Saturday, 24 September 2016


Fall is officially here, so for me, so is dark lipstick. I'm the kind of girl who'll wear dark lipstick all year round, but I've been delving more into the summer colours to change it up. However, now autumn is here I can say hello to my dark lipsticks again! I haven't posted any makeup looks in a while, so I thought I'd do a quick post on my first autumnal look of the season. It's a very simple look and needs little time and effort to do, so this look will be a staple look for me. Plus, I love a grungy look and I feel this has a grunge edge.
The eye makeup is very simple. Just a standard wing using Maybelline Master Ink Satin in Luminous Black. It's a liner I've sworn by, and nothing compares. Because I have hooded eyes liner usually transfers onto the lid, but because of its glossy finish there's no transfer! It's a god send for me, and its inexpensive. Then in the corners and blended into the crease is Bitter from the Vice 4 Urban Decay palette. This is one of my favourite Urban Decay matte shades ever. Because of its reddish brown hue, it makes my blue eyes pop. I love that's it's a grungy alternative to a standard brown, and gives me eyes a fall feel. I also blend this out after applying it heavily under the eye. I finish off with mascara and a pair of false lashes.
On the lips I have Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Rockstar blended out with Mac's Diva. This gives Diva a punky edge. I love Diva and it's one of my most used shades from Mac, but I also love giving it some depth with a darker pencil. I usually dust my lips with some translucent loose powder to keep it set all day which means little or no reapplying! Hurrah! I then apply a little contour, my eyebrows and then I'm good for the day ahead. See below for a full listing of products used and where to find them. More autumn looks coming in more depth soon!

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Urban Decay Vice 4 palette.


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