Friday, 28 August 2015


I purchased Jeffree Star's 714 and I'm Royalty a few weeks back now, and since then he's come out with a few more shades! I have two of them, Blue Velvet and Jawbreaker, to show you today! These are the 'less wearable' of his collection so far, but since I do some pretty crazy makeup looks I felt I needed these! These are perfect for editorial shoots, and a few more things which I will go into in a moment. I'm already huge fans of these ridiculously pigmented lipsticks so I cannot wait to tell you my thoughts.
Blue Velvet
L - Jawbreaker, R - Blue Velvet
Have you EVER seen anything quite like Jawbreaker?! It's the perfect bright baby blue. This is INSANELY pigmented, and I had no trouble at all in getting good coverage on my lips. This shade is just crazy. Jeffree - You did good. This isn't at all drying either, and goes on fine on my semi-dry lips, which is always great! It dries down completely matte and I didn't use a brush for either of these pictures, just the wand pictured above. It hugs the lips well and gives a sharp edge. I also use a small angled liner brush to use this as eyeliner with a well primed and eyeshadowed lid. If it's not primed and shadowed properly it can get a little sticky - but it's not eyeliner after all! Blue Velvet is again extremely pigmented, and has the exact formula as Jawbreaker. This is the more wearable of the two if you're a little daring, as it does ever so slightly lean to a purple - although it is definitely blue! I'll be mixing some shades together soon and seeing what colours I can create! It's really hard to write about a product that has no faults at all! It really is the most perfect liquid to matte lipstick I own, and if you're a fan of that finish I recommend checking these out. There's a colour for everyone!

Grab these and various other shades from Jeffree Star for £13 here.
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