Friday, 28 August 2015


I purchased Jeffree Star's 714 and I'm Royalty a few weeks back now, and since then he's come out with a few more shades! I have two of them, Blue Velvet and Jawbreaker, to show you today! These are the 'less wearable' of his collection so far, but since I do some pretty crazy makeup looks I felt I needed these! These are perfect for editorial shoots, and a few more things which I will go into in a moment. I'm already huge fans of these ridiculously pigmented lipsticks so I cannot wait to tell you my thoughts.
Blue Velvet
L - Jawbreaker, R - Blue Velvet
Have you EVER seen anything quite like Jawbreaker?! It's the perfect bright baby blue. This is INSANELY pigmented, and I had no trouble at all in getting good coverage on my lips. This shade is just crazy. Jeffree - You did good. This isn't at all drying either, and goes on fine on my semi-dry lips, which is always great! It dries down completely matte and I didn't use a brush for either of these pictures, just the wand pictured above. It hugs the lips well and gives a sharp edge. I also use a small angled liner brush to use this as eyeliner with a well primed and eyeshadowed lid. If it's not primed and shadowed properly it can get a little sticky - but it's not eyeliner after all! Blue Velvet is again extremely pigmented, and has the exact formula as Jawbreaker. This is the more wearable of the two if you're a little daring, as it does ever so slightly lean to a purple - although it is definitely blue! I'll be mixing some shades together soon and seeing what colours I can create! It's really hard to write about a product that has no faults at all! It really is the most perfect liquid to matte lipstick I own, and if you're a fan of that finish I recommend checking these out. There's a colour for everyone!

Grab these and various other shades from Jeffree Star for £13 here.
Check out my other Jeffree Star review here.
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Thursday, 27 August 2015


Stargazer has been my childhood. From starting to play around with makeup as a teenager, creating bold and bright looks in my 'emo' stage and from a trained makeup artist now, I still love Stargazer. Not only is it affordable, they have so many crazy colours that most brands dare not touch at such great prices. When this was in my Norwich Event goody bag I was so excited to try it out. I got number 10, which is a vampy purple.
I can't fault the applicator. It's a slanted tip that works perfectly while applying. It's easy to achieve a sharp look which lipsticks can't achieve. I always over draw my small tiny lips, so this is great for doing that. I apply as much product as I can while lining my lips so it doesn't look overdrawn. You can adjust the colour intensity by applying a thin coat, or a few thick ones to get a deeper, vampy colour.
My lips are the most driest around right now, so the application is slightly streaky. Most lip stains have a tendency to stick to dry areas, but by going over the lighter areas a few more times you can overcome that. As you can see it creates really sharp lines which I am loving! And the colour is super gorgeous. I have dark purple hair and pale skin, so this suits me so well. What I love about Stargazer is that it really brings out different personalities, when I wear this I think I'm a rock goddess! The top picture is the lip stain alone with the second one being teamed up with the Treats Lip Gloss* which I will be writing about soon. They team up really well as the micro shimmer gives a lovely dimension to the colour. I will be purchasing more of these Semi Permanent Lip Stains in the future as they're super lovely, and because they stain the lips they last so long before any need to reapply. I wore this all day and had no problems!

You can grab this for £5.00* from Stargazer.
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Saturday, 22 August 2015


When it comes to nail polish, I'm your girl. I am obsessed with nail varnishes (I have over 80 OPI, but we wont go into that.) and Angelica Nail Colour is my new Kyrptonite - I need every colour! We lovingly got one of these to try out in the Norwich Blogger bag which you can see here. This is by far my favourite shade of red I've had so far!
I was so surprised by this polish. It's the perfect red, and is great for adding a touch of class and fun to any look. Red is always a staple for me. At my jazz gigs I always team up with a red lip, winged liner and red nails, so this is going to carry me through all my gigs! The polish glides on the nails evenly and very opaque. I could've got away with one coat but I always go with two just to make sure. It has a lovely glossy finish too which I really like. As a waitress I not only take away the plates, we clean them too, and this got me through two whole days without chipping which really is a miracle. If you're looking for a easy, no fuss, long wearing polish, I'd recommend this! I really can't get over how much I love this polish, and I will definitely try out more of the Angelica Nail Colour range soon. Thanks so much for Angelica Nail Colours for giving us such lovely polishes to pop into the bags! We are so proud to promote your lovely shades! For £2.75* you really can't complain.

