Sunday, 31 July 2016


Recently I did a beauty box swap with the lovely Carly Cammoile. Go check out her blog - She's constantly updating it with new beauty products, including swatches of ALL the Jeffree Star highlighters - Including the green one! So give her a follow to keep up to date with all the cool new products that are going on. You can find her blog here. If you don't know what a beauty swap is all you do is team up with a fellow blogger (Preferably one you know, I've heard of some box swap horror stories), set a box price and go shopping! It was so much fun shopping for Carly, and I packed the box with things I already use and love as well as things I'd love to try myself! We set a pretty vague price tag of £20/£30, but I'm more than certain that we both went a little over. I am so happy with all my goodies and I am SO excited to try them all and get blogging!
There's a huge range of stuff here from many different brands. Some of them are Topshop, Tanya Burr, H&M, Essence, Soap & Glory, Makeup Revolution, Nivea, Lottie and BarryM. I haven't tried any of the new BarryM polishes so I'm excited to give it ago! I'm SO excited about the Golden Sugar palette from Makeup Revolution as I have heard so many good things about it. I'm also excited to try the MUA highlighters, they look so pretty! I am yet to review individual products and they'll be up in the next coming weeks! I've been trying to review everything for the past month now, and they're almost all done! Thanks again to Carly for giving me the most amazing box and I hope she loved hers too. Keep checking back for reviews as they'll be rolling out over the next few weeks!

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


I'm a tad late to the Alice in Wonderland party, but I just had to do a review on this beautiful palette. The previous Alice in Wonderland Urban Decay palette is one of two limited edition palettes I hadn't gotten hold of, so I wasn't going to let this masterpiece slip through my hands! I reluctantly refused the lipsticks due to money, but I would've had them a heartbeat. I picked this up a few weeks ago at my local House of Fraser. Let's start on the exterior. How beautiful is the packaging! Potentially one of the most beautiful yet, even though it's gone back to its old school cardboard packaging. The rainbow kaleidoscope pattern which is made of flowers and butterflies is perfection, and looks stunning with the mirror and logo in the middle.
Once opened, but before getting into the palette, there's a large decorative mirror with the words 'We're All Mad Here' printed on the mirror. As gorgeous as the mirror is, it's not overly practical and when using this palette I tend to use a big mirror or a previous Vice palette. When you open up the top there's also two doors which open up to a 3D butterfly which flutters its wings when you open the doors. It's a really lovely touch and adds a little magic and mystery to the palette, which suits it so well. I think Urban Decay had absolutely nailed the packaging. I thought I was going to be slightly upset about the cardboard packaging, but because of it's bright, interesting patterns and pretty motifs I can forgive and forget. What I also love about this is you can pull the palette straight out, so you've not got your mirror or butterfly flapping around.
When you open the palette section up, it's almost 3D looking due to the white and black blocks. However its as flat as any other palette! Unlike many palettes I have, the groups of colours go diagonally, representing a certain theme or character. There are some absolute killers in this palette so I'm so happy I picked it up. The brush is also so dainty and pretty and gets a not of use too. I find the shorter brush is good for packing on colour, and the fluffy side does a good job at blending.
L-R - Looking Glass, Reflection, Dormouse and Metamorphosis.

LOOKING GLASS - Looking Glass is a pretty pale shade which is great for the pale princess out there. This is a great base colour and perfect all over and then adding Chessboard in the crease. Looking Glass has a smooth application and applies as a sheeny, soft pearl.
REFLECTION - This is such a pretty colour! It looks so delicate washed over the whole lid giving a peachy pop of colour. This is a matte shade with great colour payoff.
DORMOUSE - Is another one of my to go to crease shades. It has a satin finish and blends well! It's a great all-round brown shade that I constantly go to when I need a brown. 
METAMORPHOSIS - This pretty periwinkle shade is a shade I've not seen before, and it was one of the reasons I went for this palette. It seems to have a mint/blue shimmer that is hardly there when on the lids, but adds a little brightness. I adore this on the bottom lash line!
L-R - Hatter, Gone Mad, Paradox and Cake.

