Monday, 19 September 2016


I'm a huge fan of the Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks, and I have a few already. Including Jawbreaker and Blue Velvet which you can read about here and I'm Royalty and 714 here. I love the formula, the colours and the staying power - It sounds like the dream lipstick, doesn't it? Jeffree Star recently came out with his summer collection and every colour is to die for. I'm a bit strapped for cash (as always) so I limited myself to one lipstick and it had to be Queen Bee. I hadn't seen a yellow liquid lipstick that bold before, so I couldn't resist. I dreamed of applying it as eyeliner and thought about cool lip designs and knew I had to have it.
The formula wasn't as opaque as I'd liked it to have been, so I have to pat it on to get a full enough coverage. Another thing to say about the formula which I was too excited to experience, is the watermelon scent. And oh boy it did not disappoint! It smells heavenly! It instantly reminds me of summer and watermelon cocktails, I can't get enough.
I'm yet to try it on the lids as an eyeliner, but I've used 714 and Jawbreaker in the past and I've loved it. The staying power of Queen Bee is brilliant, and is easy to take off with an oil based makeup remover. It's kiss resistant like all the other shades, but you can't make out! It leaves little to none residue on glasses which is great for the washing up! For a bright coloured lipstick, I'm impressed. It lacks a little in the application but it's easily worked around if you're willing to put in the extra few minutes to get that perfect, crisp colour.
If you're wanting this shade definitely do it now while you can, as I can see it slowly selling out at different shops. I bought mine straight from the Jeffree Star website. Have you tried any of the Jeffree Star shades? And if so, which one should I go for next?


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