Check out Angelica Nail Colour here, for
loads of cool and bang on trend polishes.
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Thursday, 20 August 2015


After months of planning our second Norwich Blogger event came around very quickly. It took us months to get together a good goody bag of a variety of brands we loved - We wanted the bags to be full of stuff we have used/would use ourselves - not just by any brand we could get our hands on. I must admit, that was the hard part. Luckily I got hold of Real Techniques, Angelica Nail Colours, Salcura and a bunch of other AMAZING brands, which you can read about here. We had such a lovely bunch of bloggers attend which was great. Some from our last event and some new faces. Creating a good, positive relationships with bloggers is so important, and I couldn't be happier with the lovely people we had attend. They're not just bloggers anymore, they're friends.
There was loads going on from the gorgeous stall from Just Essentials, hair tutorials by the lovely Lucy, media workshops, live music and yoga. The day was packed full of things for bloggers to enjoy. Just Essentials brought down some of their best sellers, I'm already a fan of the products they sold so I was already familiar with them! It was super lovely for them to come down, and they popped in some goodies into the bags for us which I have in my Goody Bag which you can see here. The girls where so helpful and even held a giveaway which the gorgeous Charley won. It was full of nail varnishes and eyelashes, so I was very jealous! 
We did some yoga which was so much fun! The weather was way too hot to be jumping around, so the yoga teacher did a lovely relaxing class which was perfect for the event. I'm a huge yoga fan so I was so excited when Courteney told me it was going to be at our event! We also had the beautiful Lucy doing hair tutorials. She spoilt us with so many gorgeous looks that were simple and elegant, perfect for all occasions. I learnt some really useful tips in her tutorials, and I was really inspired by some of the looks she did. She's so talented and I was in awe of her lovely looks, so a massive thank you to Lucy for doing some beautiful hair styles! Another shout out goes to Matt who did a social media workshop. He spoke about many interesting and useful points and I learnt a ton. I use Twitter to promote my blog mostly, but I learnt of the other ways you can do that. It was great to have a professional in, and I was grateful to him for learning so many new things!
We also had live music, where I played my ukulele and sang while they did the tombola. By the time I finished there were no prizes left! Well done to all the girls that won something! At the end of the day we handed out Savse smoothies, which went down a treat with the hot weather. They complimented the end of the day beautifully! I want to say a massive thank you to all the bloggers that attended! It was a lovely day and I look forward to holding events for you again. A huge thank you to all the brands involved too, you can see my goody bag here. A massive shout out to Courteney and Justine who were the other two masterminds behind the event! 

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Check out the Norwich Blogger Twitter here.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


