Wednesday, 30 September 2015


I was recently asked to come and try out Jamie's Italian which I said yes to straight away. I've always wanted to try out Jamie's Italian so I was interested on what they had to offer. My parents have always wanted to go too, and they're big fans of Jamie Oliver so I decided it was best if they come too. The place is beyond gorgeous. I didn't realise they have a huge restaurant at the top of the building which is really pretty. It has a classy, rustic yet modern feeling which was really relaxing. It was nice that you could buy Jamie's books, food and drink which I really like in restaurants as it feels more personal. When we sat down we where greeted by a lovely. He pronounced every Italian dish perfectly and he knew everything about anything, which was great if we had any questions. He knew what each pasta type was and even what herbs were used. I got a bit snap happy as they interior was gorgeous, so this will be a picture heavy post.
Pink Lemonade
First off I had their Pink Lemonade, which is so tasty! If you're into your fruit juices and want an alternative, this is brilliant. You can really taste the fruit and it's so fresh, perfect to team with pasta. There is something for everyone on the menu from steaks, pastas, duck, chicken - There's a lot to choose from. There was also a £5 special too which I really liked the idea of. Eventually I went for Jamie's Sausage Pappardelle as my main as I love sausage and pasta. This dish is described as a Ragu of slow cooked fennel, free-range pork sausages with incredible Chianti, Parmesan and herby breadcrumbs. This was really gorgeous as the sausage was really tasty and the fennel came through beautifully. I'm not a huge fennel fan but this really complimented the dish and worked well. The pasta was soft and delicious. I'm a huge pasta fan so I like my pasta, and this was yummy. This is a great alternative to Bolognese if you're don't like Beef. I don't usually like the flavour of beef so that's why I opted for this, and I wasn't let down. There's a lot on the plate too, so you're not left hungry. The prices from this range from £6.25/£10.75.
Jamie's Sausage Pappardelle
Italian Steak Frites
Three-Cheese Caramelle

My dad had the Italian Steak Frites which I didn't get a chance to try as I don't like beef. He said it was cooked to perfection and he really loved the coleslaw that came with it. However I did try the fries which were gorgeous. I asked the waiter what was on the fries and he knew instantly - Saffron. He really enjoyed his meal which was £15.95. My mum went for the Three-Cheese Caramelle which I was going to originally go for. There's not a lot in the dish so if you're wanting something a bit more filling go for the Sausage Pappardelle. That said, I did have a few bites and it was beautiful. It's described as beautiful filled pasta with ricotta, provolone, Bella Lodi & spinach, served with creamy tomato, garlic, basil & rosé wine sauce. The sauce was amazing and filled with so much flavour which complimented the cheese filled pasta so well. I really could pour that sauce on anything, it was stunning. The Three-Cheese Caramelle is £6.50/£11.25.
Epic Brownie
Molten Chocolate Praline Pudding

I am a pudding girl through and through, so I had to have a taste at what they had to offer. I indulged in the Molten Chocolate Praline Pudding which didn't leave me disappointed. On the menu it's described as a warm chocolate cake with a liquid praline centre, served with salted caramel ice cream & praline. Oh wow is all I have to say. This is a stand out dessert for me as it's a chocolate lovers heaven. The cake itself is rich and chocolaty, but not that bitter chocolate taste you can sometimes get from chocolate desserts. The salted caramel ice cream balances the sweetness of the chocolate perfectly and they just go so well together. I could eat this again and again and not get tired of it. This is on the menu for £6. My dad went for the Epic Brownie and I managed to have a cheeky try. As a brownie fan this was great - It was warm so the vanilla ice cream starts to melt which I really love about brownie desserts. If my dad hadn't stopped me I would've eaten all of it - as well as my pudding. The Epic Brownie is £5.45. I finished the meal off with Lemoncello after eyeing it up on the dessert menu for so long. I love how simple the flavour is, yet how yummy and sweet the lemon is - I was so tempted to buy a bottle! It's a perfect shot to finish of a meal. You can see everything on the menu here.
Overall how was my experience? It was amazing. The staff were attentive and friendly and knew the answers to any questions I had. I had high expectations since it had Jamie's name on it but I wasn't let down by the food at all. The food was perfect throughout and I had no complaints at all. The restaurant itself is beautiful, so it's perfect for a special date with your partner or a catch up with your friends like most of the people around us seemed to be doing. It really was a lovely meal and I'd recommend Jamie's Italian for anyone who is looking for a classy yet relaxed place to eat.