HATTER - Hatter is faultless. It has the perfect satin texture with insane pigmentation. I wish I wore greens as this is the perfect one. I might try popping this on the lower lash line with a bold black liner for a crazy yet wearable look. I need to use this shade!
GONE MAD - I'm so happy that this dark purple shade has good pigmentation! It's a really lovely deep purple shade which has great colour pay off and is super buttery. One of the most pigmented shades in the palette - Good job Urban Decay!
PARADOX - I love peachy/orange shades at the moment and this is going to be a much loved shade! Like almost all in the palette it applies well, has great pigmentation and amazing colour.
CAKE - I can appreciate this this has crazy pigmentation and buttery texture, but the colour isn't my cup of tea. The shade looks beautiful and if you love pink, you'll adore this.
L-R - Lily, Duchess, Kingdom and Chessboard.

LILY - Lily is perfection - It was so hard to photograph so the picture doesn't do it justice! Similar to the shifting shades in the Urban Decay Oz Glinda palette, this has a pretty pink shimmery shift. However this is far more buttery and pigmented. I just adore this all over the lid or in the corners. On my pale complexion it looks so delicate. I would never go for a pink shade, but this really brings out the blue in my eyes in a subtle, interesting way.
DUCHESS - This again is very similar to Lily, with the fact that it has a shimmery pink shift. This is a really pretty peach shade and looks gorgeous all over the lid with Chessboard in the crease. Because it has that pink shift to it it makes it look really interesting on the lids. An absolute winner.
KINGDOM - This is a really pretty tan shade which is great over the lid. It's a really lovely buttery shade that goes well on the lids.
CHESSBOARD - This matte brown comes off more orange hued on the lids than in the swatch. This is my most used shade. I'll use this in the creases or under my eyes to make the blue in my eyes pop. It's beautiful to blend and so easy to apply. Easily my to-go-to brown shade at the moment.

L-R - Heads Will Roll, Bandersnatch, Salazen Gum and Royal Flush.

HEADS WILL ROLL - I've worn this a fair few times now, and I love it! This palette has really made me experiment with colour which is so cool. A palette should inspire, and this one does just that. This bright aqua shade is a satin shade with fine shimmer. This is a dream to blend and applies effortlessly.
BANDERSNATCH - This is another unique shade which is one of the reasons I went for this palette. It's so beautiful! It's a unusual navy shade that isn't too dark that you mistake it for black when on the lids. It's a matte shade and blends well.
SALAZEN GUM - Oh boy. Where do I begin. Holy moly. Isn't this one of the most perfect things you've ever seen?! This metallic finish shade is to die for. It's buttery, it goes on like a dream, the colour and pigmentation is out of this world. I have only good things to say about this gorgeous shade!
ROYAL FLUSH - This frosty shade is perfect for all over the lid or the inner corners. I tried using this as a brow bone highlight, but for me the sparkle is a little too chunky to achieve a barely there but bright highlight. Still a pretty shade to sweep over the lids.

L-R - Time, Dream On, Chronosphere and Mirror.

TIME - Time has insane pigmentation and shimmer. This is one of my favourites in the palette, and I'll try more smokey eyes because of it. This shade is a dark navy with pretty bright navy shimmer. This is lovely as an alternate to a black smokey eye or great for darkening up a blue eyeshadow in the outer corners.
DREAM ON - I don't like this shade at all. I don't know if it's the unusual lilac hue that I can't get to look nice on my eyes or the sheerness of it. I'm not 100% sure if I'll reach for this again or try to make it work. A little disappointing, but the other shades in this palette forgives it.
CHRONOSPHERE - This is a really creamy deep golden brown shade. This is great partnered up with Kingdom. Great pigmentation and looks pretty on the lid!
MIRROR - I love this grey taupey shade! I love this all over the lid with a bit of Time to make it more smokey. It's a really unique shade and applies well.

