Wednesday, 2 September 2015


I worked with Angelica Nail Colour at the beginning of my blogging life with a few of their new shades. Today I bring you 1 of their shades from their huge colour collection, after they kindly sent me ten (yup - ONE, ZERO.) shades. I'm already a huge fan of their cool colour range, their ability to keep up to date with trends and all for an amazing price tag - £2.75. They have so many shades from gel shades, scented polishes, matte glitter and other various shades so there's something for everyone. These are perfect for the nail varnish obsessed and I think they're perfect gifts for young (and older) girls! When it comes to the packaging I LOVE that the logo is printed onto the bottle. There's something about the whole clear sticker logo that really grinds on me, so top points for that!
I am seriously in love with this color! I chose this as I felt that now summer is almost over and I needed a new autumn naildrobe (Nail Wardrobe? No?). This is the perfect deep red that has some serious gloss. I'm so impressed with the finish of this as it does exactly what it suggests. I've noticed with gel finishes that they seem quite thick, and this is no exception. Since a thick formula usually comes with a gel shade, this colour only takes two thick coats, maybe even one if you're on the go. However because it's on the thicker side it does take a little longer to dry then all their other polishes. I've not had this problem with most of the shades so it has to be down to the finish of the polish. The wear on this is great as well, I got two days without chipping which is a miracle when it comes to my nails. I'm an active person so I'm constantly chipping my nail polish! I adore this shade, but you need a little patience with the formula, but the outcome is totally worth it. Look at that shine!

I have 9 more Angelica Nail Colour reviews up soon.
Grab this and other gorgeous shades here.
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*I was kindly sent these from Angelica Nail Colour


  1. That my friend, is a beautiful autumnal colour! Love it! xxx

  2. I've been looking for a shade like this for such a long time, it looks so pretty! x

  3. Oh yes, I'm all about that colour. Look forward to seeing the 9 other colours!

    Sarah / Lipstick & Dresses

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! I'm looking forward to them too! ;)


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