Saturday, 12 March 2016


A month or so ago I was incredibly bowled over about being invited to the Makeup Revolution 2 year event. I've been a MUR fan since the beginning - I remember Tweeting them, awaiting it to appear in my local Superdrug. Since that moment Makeup Revolution have gone from strength to strength and to prove that they threw an incredible two year party inviting people in the industry and other fellow bloggers. I was completely overwhelmed with their respect and appreciation towards bloggers, and it was exactly what I needed to get back into blogging again after taking a break to settle down in my new house and job. After attending the event it made me insanely motivated, and has made me really really appreciate and love the brand more than I could've thought. I now want to try every thing they have to offer! It's incredible seeing a brand want to give back to their customers and bloggers, so thank you. The event was held at the beautiful Cafe De Paris with a classy burlesque feel which I adored. When I walked into the event I was greeted by a lovely lady on the door who handed me a small leaflet to say I could collect a goody bag at the end, which I didn't expect. Most events have had goody bags in the past, but it's something I never expect - Especially an event this big! When I walked into the main room, there were monitors all around us, showcasing bloggers and Youtubers talking and showing off the Makeup Revolution products which was a really nice touch. People walked around giving out cocktails and wine and countless plates of gorgeous canapes. After grabbing a cocktail, I walked around the edges of the room to take pictures of their products which where displayed beautifully (And all their products are cruelty free! Hurrah!).
Colour On products
Freedom Products
The new British Beauty Blogger palette collab - Oh my goodness!
 Makeup Revolution Products

It was so lovely to be able to get a proper look at new and old products, as sometimes it's hard too in Superdrug. It was great to see new products I hadn't seen in my local Superdrug yet, so I now have a long list of things I'd like to get when they grace the shelves! I am in NEED of the Strobe Balms and I've been eyeing them up on social media. I am way too excited to get my hands on them. My all time favourite Makeup Revolution product is the Highlighter in Golden Lights. It's hands down the best highlighter I've come across and the pigmentation is unbelievable. I use it in the corner of my eyes as well as my cheeks, and I've used it on a few of my clients too. I will always recommend that highlighter for a ethereal, glowing look. After I had a nose at the products, Adam Minto, the owner of Tam, started his speech, and talked about some amazing things to come to 2016 in the world of Makeup Revolution and the sister brands. Then Daisie Smith made a speech leading on to talk about the other incredible things happening this year. 
One of the amazing things which you can get involved with now is their Makeup Revolution app. You can find out which stores stock what, and some cool sneak peaks of products! It's a really handy app to have so get downloading! Another thing that's happening which EVERYONE should get excited about is a competition! But none like you've seen before... It's the XFactor of makeup artists with 3 rounds, runner up prizes of £1000 and a grand prize of £10,000. Superdrug then came to the front of the stage to say they are going to match that prize! The crowd was speechless. The winner will also receive a years supply of the products which is insane. They also mentioned their first ever collaboration with British Beauty Blogger which you can see above. It looks gorgeous! After the speech we all got our groove on, drinking drinks and networking. It was great to see different bloggers blend as one. To top the night off, Scott Mills was the DJ! He played great tuned throughout the night, and even some of the cast of TOWIE were dancing in the crowd. It truly was an amazing representation of the brand, and something I will treasure. I am blessed to have been considered as part of their makeup journey, so thank you Makeup Revolution for making me feel welcome. I will be posting in depth reviews and pictures of the goody bag soon to get you all jealous! Thank you so much for reading!
 Adam Minto
 Daisie Smith
 I attended the event with Justine on the left - See her blog here!
Scott Mills.
The goody bag had £60+ worth of Superdrug and MUR products.


  1. It looks like an awesome night, can't wait for the reviews! :)

    Iz @

  2. This looked like an amazing event Hannah, hope you had a good time! xx

    1. It really was Kayleigh! It was so much fun! :) xx

  3. I was following along on the hashtag and have been looking forward to seeing some posts on it - so glad you had an amazing night, it's fantastic when brands embrace us bloggers!

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

    1. They did such an amazing job with the bloggers - Was a perfect evening! :) xx

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