Tuesday, 21 July 2015


When I went to my local Boots store a few days back, I thought they had put the wrong price on this treasure chest of goodies. "£10 has got to be wrong." I kept telling myself. I couldn't believe it when I took it to the counter and they asked for £10. This box of goodies has apparently £117 worth of products inside, and when you see it that way, £10 is a steal. I had never tried WAH London before as I'd stayed faithful to my other nail polish brands, but for how cheap it was I couldn't bring myself to put the box down. The set comes with 4 nail art pens, 7 nail colours, 1 top coat, a nail file, a nile butter, a brush, a cuticle pusher, a pair of nail sissors, a gem tool, two pots of gems and the holographic case. Phew. That's A LOT  for the price!
The case itself is lush! It's perfect to hold all the WAH products, plus more that you have on the wish list! It's also really nice to have some nail varnish ideas on the binder in the middle, which can be removed if necessary. It's perfect for when you have no idea what to do, and the step by step guide is really simple!
I was so surprised by the quality of the varnishes - honestly, it's amazing! These last so long without chipping too, hurrah! These pictures were all done with two coats, which is plenty to cover the nail well. It dries in good time as well, which is great! Love My Team is a gorgeous classic red that's a dream to apply. It's perfect for those classy evenings out. Wifey4Lifey is a jelly finish, so teamed up with the white nail art pen you can create lovely manicures! No Nails, No Life is a really lovely pink. For some reason it comes of brighter in the picture, but its a little more pastel. Mating Surfaces is my favourite!! I've been wearing it loads! Biters Beware is the perfect green shade for summer. An Even Bigger Splash is another favourite of mine! It looks lovely on my pale skin tone, and would look lovely with some white spots on top! I'm Real is the perfect nude! If you're wanting a day off from the bright colours, this shade will substitute that perfectly. Lastly we have the top coat aptly named Classy Glassy Glossy Topcoat. This is a really lovely top coat giving the nail a lovely shine. Perfect for sealing in your design! All the polishes separately are priced at £9. 
I've played around with all 4 of the colours now, creating dots, stripes and more detailed designs. These pens are great quality and makes detailing a breeze. The 4 colours, white, black, pink and yellow means you have endless possibilities on what to create. If you want any more of these in different shades you can find them on Boots for £7. There's also two little pots of gems in the kit if you're feeling extra fancy! The tools provided help accomplish the designs of your dreams, the brush is good for using the nail art pens as polishes, the cuticle pusher is always a must (£9 if bought alone), the buffer and nail file are always needed and the sissors and gem tool do as they suggest! This is a perfect kit for summer, and I cannot get over the price! Have I said that already?! Nip down to your nearest boots to find one, as they're sold out online! I'll be doing some nail art in the upcoming weeks with this kit, so stay tuned!

You cannot miss this!
Grab it from Boots for £10.
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  1. W O W! This is amazing, nice work Hannah! Loving the blue and purple shades. X

    1. It's such a bargain! And they're my faves!!! <3 x

  2. After seeing this I headed straight over to the Boots website but I wasn't surprised to find it out of stock! What an incredible bargain. All the products in there are fantastic enough but the case they're in also looks amazing. I was sent some WAH London products by Birchbox to create some nail art and I was very impressed by them. I'll be keeping an eye on Boots hoping this might sneak back in stock x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. I literally couldn't believe the price!! I was like, YES PLEASE! Haha!! Such a bargain! I think it's ex christmas stock, that's why it's so cheap. Still couldn't turn it down - the quality is amazing!


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