Wednesday, 12 August 2015


When I was asked to try out the afternoon tea at Sprowston manor, I couldn't say no. One, I love afternoon tea, and two, I love sprowston manor. How on Earth could I say no? I asked my mum if she wanted to go as we hardly spend time together and I thought it'd be the perfect time to catch up with her and show her a part of what I love doing, blogging. And not to mention that one of her favourite places is also Sprowston Manor. When arriving at the restaurant, we had a lovely waiter which sat us down at a table next to the window, which was perfect as the weather was gorgeous!
 Spiced Chai
 White Pear and Ginger

I am a huge lover of tea, so when I saw the amount of options there were I did get a little too excited. I went for Spiced Chai as I felt I should try something different while my mum went for the White Pear and Ginger. My tea was gorgeous! I added tea and sugar to it, even though it was sweet to begin with - but I am a massive sugar fiend! I tried the White Pear and Ginger one also which was delicate and lovely, and tasted a little like vanilla. If you're a lover of tea you wont be disappointed of the choice they have to offer. As you can see below, the tea pots are incredibly generous, I had 5 cups of tea in total and I wasn't even near finishing the pot.
They also asked if we wanted Prosecco, and of course I had to - It accompanied the food beautifully. There's so much on these plates, so I'm going to tell you what they are from the bottom plate to the top. I took a notepad with me to jot everything down as I knew I'd forget! First we have a mixed range of sandwiches - Cheese and pickle, salmon and cream cheese, cucumber and cream cheese and my favourite, ham and honey mustard. These were lovely, and there was just amount for two people. Any more and there wouldn't be room for the other goodies that are to come! On the middle plate we have lemon mousse, which was gorgeous, chocolate mousse, shortbread which worked well with the mousse, fresh strawberries, fruit loaf and macaroons. The macaroons were so scrummy, but my favourite thing was the lemon mousse - I could eat that all day! Dipping the shortbread into the glass was perfection. On the top we have a fruit scone, a plain scone, clotted cream and strawberry jam. I really enjoyed these scones with the lovely tart jam and it ended the platter well. 
When I thought it was all over, the waiter bought out the most gorgeous coffee and walnut cake for us. The creamy filling was just amazing, although after what we had eaten I was unable to finish of the slice, how ever much I tried. The coffee wasn't too overpowering like some cakes, so even someone that's not overly keen on coffee can enjoy a slice of this. Over all I was incredibly impressed, and I'd recommend this place for afternoon tea to anyone. It oozed class and the staff were friendly and attentive. If you're in the Norwich/Sprowston area their afternoon tea is perfect for catching up with an old friend - and chat about how amazing the tea is!

Afternoon tea at Sprowston Manor is £15.59 unless 
you want prosecco which then
increases to £19, and then £23 for campaign.
Perfect for days out with the girls!

*I was invited for review.


  1. Oh my goodness, how beautiful!! I'm glad you had a lovely time.. It looks lovely! Xx


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