Overall I am so happy I picked up this palette. This is a really awesome all round palette and you can achieve so many different looks. From very natural matte eyes to crazy colours and dark smokey eyes, this is a look for everyone. You can get this for £43, although it may be sold out in many places now. 

Tuesday, 5 July 2016


I hadn't tried anything from H&M in the way of beauty before - but as it's my favourite clothes shop I couldn't see a reason why I shouldn't try. I'm constantly trying to find cheaper makeup due to spending most of my money on rent, so it's great to find cheaper makeup with brilliant quality, and this isn't an exception to that! I absolutely adore this shade, and here's why.
I adore the look of the packaging. The sleek, glossy hexagon shape with gold details is super pretty and delicate. However because it's made of plastic it does feel a little on the cheap side as it's so light. But because of how beautiful it actually looks, I'm okay with that. The pan itself is a generous, giving a good amount of product that is bound to keep you going for a while. I rarely switch between different blushes, but I'm trying to build up a collection of different colours instead of swaying towards the peaches all the time.
Cantaloupe is a beautiful peach shade with brilliant pigmentation. It's a pretty soft coral shade that adds a lovely flush of colour to my cheeks. Being so pale I cannot go without a hint of blusher, and this adds some colour without looking too overpowering, which is easy to do on pale complexions. It has a satin to matte finish, so it gives a lovely warmth to the face. This is my blush of the moment and it goes with everything. A smokey eye, a no-makeup look or a bright eye look, this partners up perfectly with anything, giving a natural glow that we all want to achieve!

You can get it here or in store at H&M
for a small price tag of £6.99.
A beautiful blusher that doesn't break the bank!
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 3 July 2016


It's no secret that I'm a huge Makeup Revolution fan, and I fell in love with them all over again at their birthday bash earlier in the year. I've got a few of their palettes now due to how affordable and great quality everything is - I'm yet to be let down. And their continuing reign of having the most beautiful and inexpensive products doesn't end here. The New-trals vs Neutrals palette is possibly my favourite one of theirs to this day. I was given this by the lovely Carly in a beauty box swap, so shout out to her for giving me the opportunity to own this!
This is going to be my summer palette for sure. I've fallen in love with peach shades as I love reds and oranges with my blue eyes. I feel it makes them stand out, and looks a lot more interesting than the browns I used to go for. I've swatched each shade, going from the top row from left to right and again with the bottom so you can see them a little more up close!

Of course I have some favourite shades in this palette! Vogue is one of my favourites and you can see why. It is the perfect bright, vibrant peach shade with INSANE pigmentation. As I swatched this on my arm, I was instantly impressed and wanted to smear it all over my eyelids. I love this under my eye and blended out into my crease with a simple eyeliner wing. I was this look to work and a lady complimented how blue my eyes are, and I totally put it down to Vogue. Tone is another one of my favourites from the top row as it's a bold berry shade which is perfect to wear in the warm summer evenings through to the cold autumn days. Again it has mental colour payoff, and blends like an absolute dream. The rest of the shades on that row are as brilliant as those in texture and pigmentation, but those two happen to catch my eye. 

On the bottom row my eyes are instantly drawn to Strong. It's a beautiful black matte based shadow with loads of reddish shimmer and sparkle. It's honestly beautiful. It's so buttery and glided on my arm perfectly. It looks beautiful with a smokey eye too, adding a little red-toned mystery. As said before, the rest on this row are so so pretty and have great pigmentation. There's not one shade in this palette that I didn't like or had trouble with, other than Cool which is a little thin for me, but on my pale complexion it works well. Other than that little hiccup, which isn't really too much of an issue, Makeup Revolution should be super proud of this palette. It is an all round beautiful palette. And because it's so cheap (£6.99 would you believe it) you can take it on holiday, through it in your bag and not get upset if it gets lost as you can easily replace it. Winner.

You can get it from the website here
for a small price of £6.99!
(I know right.)
Thanks for reading!