Wednesday, 23 September 2015


When sending out a tweet about blog collaborations the lovely Beth from La Blog Beaute tweeted me back, so don't forget to go give her lovely blog a peak. I was so excited to get to know a new blogger I hadn't met before, and she is super lovely which made my tweet worth while! We came up with the idea of our top 10 current favourites which was super easy for me. My makeup changes from month to month when I find new colours or new ideas that I like to get creative with, and these gorgeous 10 are the ones that have become my current favorites.
CIATE MINT CHOCOLATE NAIL VARNISH REMOVER - I'm currently obsessed with this at the moment. It leaves my fingers smelling all minty and sweet so of course it's a favourite. I did a full review on this recently which you can read here.
MAC BLUSH IN ROYAL SUNSET - A favourite of mine for a year now and I rarely stray from this. I'm honestly not wild about blushes and only own about 6 or 7. For this to be in my favourites really means something and goes to show how beautiful this is. It gives my pale skin the healthy pinkish glow in needs and gives my whole face a lift. Unfortunately this is a limited edition blush but is one that Mac seems to re-promote. It's not exactly a unique shade, but it's gorgeous. See my full review here.
ESSIE AVENUE MAINTAIN - This is from their 2013 collection but it's my to go to nail polish when I'm on the go. It only needs one coat and it dries super quickly. Great for on the go girls. It's a pretty shade of blue which may not be a favourite for autumn, but I'll be wearing this in the winter weeks. I have an old review for this here.
MAC 217 - I literally can't imagine blending without this. I LOVE THIS BRUSH. I always reach for it, and for me it's been an investment. It's blends effortlessly and I haven't a clue how I lived without it before this year. I can't seem to find this on their website but it was around the £17 mark.
SHU UEMURA EYELASH CURLERS - Yes, they're worth the hype. A little pricey at £20 from Space NK, but again this is an investment. When I did my makeup course these were the curlers they used so I had picked one up! I've never regretted spending £20 on a pair of eyelash curlers, and I had an inkling that I might.
MAC REFILL IN SHALE - This pretty delicate purple shade is perfect for autumn! It has a frosty grey tone purple finish which looks lovely by itself or blended with Vex, also from Mac, which I usually go for. It's perfect for adding a slight hint of colour if you're usually scared of it. You can get this from Mac for £10.
JEFFREE STAR I'M ROYALTY - I am literally obsessed with this shade and I wear it everywhere. Not only is the finish incredible, it lasts all day. All Jeffree Star products are vegan too if you're interested in that type of product. You can see my full review here and buy it for £13 from Cocktail Cosmetics.
NEAL'S YARD ROSEMARY AND CEDARWOOD HAIR TREATMENT - Since becoming a mermaid and bleaching my poor hair my scalp needs some TLC. This gives my roots the moisture it needs and gives my new growing hair some strength. This is perfect for the autumn and winter months as your scalp needs moisture just like your face! It's only £6.50 from Neal's Yard so I think that's such a bargain. You can read my full review here. Give your scalp some happiness!
NEAL AND WOLF VELVET HAIR OIL* - I picked this up from the Norwich Event and since bleaching my hair this has been my hair food. It gives moisture to my hair without weighing it down, and really smooths out those pesky frizzy bits. I am never without this as my hair really craves it. I'll do an in depth review soon as I am loving this! Grab this from Neal and Wolf for £14.95.
URBAN DECAY VICE 2 PALETTE - Even though this is limited edition and no longer available I always reach for this. I can create the perfect gold eye, a creative colourful smokey eye or natural looks. I really think this is one of the best palettes Urban Decay has ever come out with and it's so universal. If you ever come across this do pick it up as it's worth every penny.

So there we have it - my current favourites. Which will probably change as I'm always jumping between products. Check out Beth's top 10 here where she has some pretty lush favourites! Don't forget to follow her on Blog Lovin' and keep up to date with all her lovely posts. Are any of these your favourites? Thanks for reading!

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