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*I was kindly invited for review

*I was invited for review.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Autumn is my favourite seasons for makeup. There's an even better excuse for almost black lipstick and deep burgundy eyes which I am always doing. When chatting to one of my besties, Justine Pendrill another fellow blogger, we decided to collaborate and hunt down our top 5 lipsticks for this season. These were all easy no-brainers for me and I was quick to choose the top 5 that will be gracing my lips most of this season. Take a look blow at my top 5 lipsticks and don't forget to let me know your favourites in the comments below and check out Justine's post here.
OCC BLACK METAL DALIAH - Not only am I in love with the name, look at that purple. If that doesn't scream autumn, I'm not sure what does. I picked this up from Selfridges when I went to London with Justine for a blogging event. This is from the Moderncraft collection which has a few more other interesting shades. I can't seem to find this particular shade online so if you pop into Selfridges have a look at what OCC have to offer, as they have loads of beautiful shades that you can mix to find the perfect shade for you. The consistency isn't like anything else I've tried. It's very thick and pigmented, meaning you don't need a lot. This is titles as a matte, but unless you're applying a extremely thin amount it'll be more of a gloss. I really love this shade and it stays put all day - one of my faves for this season! These retail for around £13.
YSL ROUGE VOLUMPTE FORBIDDEN BURGUNDY - This beautiful autumn favourite is believed to be discontinued. However I had to put this into my top favourites as it really is perfect for autumn. This pretty deep burgundy has a creamy consistency so it glides effortlessly on the lips. For a rather expensive lipstick (around £26) this doesn't stay as well on the lips as I'd like. Because it's so creamy it does tend to slip and need retouching, but I still don't hate it for it. It's just such a beautiful colour that I forgive it's high price and occasional touch ups.
FASHION FAIR INTENSE COLOUR LIPSTICK IN RAGE* - I had to do a close up because of that metallic shimmer. I mean how beautiful is that? This is such a perfect red with a surprise of glitter which I really love. The glitter isn't grainy and you can't feel it on the lips. It just seems to glide on the lips beautifully. It stays put all day and the shimmer just adds and extra special touch to the usual red lip. This is perfect not just autumn, but Christmas too! If you're on the hunt for a slighty different red, go for this one. Fashion Fair specializes in skin for deep skin tones, but there's so much for everyone! You can get this from Debenhams here for £14.
MAC LIPSTICK IN PARAMOUNT - This narrowly missed my 5 Mac lipsticks which you can read here so it had to be in my top 5 autumn faves! This is the perfect brown for autumn I think as it almost leans on a burnt orange colour. It's not exactly a nude shade, but it's a great alternative if you're wanting to go deeper for autumn. It's a matte finish like the majority of my Mac lipsticks so it stays put for most of the day, so I can trust that I don't have to hunt for the mirror deep in my bag every hour. It's easy to apply too, even without a brush. Pick this up from your local Mac or online here for £15.50.
B. VIBRANT LIP AND CHEEK COLOUR IN GOJI* - Not only is it a universal lip and cheek colour - it's vegan too! I'm a huge lover of rose coloured lipstick and this is no expection. This is the perfect rose colour, and is great to pair with dark eyes. It adds a pretty yet subtle flush of colour on the cheeks once blended in giving a natural healthy glow. It's so creamy and goes on the lips really well and stays put too. I can't explain how much I love this shade. It's an all year round colour which makes me love it even more. If you're a pale princess like me, this is a must have. It's not too much of a bright lipstick and will compliment your skin beautifully. You can get this from Superdrug online for £3.99 at the moment from the usual £7.99 which you can get here.

