Friday, 10 July 2015


I've had these for a very long time now, and I've been using the Scrunching Jelly for years. This was a staple in my hair care routine back in my high school days, and it's still with me now! When I was given these to try out at an event, I couldn't wait! It reminded me of how much I love to have my hair curly, so I was excited to give it ago again, as well as the new Nourishing Oil. Us frizzy haired girls are always on the look out for products to eliminate that - so look no further! These are perfect for curly girls with a need for effortless, natural curls in the summer heat!
I have that awkward hair type, curly yet very frizzy. It's a difficult monster to tame, and I know many women have the exact same problem. I either have to straighten it, or pray that my hair somehow dries naturally in a nice way. The Scrunching Jelly is my saviour - I pop a generous amount into my wet hair, brush, then scrunch. My hair takes two hours to dry fully, and once it's dried my hair looks more curly and less frizz - which is an absolute winner in my books. The gel has a slight manly smell to it, which isn't too over powering, and something that I really like. I adore this product and how it makes my hair look, perfect for those lazy days when I can't be bothered to do anything fancy.
I've never tried the Nourishing Oil, and I've tried so many oils now I've lost count. It's hard to find stand out oils nowadays with so many of them out there, so I was intrigued with what this oil had to offer. This is perfect for those lounging days when you want soft curls with little effort. While the scrunching gel defines and helps hold your natural curls, the oil helps tame them and banish any unwanted frizz. With a few pumps on your fingers, glide it through your damp hair to give you nice, floaty curls and waves, which for me is great for the summer! This also has the same smell as the gel, but a lot lighter.

You can grab the Scrunching Jelly for £6*, and the Nourishing Oil for £8*.
I'd seriously recommend these for curly haired girls, 
and it's perfect for easy summer hair.
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