The reason why we do the events is to create new friendships, and goody bags can be an added bonus. Me, Court, and Justine worked our little bums off to create not just an amazing event which I will be posting soon, but to get a good bag together. We wanted brands that we knew and loved, and brands that were new to us. We wanted people to find new and old favourites, so we had a big challenge for us. We are super proud of the outcome of the event and the bags, and the quality of both shows how much we care for our attendees. I want to say firstly, a massive thank you to all the brands that got involved. Together you created an incredible goody bag. This is just a round up of what we received, a detailed review on each product will be up in the next few weeks.
I am a huge fan of Salcura, and I've tried this brand before. When they asked if they could send out their famous repackaged Bioskin, I jumped at the chance. I couldn't wait to show off this brand. I love that they promote natural products too, which is an added bonus. I look forward to trying these out! Find more on Salcura here.
We have here the #LipGlam, Anglica Nail Polish, Fashion Fair, B., Stargazer and Crabtree and Evelyn. Firstly, Stargazer went above and beyond, sending us over 150 products. Each person gor between 3-4 products to try out which is super amazing! I will go into depth with these soon. Another brand that went all out was Angelica Nail Colours. Having blogged for them before I asked if they'd be interested, and they were! They sent out these gorgeous red polishes - review soon, it's amazing! - at the bottom there's even our #NRWsummer hashtag! Superdrug sent out some B. beauty products which is amazing, and I cannot wait to try the primer out! Crabtree and Evelyn gave us some lovely shades of polishes which I can not wait to wear in the winter months. The Fashion Fair lipstick is gorgeous! I cannot wait to share it along with the #LipGlam!
All the bloggers seem to be loving their Curaprox whitening toothpaste and toothbrush so I'm excited to try this out! I'll do a full review in a few weeks.
We have some lovely sachets from Manuka Doctor and JASON. A lovely cream cleanser and cute mini muslin cloth from Bee Good. I am so excited for this! We also have a Hemo Rose Pure Castile soap from Dr Bronner which I am also excited to try.
Derma V 10 sent out lovely boxes full of products! I am going to do a full review on these as a set soon, so hang about for that! I cannot believe these are also £1 each?! And fragrance and paraben free?!
We had Neal and Wolf at our last event, and everyone loved them! I asked if they wanted to be involved again and they did, so I was over the moon when they sent some products over. I already know I am going to love this!
The lovely girls from Just Essentials gave us some goodies, including the Amazing Shine eyelashes and MesmerEyes contacts. I've used this brand of contacts before in my Dragon Lady Halloween look. I love these contacts so I'm excited to give these a go with a makeup look, teamed with these eyelashes!
We a Hello breath spray which I love! It's so small to take on the go so it's perfect for a quick spray after dinner when on the go! Last but not least we have a Real Techniques (oh my gooooodness) brush! When I was in talks with them and they agreed to send some over, I could not believe it! I hadn't tried this brush out before so I cannot wait to give it a detailed review!

Thanks to ALL the brands that got involved.
I cannot wait to review each one of them!
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A few weeks ago I was in talks with Magnitone, and they kindly sent over one of their new Magnitone BareFaced! I had never tried one of their famous devices which is plastered all over the bloggersphere, so I was extrememly excited to be given the chance. I was given two weeks to give it a go, so I will definitely update you all in a few months to see the long term effects. Firstly, I am in love with the colour! They've bought out 3 shades, pastel green, pastel yellow and this gorgeous shade - pastel pink. I love that they're catching onto the pastel trend, they look super cute! I really love the presentation of this in the box, it really makes something that could be quite scary into something that is very easy to use. This isn't something that you need to take your time with getting used to - It's so simple and pretty much fool proof!
As you can see, the instructions are all on the packaging. There is a little manual on the inside that I recommend you read before using, just to reassure yourself! To get this baby up and running they recommend you pop it on charge for 8 hours. The charger is really easy to use - It's a USB cable so just pop it into a USB plug and then you're away. This little magnetic pad really fascinates me - just pop it onto the bottom and it holds in place. The light pops on to show that it's getting juice!
You press the button once to cleanse. It beeps every 20 seconds for easy cleansing for your T-Zone, then your neck and then your cheeks! I love this feature as you know exactly when to change and how long to use without over doing it. I wet my brush (It's 100% waterproof - yay for cleaning faces in showers!) and pop a teeny bit on cleanser or face wash on the brush. I only use a small bit as the vibrations creates a foam quite quickly, and you don't want an overly foamy face! Let the vibrations do it for you. Don't scrub or rub your face with it, just let it glide over your face and let it do the work. The second setting on the Magnitone is a toning workout for your face. It pulses on the face giving you a lovely soft glow. I love using this setting, and secretly my boyfriend does too. Every time I use it he's hovering around the bathroom waiting for his turn. The bristles are super soft so don't worry about any potential scratching - that wont happen! You can buy a variety of different brushes on their website at different prices if you wish to personalise your skin care routine further, which is an added bonus and something I would look into. I'd love to see if they made a difference!