There is my top 5 must haves for autumn!
Don't forget to check out Justine's post here
and let me know in the comments what your favourites are.
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*Kindly sent for review

Sunday, 27 September 2015


I am a massive fan of Sleek and have been for a very long time. I use their shadows on a daily basis and I really think the quality of them is amazing - There really is a palette for everyone. Since being in the bloggersphere, the Sleek blushers seem to always be compared to Nars. I don't doubt that at as the pigmentation of them are completely amazing. When I saw Sleek had come out with a cheek and eye palette I was super excited. I picked up See You At Midnight and All Day Soiree, which you will see shortly.
The packaging is beautiful. It's chunky, but not too chunky. The thickness makes it feel luxorious, and more expensive than the £10 price tag. There's a mirror inside which is brilliant too, and the usual sponge applicator which I wont use, and the small blusher brush too, which again I probably wont use but its a nice touch.
As you can see, the palette is beautiful. It really is a autumn must have for me, and since buying it it's has a place in my bag (and my heart). If you pick up a palette for autumn, I really think this should be the one. The swatches below really don't give the shadows justice. These shadows come from the Vintage Romance I-Divine palette, which is a palette formed of berry, blues and gold shades which is perfect for autumn. The shades are shimmery and buttery. The purple and blue shades seem to have a black shift to it which is really beautiful. The gold is super pigmented and is gorgeous on the eyes, as does my favourite, the deep burgundy. The burgundy looks a lot more brown in the pan but comes out a gorgeous deep redy purple on my pale skin. While the others are very much shimmers, this one seems to be more of a satin/matte finish with small glitter throughout. 
The blushers are the stars of the palette and I cannot get enough of these autumnal perfect shades. First is Antique, a natural looking pink toned beige. This doesn't look too special in the pan, but once swatched this is gorgeous. This is a satin finish, so it's not too over powering if you're not into the shimmer blushers. Pomegranate is the most beautiful cranberry shade. I can't get over how gorgeous this shade is and how perfect it is for the chilly months. This is a pretty deep pink with lots of pinky coral shimmer. These are both so insanely pigmented! These blend out beautifully on this skin and stays put all day.
Overall, I cannot get over how perfect this is for autumn. If you're wanting to jazz up your summer makeup with something a bit darker for autumn, this is the perfect place to start. 4 on trend eyeshadows and 2 perfect blushers you're onto a winner.

Pick this up from Superdrug or Sleek
online for £10 here, or £4.99 at the current offer.
What's your favourite Sleek product?
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The first two is the top two, and the right two are the bottom two.
Antique and Pomegranate blushers

