Tuesday, 13 September 2016


It's my mermaid hair's one year birthday, and I realised I hadn't shared with you how I achieve my bold locks. I originally went from black to blonde and then to teal which wasn't easy on my hair. It's taken me one whole year to get it to the perfect shade of blue. I try not to do my roots that often as it's too harsh on my hair, and I sort of like the look the roots give.

To dye my hair I use Directions. It's a cheap brand that you can find at pretty much any cheap makeup and hair shop. I get mine from either Rock Collection or Just Essentials who are both in Norwich. The pots cost around £4, and I use 2 pots to cover the whole head. I use one and a half pots of Lagoon Blue mixed with half a pot of Alpine Green. I whack those measurements in a mixing bowl and get my dying brush at the ready. I picked up this bowl and three different sized brushes from Poundland.
I then section my hair into thirds so it's easier to dye. I pop on some gloves and get going. I make sure I'm sitting on a towel as it's a pretty messy business. Once the dye is on I leave it clipped up with a bun and leave it to sit for between 1-2 hours. I think the advised time is 45 minutes, but I'd rather stick some food in the oven and watch a bit of Dexter, reassured I'll get a bold colour.
I then wash it off with my hair over the side of the bath as this will get all over your face if you stand up in a shower. I have come out once looking like a Smurf and it wasn't ideal. I try to dye my hair every month to keep it looking fresh and vibrant, but it is a nightmare to wash. So there we have it, how I keep my hair looking as mermaidy as I can!


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