Sunday, 18 October 2015


The lovely Daisy, you can find her blog here, organised the brilliant Suffolk Meet all on her own. Being a fellow blogger meet organizer I not only wanted to go and see what was in store, but to go and support her. It's not an easy thing to organize so I could see and appreciate all the hard work and time that went into such a lovely event that she should be proud of. I went with my fellow Norwich Blogger organizer Justine. We would've come with Court as well but she was super ill, however I grabbed a bag for her so you'll see a post on her blog soon! Excuse the heavily photo post, there was a lot going on...
There were loads of little groups of items on a few of the tables from the photos above. It made the place look really interesting and I as curious as to what everything was! Feeling slightly ill on the day I didn't indulge in the Hotel Chocolat chocolates, however my lovely friend Michelle had a few and I'm sure she enjoyed them. I picked up the Dalandan Orange Life Tonic which was so yummy! It was interesting to taste coconut water with a fruit flavour. Another nice touch was the Twig & Dot candles. They smelt beautiful and I picked up the Cinder and Smoke scent. There were cute cola ghost marshmallows and owl cookie cutters too which were super lovely! We also had someone from Lipiver talk about their cold sore preventing product too which is perfect for the cold weather.
Yahoo mail was there too with their cute paper subscription boxes full of pretty cards and decorative items. Everything was so gorgeous and I fell in love with the bright colours and adorable designs. The lady, who is actually Daisy's mum, was really lovely and it was nice to hear that she designed some of the cute cards. We were all given an adorable card from Yahoo Mail too which was so lovely and I'll show it in my goody bag post soon. It will have a lovely place above my office space!
Odylique was another brand there that I hadn't heard off, but I was really intrigued. The lady was lovely and knew everything about the products so I was able to ask any questions I could think of. I loved the glass bottles with the pretty floral design on the front. It was really nice to discover a new brand and we also had something from them in our bags too so we were able to try out a product too which I loved! You can have a look at all their lovely smelling products here.
Charity Candles where there too which I had heard of before. It was nice to have a good smell and all 4 of us (Me, Justine, Kelly and Alys) were obsessing over the spiced orange scent, it honestly smelt beautiful. I wished I had picked up a candle now, it's the thing I really regret! You can have a browse at all their lovely scents here.
Ivy-Joan had some gorgeous items that I just fell in love with. I wanted everything! I spent a good amount of time laughing at the cards and cooing over the cute home decor. I wished I'd picked up that adorable lunch box! I'm obsessed with making my lunch at the moment, so it would have been perfect. If you're looking for personalised gifts, Ivy-Jon is the way to go. There's something on the website for everyone, and I especially love the shabby chic vibes. You can find them online here.
Raffle Prizes

There were loads of prizes on offer, so I bought 14 strips in hope for something cute! I won the years perfume subscription from The Perfume Society, a voucher for Personal Planner and some face masks! I'll be blogging about these separately, along with the goody bag contents! I'm not sure how much money was raised but I'm sure it was a lot! 
There's Daisy!
Goody Bag Contents plus raffle prizes

I believe every bag was different, as I'm seeing so many different things in peoples bags! My favourite thing in the bag was the Unicorns Unite palette from Makeup Revolution and the MoYou London nail art kit! If you've written about your bag already please pop your link in the comments so I can have a nosey! I'll be doing an in depth review of the bag soon so don't worry if there's nothing in this post about it. Daisy did an amazing job and she should be really proud. Everyone seemed to have a blast which was the main goal, so I'm so happy it's been such a success! Overall it was a really cute event and it was so lovely to see new and familiar faces! Thanks again Daisy! 


  1. Awesome day out but the sounds of it! Shame I couldn't make it :( thanks for picking me up a bag :) xxxx

  2. This looks like so much fun! I'm sure you're excited to dive into all of those goodies. :D

    1. It's taking a while to get through them but I'm not complaining! ;)

  3. Ah Daisy did such an amazing job by the looks of it!! You know on your photos doll, there's one where there's framed pictures made of cards that say like 'Mum' 'Dad' 'Bike' etc... do you know of the website to buy these off?



    1. Such a good job! Yes it's :) xx

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