Tuesday, 27 September 2016


I had this palette for a few months now, and it has quickly become my favourite palette for highlight and blush. It has every shade for every look you're after. When I first got it I used it a little and then forgot about it, and now I've started using it again I have no idea why I stopped. It's now my most used and most raved about blush palette of the moment, and I constantly get compliments. 
Makeup Revolution is one of my favourite brands for affordable and quality makeup. Being constantly on a budget, Makeup Revolution is any girls best friend. This palette is a bargain at £6, which works out at £1.33 a blush, which is crazy value. How could you say no?
My Radio 1 Big Weekend top reflected in the palette.
The metallic shades in this palette are perfect for a highlight. All you need to do is lightly dip the brush into the pan and pick up the tiniest bit of product. If you're using this palette for the highlight you'll be using this for a long, long time. I've been using this daily for a few months, and there's not a dent in the pan to be seen. The first blush in this palette, the first swatch below, is beautiful. On my pale complexion it's gorgeous. It has a rosy, natural sheen to it that looks fresh on the skin. I then dust the third blush in this palette lightly on my cheek bones, nose and brow bone for a subtle champagne highlight. I love this for highlight, and it's my most reached shade. The bottom row are more rich in colour and looks gorgeous on the lid. The third one in from the bottom gives my eyes some serious bronze sparkle, perfect for the autumn/winter seasons.  
Overall, I love this palette. There's not a shade in here that I don't like. There's also some matte browns for contour, I loved wearing them in the summer, sunny days. It's an all round great palette, and perfect for travel. There's blushes, highlighters and contour shades, as well as some versatile shades for the eyes. For £6 it's an absolute steal.

You can grab this beautiful palette 
on the Superdrug website for £6 here.
What's your favourite product from Makeup Revolution?


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