Thursday, 22 September 2016


I hadn't treated myself to a Mac lipstick in a while. Mainly because of my lack of money, and I consider Mac a luxury brand, so it's a real treat for me when I get the chance! When the Mac Good Luck Trolls came out, I had to have something. I played with the idea of having a few different pieces, but I knew I only could afford one thing - so it had to be Midnight Troll, I tend to pop on the odd blue toned lipstick here and there, usually Jeffree Star's Blue Velvet. So I had to add another blue lipstick to my slowly growing collection.
I had been eyeing up Mac's Matte Royal since it came out, but never had the money for it, so I felt like Midnight Troll would be the closet thing to that shade. Hopefully I'll pick it up soon so I can do a comparison of all my blue lipsticks! Matte lipsticks are one of my favourite Mac finishes, so even more reason to pick this up! I popped it on straight from the tube for this review, no lip brush! I'm trying hard to sway away from the lip brush to train myself into a quick application. It was surprisingly easy to apply from the bullet with its bright and bold colour, and I was pleasantly surprised by the pigmentation and the way it applies. Some matte lipsticks can be difficult to work with, but this glided on beautifully. It melted into the lips and left a more semi-matte/satin finish than the usual matte Mac lipsticks, but I'm okay with that. It lasted on the lips well and wore well. It faded in the middle of the lips out, which didn't look strange at all.
Overall, I love this lip! If you're bold enough for a different shade to the norm, this blue is perfect. I think Blue is a 'wearable' crazy colour. If you're wanting to stray from traditional shades and dare to go bold - go blue! There are so many good blue shades out there and this is one of them. Plus the packaging is super adorable, and looks great amongst the other Mac lipstick shades.

You can grab this shade and the rest
of the collection here.
Midnight Troll is £17 on their website.


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