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


When sending out a tweet about blog collaborations the lovely Beth from La Blog Beaute tweeted me back, so don't forget to go give her lovely blog a peak. I was so excited to get to know a new blogger I hadn't met before, and she is super lovely which made my tweet worth while! We came up with the idea of our top 10 current favourites which was super easy for me. My makeup changes from month to month when I find new colours or new ideas that I like to get creative with, and these gorgeous 10 are the ones that have become my current favorites.
CIATE MINT CHOCOLATE NAIL VARNISH REMOVER - I'm currently obsessed with this at the moment. It leaves my fingers smelling all minty and sweet so of course it's a favourite. I did a full review on this recently which you can read here.
MAC BLUSH IN ROYAL SUNSET - A favourite of mine for a year now and I rarely stray from this. I'm honestly not wild about blushes and only own about 6 or 7. For this to be in my favourites really means something and goes to show how beautiful this is. It gives my pale skin the healthy pinkish glow in needs and gives my whole face a lift. Unfortunately this is a limited edition blush but is one that Mac seems to re-promote. It's not exactly a unique shade, but it's gorgeous. See my full review here.
ESSIE AVENUE MAINTAIN - This is from their 2013 collection but it's my to go to nail polish when I'm on the go. It only needs one coat and it dries super quickly. Great for on the go girls. It's a pretty shade of blue which may not be a favourite for autumn, but I'll be wearing this in the winter weeks. I have an old review for this here.
MAC 217 - I literally can't imagine blending without this. I LOVE THIS BRUSH. I always reach for it, and for me it's been an investment. It's blends effortlessly and I haven't a clue how I lived without it before this year. I can't seem to find this on their website but it was around the £17 mark.
SHU UEMURA EYELASH CURLERS - Yes, they're worth the hype. A little pricey at £20 from Space NK, but again this is an investment. When I did my makeup course these were the curlers they used so I had picked one up! I've never regretted spending £20 on a pair of eyelash curlers, and I had an inkling that I might.
MAC REFILL IN SHALE - This pretty delicate purple shade is perfect for autumn! It has a frosty grey tone purple finish which looks lovely by itself or blended with Vex, also from Mac, which I usually go for. It's perfect for adding a slight hint of colour if you're usually scared of it. You can get this from Mac for £10.
JEFFREE STAR I'M ROYALTY - I am literally obsessed with this shade and I wear it everywhere. Not only is the finish incredible, it lasts all day. All Jeffree Star products are vegan too if you're interested in that type of product. You can see my full review here and buy it for £13 from Cocktail Cosmetics.
NEAL'S YARD ROSEMARY AND CEDARWOOD HAIR TREATMENT - Since becoming a mermaid and bleaching my poor hair my scalp needs some TLC. This gives my roots the moisture it needs and gives my new growing hair some strength. This is perfect for the autumn and winter months as your scalp needs moisture just like your face! It's only £6.50 from Neal's Yard so I think that's such a bargain. You can read my full review here. Give your scalp some happiness!
NEAL AND WOLF VELVET HAIR OIL* - I picked this up from the Norwich Event and since bleaching my hair this has been my hair food. It gives moisture to my hair without weighing it down, and really smooths out those pesky frizzy bits. I am never without this as my hair really craves it. I'll do an in depth review soon as I am loving this! Grab this from Neal and Wolf for £14.95.
URBAN DECAY VICE 2 PALETTE - Even though this is limited edition and no longer available I always reach for this. I can create the perfect gold eye, a creative colourful smokey eye or natural looks. I really think this is one of the best palettes Urban Decay has ever come out with and it's so universal. If you ever come across this do pick it up as it's worth every penny.

So there we have it - my current favourites. Which will probably change as I'm always jumping between products. Check out Beth's top 10 here where she has some pretty lush favourites! Don't forget to follow her on Blog Lovin' and keep up to date with all her lovely posts. Are any of these your favourites? Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


It's been a while since I've done a giveaway, and since the new release of my new blog name and appearance I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate. I love Kiko Cosmetics so I felt this would be a great brand to give away! There will be a few ways in which you can enter which you can find in RaffleCopter below. I had to disqualify SO many entries last time since they didn't follow the correct methods so do make sure you fill in the criteria before entering as I do check, as it's unfair on people who actually enter the correct way! This is open to the UK only. I plan to do a Christmas giveaway too so stay tuned for that! Up for grabs are -


I wanted there to be a whole bunch of goodies that everyone could enjoy so I'm super excited to give this away. Thank you to all who have supported me so far, and this is a little something for you guys. I hope you continue to read my blog under a new name and still enjoy it!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, 21 September 2015


After a few days running around I thought it was time to empty my handbag. Now some of these items I have really no idea how they got there or why they're there. I'm one for throwing things into my bag and never seeing them again, deciding they're forever lost, but then finding it again when I empty my bag a few weeks later. The need to have 3 lipsticks in my bag is a bit of a mystery too. And the Heel Genius.

