jelly for £6*, and the Nourishing Oil for £8*.
I'd seriously recommend these for curly haired girls, 
and it's perfect for easy summer hair.
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Thursday, 2 July 2015


Last week I was invited to attend an event at Revolucion De Cuba, where they were celebrating a new menu, which I can say is very yummy! I am one of those annoying eaters - I wouldn't say I'm picky, I'm a girl that just know what they like! Before I turned up to the event I knew little about the restaurant, so I was excited to try something new. I knew there was going to be a burrito making contest with a prize of £200 to use at Revolucion De Cuba and a few more activities along the way, so I couldn't wait to attend! Sorry for a heavily photograph post, but the food looked incredible not to take photos!
Upon arrival we were greeted by Bernadette, the lovely lady behind the event. We were shown to our table and had these tasty mojitos! The other people at the event were inviting, so I felt at ease instantly. There were also lovely bar snacks - I love a good chatter with some nibbles! These included some pork scratchings, chilli nuts and dried bananas. These sound simple, but they were really delicious!
We then got cracking on making our burrito! I had never made one before, so I had no idea what was going to happen! The chef gave a helpful demonstration and then we were left to make ours. As you can tell, the left burrito was full, fat, and slightly torn. That fat thing was my attempt - It may not had looked the best, but it tasted great! This was so much fun and there were plenty of laughs between us all.
After we sat down, we had some incredible tapas and other dishes brought to the table. As you can see, the food looked absolutely amazing! They all had so much flavour, and for someone that's particular with food, I adored everything! Also, I hope I get the labels with the correct food...
Serrano Ham Bruschetta 
Vegetable Paella
Whole Chicken with 4 sides
Nachos Del Sol
Honey Roasted Veg
Albondiga Picante
Roasted Chorizo
Cajun Cream Mushrooms

As you can see, the food was presented incredibly well. There was nothing I ate that I didn't like, but my personal favourites were the chorizo (I don't even usually like chorizo!), the Albondiga Picante, and the chicken! Each dish had so much flavour, and I constantly craved more! The chicken was incredible value, the whole chicken with a choice of flavour, a choice of 4 sides - for an amazing £20! It's meant for sharing, so it's perfect for a cheap - and yummy - meal out!
We had these yummy mango empandas for dessert, which were just gorgeous! I could eat these all day! Some rich chocolate rum truffles, two cute shots of strawberry daiquiri and then my personal favourite - Churros! I've had churros numerous times, and I can honestly say these were the BEST churros I have ever had! They were perfect, and the chocolate and caramel sauces that came with them complimented them to perfection. I was a very happy girl! To think the event couldn't have gone any better, they surprised us with a cocktail making session which was so much fun.
Not the most flattering photo...
Dark N Stormy
Making the cocktails (and tasting them!) was so much fun! I am very much a cocktail girl, so I was straight in there. The Dark N Stormy cocktail was my favourite, perfect for a summer evening. As you can see, the event was so much fun, and I am dying to go back again. We were given a goody bag with their menus and a few vouchers, so I'll be back again. We also won the £200 voucher, and I'm already planning what to have! The flavours in the food are to die for, and if you're looking for a well priced place to go with incredible flavour, you will not be disappointed with Revolicion De Cuba. You can check out the full food menu here, and the drinks menu here. If you are ever near Norwich I recommend to pop in, but if you're ever about Cardiff, Manchester, Derby or Sheffield, you can also find a Revolucion De Cuba there! 

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*I was invited for review.