My verdict? Honesty, I'm in love. I adore washing my face now, and it's something I really look forward too (So easily pleased). When I use it I can really tell the difference, and my skin feels amazing straight afterwards. I've used it for two weeks, and the first few days I had some teeny tiny spots appear, but it said in the manual that it's completely normal for a break out as your face is just adjusting to the pulses. They cleared after a few days, and the following week I had no spots at all. None! I used the brush every morning and night, taking my makeup off first and then going in for a deep clean with this bad boy. It's something that I - and the boyfriend - will continue to use for a long time to come. I'm so happy with this and it really has changed my skin care routine for the better. I can't imagine not using this now! If you're looking for a change in your routine, something new or you're wanting a deeper clean, I would recommend picking one of these up. Again, I will update everyone in the next few months about the difference it has made in the long run.

Grab the Magnitone BareFaced!* here for £70.
They have a few other devices, so check those out also!
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Wednesday, 12 August 2015


When I was asked to try out the afternoon tea at Sprowston manor, I couldn't say no. One, I love afternoon tea, and two, I love sprowston manor. How on Earth could I say no? I asked my mum if she wanted to go as we hardly spend time together and I thought it'd be the perfect time to catch up with her and show her a part of what I love doing, blogging. And not to mention that one of her favourite places is also Sprowston Manor. When arriving at the restaurant, we had a lovely waiter which sat us down at a table next to the window, which was perfect as the weather was gorgeous!
 Spiced Chai
 White Pear and Ginger

I am a huge lover of tea, so when I saw the amount of options there were I did get a little too excited. I went for Spiced Chai as I felt I should try something different while my mum went for the White Pear and Ginger. My tea was gorgeous! I added tea and sugar to it, even though it was sweet to begin with - but I am a massive sugar fiend! I tried the White Pear and Ginger one also which was delicate and lovely, and tasted a little like vanilla. If you're a lover of tea you wont be disappointed of the choice they have to offer. As you can see below, the tea pots are incredibly generous, I had 5 cups of tea in total and I wasn't even near finishing the pot.
They also asked if we wanted Prosecco, and of course I had to - It accompanied the food beautifully. There's so much on these plates, so I'm going to tell you what they are from the bottom plate to the top. I took a notepad with me to jot everything down as I knew I'd forget! First we have a mixed range of sandwiches - Cheese and pickle, salmon and cream cheese, cucumber and cream cheese and my favourite, ham and honey mustard. These were lovely, and there was just amount for two people. Any more and there wouldn't be room for the other goodies that are to come! On the middle plate we have lemon mousse, which was gorgeous, chocolate mousse, shortbread which worked well with the mousse, fresh strawberries, fruit loaf and macaroons. The macaroons were so scrummy, but my favourite thing was the lemon mousse - I could eat that all day! Dipping the shortbread into the glass was perfection. On the top we have a fruit scone, a plain scone, clotted cream and strawberry jam. I really enjoyed these scones with the lovely tart jam and it ended the platter well. 
When I thought it was all over, the waiter bought out the most gorgeous coffee and walnut cake for us. The creamy filling was just amazing, although after what we had eaten I was unable to finish of the slice, how ever much I tried. The coffee wasn't too overpowering like some cakes, so even someone that's not overly keen on coffee can enjoy a slice of this. Over all I was incredibly impressed, and I'd recommend this place for afternoon tea to anyone. It oozed class and the staff were friendly and attentive. If you're in the Norwich/Sprowston area their afternoon tea is perfect for catching up with an old friend - and chat about how amazing the tea is!

Afternoon tea at Sprowston Manor is £15.59 unless 
you want prosecco which then
increases to £19, and then £23 for campaign.
Perfect for days out with the girls!

*I was invited for review.