Friday, 20 November 2015


Christmas is peaking around the corner, and for a festive freak like me, I couldn't be more excited. The past 22 years of my life I've always spent the week or two with my family with no work and just time to relax. With me moving out this weekend and a Christmas job, I doubt I'll spend anymore time at home other than Christmas day. It's such a shame as we have Christmas traditions on Christmas eve and Boxing day as it's my Grandad's and Cousins birthday so it's going to be hard not being involved, however I do love my job and I'm going to be so upset when I leave my position in January. Because of my lack of festivities this year, I felt I needed to get myself in the mood and get all Christmasy. I teamed up with my lovely blogger friend Beth, and you can read her post here.

GO INTO THE CITY - I know it sounds obvious, but popping into your nearest city to do your Christmas shop instantly gets me in the mood. I work in Chapelfield, a mall in Norwich, and it's teaming with loads of gorgeous decorative lights and a huge singing (Yup it sings alright) Christmas tree. The mix of thick jumpers, cold cheeks and millions of people doing their Christmas shop strangely gets me very festive. I love doing my Christmas shop and I love making lists for people, it's such a lovely way to get Christmasy!

DO A SHOE BOX - I've done this a few times now, and doing this is so so so lovely. Check out Samaritans Purse here to find a bit more about them. The main gist of it is packing a shoe box for a young girl or boy to make their Christmas day. Not only does it do good, but giving and appreciating is what Christmas should be about. Other than the Religious side of it, but not everyone is Religious. It's great to do something for someone else regardless, but this is a beautiful way to get into the Christmas spirit. If you don't do any of these points, please at lease do this one. You don't need to spend a lot of money either.

HAVE A CHRISTMAS FILM NIGHT - I am moving in with the loveliest person, and we've already decided to go into the city to buy a tree, decorations and Baileys! I'm pretty sure the evening will lead onto a Christmas film and a few drinks at our local, but it's perfect to get merry. Switch on some incredibly tacky Christmas music, add the Baileys and you'll think it's Christmas already.

SECRET SANTA - I have already asked my work lot if Secret Santa is an option, because I LOVE it. If you're not already doing Secret Santa, try bringing it up with your group of friends to keep costs down, or even join a Secret Santa in the blogging community. It's great to find the perfect present for someone with a caped cost. It makes things fun and it's something I've always enjoyed.

ORGANIZE A CHRISTMAS MEAL - Get all your favourite humans together and go out for a lovely Christmas meal. Maybe even cooperate Secret Santa into it! Christmas meals can be so much fun, and if you're in the right venue you could organise a few fun games to lighten the mood. Get the wine flowing and the crackers popping and you're onto a winner. Even if it's you on two of your pals, it can still be a lovely evening, bound to get you into the Christmas spirit.

There's countless ways to get festive, and even though some of these points are obvious, they're the best ways to get Christmasy. It's all about being with the people you love, so make sure you try and spend time with the closest people around you if you can! Thanks for reading, and hope you're feeling festive!


  1. We used to do shoeboxes in school, but I really want to do some more because they are such a lovely idea! I'll give Beth's post a read too!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. Fun post, it’s nice to feel festive! I love going for a carvery, which always puts me in the mood for Christmas. Recently I’ve been reading Christmas novels too, I really recommend this! I think secret Santa is a terrific idea because it’s less pricey but you still get one amazing gift. I bet you are looking forward to buying a tree, decorating it can be so fun too!! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog


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