Tuesday, 28 July 2015


When it comes to work nails, nudes always came to mind. But for a sophisticated meal I decided to add a little glamour to a lovely nude polish. I have recently rediscovered Angelica Nail Colour since their involvement with the latest Norwich Blogger Meet. They had sent me some colours in the past so I went to my nail shelves and after playing about, I remembered how much I adore their shades. Since it's a revisit of the colour, it is no longer available, but I wanted to show off this chic design! The finish of the polish is a soft satin matte, so it has that almost matte finish.
It's a gorgeous creamy beige with a hint of pink, it really is the perfect nude! I then used Andrea Fullerton bronze for the stripes with OPI's My Favorite Ornament over the top to give it a little more sparkle. It's a really simple way to get easy chic pattern that looks like you've put the work in! I'm not exactly the steadiest hand, but when you work quick with the lines it's a little easier to get them straight! I applied two coats of Au Naturel and let them dry fully before adding the stripes. I waited between 5-10 minutes just to be sure - I always worry my nails aren't dry enough! I've worn this for a few days now and there's still not a chip in sight which is always a plus for a busy body like me. Angelica has some really lovely shades and a few different types of collections, so it's worth having a look. They're also made in the UK which is great for me. I love supporting UK brands, and also the people behind Angelica Nail Colour are super lovely, and they're been ever so great in the event and with my blog. A brand in the UK with great service and products? I will happily support that!

Find Angelica Nail Colours here
and grab their shades for a lovely £2.75!


  1. Your nails are beautiful!! I love them!


  2. I love that nude polish, and those stripes are very clever!

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  3. I love nude nail polishes, they just always look so elegant and classy! The gold stripes was a great idea, it looks so pretty :) xx


    1. Thank you! Just adds a little bit extra! :) xx


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