Thursday, 27 August 2015


Stargazer has been my childhood. From starting to play around with makeup as a teenager, creating bold and bright looks in my 'emo' stage and from a trained makeup artist now, I still love Stargazer. Not only is it affordable, they have so many crazy colours that most brands dare not touch at such great prices. When this was in my Norwich Event goody bag I was so excited to try it out. I got number 10, which is a vampy purple.
I can't fault the applicator. It's a slanted tip that works perfectly while applying. It's easy to achieve a sharp look which lipsticks can't achieve. I always over draw my small tiny lips, so this is great for doing that. I apply as much product as I can while lining my lips so it doesn't look overdrawn. You can adjust the colour intensity by applying a thin coat, or a few thick ones to get a deeper, vampy colour.
My lips are the most driest around right now, so the application is slightly streaky. Most lip stains have a tendency to stick to dry areas, but by going over the lighter areas a few more times you can overcome that. As you can see it creates really sharp lines which I am loving! And the colour is super gorgeous. I have dark purple hair and pale skin, so this suits me so well. What I love about Stargazer is that it really brings out different personalities, when I wear this I think I'm a rock goddess! The top picture is the lip stain alone with the second one being teamed up with the Treats Lip Gloss* which I will be writing about soon. They team up really well as the micro shimmer gives a lovely dimension to the colour. I will be purchasing more of these Semi Permanent Lip Stains in the future as they're super lovely, and because they stain the lips they last so long before any need to reapply. I wore this all day and had no problems!

You can grab this for £5.00* from Stargazer.
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