Thursday, 2 July 2015


Last week I was invited to attend an event at Revolucion De Cuba, where they were celebrating a new menu, which I can say is very yummy! I am one of those annoying eaters - I wouldn't say I'm picky, I'm a girl that just know what they like! Before I turned up to the event I knew little about the restaurant, so I was excited to try something new. I knew there was going to be a burrito making contest with a prize of £200 to use at Revolucion De Cuba and a few more activities along the way, so I couldn't wait to attend! Sorry for a heavily photograph post, but the food looked incredible not to take photos!
Upon arrival we were greeted by Bernadette, the lovely lady behind the event. We were shown to our table and had these tasty mojitos! The other people at the event were inviting, so I felt at ease instantly. There were also lovely bar snacks - I love a good chatter with some nibbles! These included some pork scratchings, chilli nuts and dried bananas. These sound simple, but they were really delicious!
We then got cracking on making our burrito! I had never made one before, so I had no idea what was going to happen! The chef gave a helpful demonstration and then we were left to make ours. As you can tell, the left burrito was full, fat, and slightly torn. That fat thing was my attempt - It may not had looked the best, but it tasted great! This was so much fun and there were plenty of laughs between us all.
After we sat down, we had some incredible tapas and other dishes brought to the table. As you can see, the food looked absolutely amazing! They all had so much flavour, and for someone that's particular with food, I adored everything! Also, I hope I get the labels with the correct food...
Serrano Ham Bruschetta 
Vegetable Paella
Whole Chicken with 4 sides
Nachos Del Sol
Honey Roasted Veg
Albondiga Picante
Roasted Chorizo
Cajun Cream Mushrooms

As you can see, the food was presented incredibly well. There was nothing I ate that I didn't like, but my personal favourites were the chorizo (I don't even usually like chorizo!), the Albondiga Picante, and the chicken! Each dish had so much flavour, and I constantly craved more! The chicken was incredible value, the whole chicken with a choice of flavour, a choice of 4 sides - for an amazing £20! It's meant for sharing, so it's perfect for a cheap - and yummy - meal out!
We had these yummy mango empandas for dessert, which were just gorgeous! I could eat these all day! Some rich chocolate rum truffles, two cute shots of strawberry daiquiri and then my personal favourite - Churros! I've had churros numerous times, and I can honestly say these were the BEST churros I have ever had! They were perfect, and the chocolate and caramel sauces that came with them complimented them to perfection. I was a very happy girl! To think the event couldn't have gone any better, they surprised us with a cocktail making session which was so much fun.
Not the most flattering photo...
Dark N Stormy
Making the cocktails (and tasting them!) was so much fun! I am very much a cocktail girl, so I was straight in there. The Dark N Stormy cocktail was my favourite, perfect for a summer evening. As you can see, the event was so much fun, and I am dying to go back again. We were given a goody bag with their menus and a few vouchers, so I'll be back again. We also won the £200 voucher, and I'm already planning what to have! The flavours in the food are to die for, and if you're looking for a well priced place to go with incredible flavour, you will not be disappointed with Revolicion De Cuba. You can check out the full food menu here, and the drinks menu here. If you are ever near Norwich I recommend to pop in, but if you're ever about Cardiff, Manchester, Derby or Sheffield, you can also find a Revolucion De Cuba there! 

Thank you for reading!

*I was invited for review.

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