CRUNCHIE BAR - I'm not ashamed to admit that I carry chocolate in my bag. Just in case. You can never be too sure if your train is going to have an emergency stop or your bus is going to stop at EVERY BUS STOP.
THREE MAC LIPSTICKS - These are in the shade Taupe, Diva and Captive. They're actually brilliant autumn shades but I'm sure they've been in there since the beginning of summer.
SOAP AND GLORY HEEL GENIUS - Actually mistaken this for my Hand Food and when I went to reach for it while I was shopping I was very disappointed. 
£21.70 - Not 100% sure why this large (for me anyway) sum of money is floating around in the bottom while I have a perfectly good purse.
PURSE - Having had my gorgeous vintage purse stolen while I was eating a carvery I stole my mums old purse (There was no money or ID in there so HA). This one will do the job and it's from Topshop.
HELLO MOUTH SPRAY* - Huge fan of these from the Norwich Event! I'll never be without one!
NAKED BASICS URBAN DECAY PALETTE - This is a favourite of mine and is perfect for a pale princess. I had this in my bag as a mirror to reapply my lipsticks.
4GB SD - It's not even the size of SD cards that I use now so this must have been in there for quite some time.
ONE LONELY MINT - It has a soft centre. Delicious.
TWEEZERS AND EYELASH GLUE - Just in case my lashes decide to peel off. Can never be too sure.
LIPGLAM* - Now the colder weeks are upon us I need a decent lip balm and this one is one of the best I've tried!
3DS AND GAMES - I am a massive geek and I always carry my 3DS to bump up my StreetPass and train my Lugia.
IPHONE - Never without!
SCRUNCHIE - I actually made this myself and I'm always carrying around a hair band as me and the wind aren't friends.
12648929 HAIR SLIDES - They're in everyone's bags.

So there we have it, everything currently in my bag. I was surprised there was no sweet rappers or receipts but apparently I'm quite good at making sure my bag isn't cluttered with paper. What are the most random things you find in your bag? Thanks for reading!

*Kindly sent for review

Friday, 18 September 2015


I always have a browse of the House of Holland nails as their designs are always pretty crazy. I've never had fake nails before so I was always a little hesitant of purchasing any, as £9 is a fair bit of money to spend on something you're not going to enjoy. I picked up the Fur Ball design as it was completely different to what I've seen before, so I was interested on how it would look on the nails!
The set contains 24 nails in 10 different shapes with 8 different designs. There's a nail file and glue in the set for easy application! I filed down my nails and pop a little bit of glue on before pressing down the correct size onto my nail while avoiding my cuticle. The length on these aren't too long, but they're too long for me. The length slightly irritated me so after a around 4 days I took them off - but the glue kept them put for that length of time which was amazing! If you're into your falsies and like an interesting style you'll love these. I adore the colours and I just wished I could tolerate the length. Playing ukulele this probably wasn't the best of ideas, but I had been eyeing these up for so long! Over than that there's loads of funky styles to choose from and the longevity of these are great too.

Grab these from Asos for £8.99.
Do you use false nails?
What is your favourite brand?
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 17 September 2015


Pinky's Handmade have a range of all sorts. From cute handmade kawaii style earrings to gorgeous home decor. What I love about these is not only are they unique, but you can tell they're made with love. If you're into your cute jewelry that is made to order, I recommend having a peak at what they have to offer. If you want to have a look at the gorgeous items they make, you can find her website here and the Facebook page here.
I was kindly sent a cute heart trio which I am in love with, two sets of earrings and a cute jar. The heart trio looks beautiful in my all white room as it gives a little pop of colour. Mine is on my wardrobe door handle but these would look lovely on the end of the bed, handles or hanging off the side of a frame. It's dainty enough to look cute, but big enough to add some colour. These are £8 and are available in all the colours you can imagine! The earrings are super lovely and look gorgeous. I'm a huge fan of the chocolate hearts as they look exactly like little chocolates you'd find in a gift box! The watermelon ones are adorable too, and perfect for summer. These are a unbelievably small price at £4.
How cute is this jar?! Perfect for popping in a few flowers or a single one like I've done here. These are also great for storing little things and popping on your shelf. I adore how shabby chic these look and I love that no jar will be the same making it unique and this small one is £5. The decorative bow on the front is lovely too, giving it a little extra cuteness! All the items are perfect for gifts, and I love that things are made to order so if you're looking for any specific colour you know that Pinky's Handmade is going to tailor to your needs. You can find all the prices of their items here and you can contact Kasia directly here. If you're looking for adorable handmade items for a friend (Or a little gif to yourself!) check out Pinky's Handmade!

*These were kindly sent to me for review