Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Having owned the majority of the Urban Decay palettes since the 2nd Book of Shadows, I have become increasingly obsessed with the packaging and the ever-changing shadow formula. The Vice palette always come around a few months before the Christmas season, so I always leave space for it on my Christmas list. I prefer Urban Decay shadows compared to any other brand, even the likes of Mac and Benefit. From everyday wear to the parties I always gravitate towards my Urban Decay palettes. This is potentially my favourite UD Palette to date, and definitely my most preferred Vice palette. I depotted my first and second Vice Palettes into a Z-Palette, but I can justify doing it to the Vice 3 or this beautiful new addition. You can see the Vice 3 review here, the Vice 1 review here (It is my first blog post, so bare that in mind!) and Vice 2 review here.
The packaging has outdone any other UD palette I've seen. I adore the rainbow shattered appearance with the raised mirrored layer. There's also a snug little bag with matches the palette which is a lovely touch. The Vice 3 was the first Vice Palette to come with a matching makeup bag so it was nice to see the trend carried through to another Vice. The inside is the same layout as all Vice palettes. 4 rows of 5 shadows in the usual layout and an added brush which I always enjoy. I have so many Vice/Naked brushes, it's getting ridiculous. That said, they're handy brushes to have and something I always keep in my kit no matter how much I dislike double ended brushes. I'd describe this palette as a easy everyday palette which sees you though to the evening and the experimental looks. There's soft neutrals, gorgeous grungy metallics and amazing, glittering brights. I am in love. You can get some gorgeous pretty looks with this palette, but I am all for grungy eyes at the moment.
L-R: Bones, Grip, Deadbeat, Beat Down and Pandemonium.

BONES - On my skin tone, you can't really make it out. That said, it's a really pretty delicate shade. It has a soft shimmery shift to it that's slightly pearly that looks really gorgeous. It doesn't look obviously shimmery in the pan and comes off more matte, but when applied you can see the slight sheen it has.
GRIP - Is another shade that comes across more soft when swatched. It's a grey/taupe shade with a slight sparkle in it. It blends well, but not a shade I tend to go for. You could throw this on all over for a darker everyday look that's not too dark for daily wear.
DEADBEAT - I hadn't thought about wearing this until I swatched it and saw how gorgeous this shade really is. It's a metallic black which some serious glitter. I wore this out to a party for a grungy twist on the smokey eye and I can't get enough. 
BEAT DOWN - Reminds me of Fortune from the Makeup Revolution Unicorn Unite palette which you can see here - But on closer inspection Beat Down is more shimmery and buttery in comparison. It's a lovely shimmery purple with a darker purple throughout. 
PANDEMONIUM - This shade is a grey/purple colour with a crazy metalic sheen. This is really pretty to add some delicate colour to a black smokey eye.
L-R: Framed, Fast Ball, 1985, Underhand and Harlot.

FRAMED - This is a pretty delicate peach shade. It's not quite matte, and has more of a satin finish. When I look at this shade it reminds me of gorgeous bridesmaid dresses! It's really easy to blend and perfect to use all over the lid for a quick look.
FAST BALL - I wasn't that bothered about this shade until I swatched it. Wowza. It has a lovely coral to hot pink shift which I really like. This is really nice paired with Bitter, and it blends like a dream. 
1985 - Not my most used shade, but that doesn't mean it's not beautiful. It's really soft to play with, but hot pink really isn't my colour. If you're into your pink shades, this one is lovely to use.
UNDERHAND - Is so so beautiful. It's a red brown which I'm really into at the moment. I love using reddish shades with my blue hair and I think it compliments me really well. 
HARLOT - I adore how delicate this shade is. It s a pretty silvery pinkish purple. I love this for evening meals out! It gives a hint of glitz and glamour without it being too much. Blends perfectly and is super buttery.
L-R: Discreet, Grasshopper, C-Note, Arctic and Robbery.

DISCREET - Is a barely-there matte violet grey shade. This is perfect for creating a subtle smokey eye partnered with a blended out grey liner.
GRASSHOPPER - Is a grassy green metallic shade with plenty of shimmer. The pigmentation of this is unbeatable! Like the others, it's super easy to blend and has a buttery texture.
C-NOTE - Instantly reminds me of money! This looks lovely with Robbery. Because of it being a green colour and a shade I tend to avoid, because it's more muted it works well with shimmery brown shades.
ARCTIC - Is a pretty metallic iced teal shade. I try to avoid many blue hues as my hair is blue/green, but because of the subtly yet boldness of this shade, it works really well.
ROBBERY - Is it gold? Is it bronze? I love how this is still a metal shade, yet seems to be unique and a shade I've not seen in the UD world before. It's easy to blend as always.
L-R: Bitter, Flame, Low, Crowbar and Delete.

BITTER - This is one of my favourite shades, and I always used it either all over or in the crease paired with Flame. It's so buttery, easy to blend and the pigmentation is flawless. Easily one of my to go to shades at the moment!
FLAME - This is super shimmery, and nothing like I've seen before! It's a gorgeous shimmery coral with amazing white gold shift. To keep my shadow as shimmery as possible, I pair it with a Mac Paint pot, usually Mooncake, as they cling to shimmery/glittery shades really well. This is one of my favourite shades! 
LOW - Is beautiful. It's a brown matte base with loads of silver glitter! It's not chunky at all so it glides on well, but it isn't without it's fall out! It's easily avoidable by doing your foundation after the eyes, but it can be a hassle.
CROWBAR - Is a browny dark green with gold shimmer and glitter. The glitter didn't transfer as well as I thought it would from pan to eyes which was a shame.
DELETE - Is a dark satin matte brown which is a dream to blend! I use it smudged around my eyes for a quick subtle grunge look! 

Overall this is my favourite Vice palette to date, and Urban Decay have outdone themselves once again. I've always been a huge fan of the Vice palettes and I cannot wait to see what the next one will look like - It'll be hard to top this! You can create bright and bold looks, soft and shimmery or dark and daring with this versatile palette. You can still get this online from Debenhams for £43 here.

Thanks for reading!